Update Huawei P40 Pro Pay Monthly Review

Update Huawei P40 Pro Pay Monthly Review

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Update Huawei P40 Pro Pay Monthly Review

Update Huawei P40 Pro Pay Monthly Review

The Huawei P40 Pro has big shoes to fill to replace its predecessor, the Huawei P30 Pro. The P30 Pro already has a lot going for it. Be it the design, the overall user interface, the camera experience, it nails almost everything we love in an Android smartphone. Now that the Huawei P40 Pro is the first P-series device to launch without Google’s core services, is this a deal breaker? We beg to differ. Let’s take a look at the specifications of the phone first. Specifications

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The design of the Huawei P40 Pro has taken a step forward from its predecessor – the Huawei P30 Pro. It now has a slightly larger screen of 6.58 inches with a higher screen-to-body ratio of 91.6%. Surprisingly, the curved edges don’t make the phone difficult to hold. I’ve tried phones with curved edges, but they tend to mistake my palms for side touch gestures. It was a little annoying, and I had to get used to it by holding the phone in weird hand gestures. Thanks to the Quad-curve Overflow display, the phone’s curved edges give it a natural yet luxurious feel, making it a very comfortable phone to hold.

The Huawei P40 Pro has a thicker camera bump compared to the P30 Pro, but because it’s also wider, it wobbles less as it covers more of the surface when placed on its back. If you put a phone case on the P40 Pro (you should anyway), that will also help eliminate any wobble.

As for the physical buttons, nothing has changed. The power and volume buttons are still on the right side and feel solid and tactile when pressed.

One thing you’ll notice is how big the front notch is. It is long and takes up a lot of space in the above message. It took some getting used to, but if you want more notifications to appear in the notification bar, try:

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The Huawei P40 Pro has a 6.58-inch OLED screen with FHD+ resolution. It is also the first device in Huawei’s lineup to feature a 90Hz refresh rate screen. Having been spoiled by a 120Hz refresh rate screen, I’d say 90Hz is still an acceptable refresh rate for a daily driver. The display itself is amazing to look at. Colors are vivid, images are sharp and clear. Thanks to the Quad Overflow screen, the viewing experience becomes even more immersive. But to pair it with a 90Hz refresh rate screen? Every move and animation on the screen is truly beautiful to watch. Huawei just made its smartphones more enjoyable to use with EMUI 10.

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Another thing I really appreciate about Huawei is that they have finally included customization for their Always On display. I mean, Xiaomi has had it for a long time, and I’m really glad that Huawei has finally given its customers what they want. Instead of an old boring clock, you now get full-color pictures and animations that decorate your screen when it’s not in use.

Now, my one gripe with the screen is the notch in the top left corner. Its size. There is a 32 MP selfie sensor under the display, which can take 4K selfie videos. That’s good, but they added the IR depth/gesture camera and proximity sensor to the notch as well. It doesn’t look too bad, but I just thought that Huawei could have at least moved the proximity sensor to the top of the device, like they did with some of the Nova series devices. That will narrow the notch. User experience

Update Huawei P40 Pro Pay Monthly Review

When I unlocked the device, I immediately felt that the fingerprint reader was faster and more accurate than before. On my Huawei Mate 20 Pro, there were times when it took me a few tries to get the phone to recognize my fingerprint. On the Huawei P40 Pro, all it takes is a tap on the screen and a short unlock animation, and I’m good to go. Maybe that’s why the fingerprint sensor area is brighter than before.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Quad Overflow screen on the sides is incredibly smooth to the touch, the curved edges feel seamless. I’ve always opted for gestures to navigate a navigation bar, and I have to say, I’ve never felt a clearer edge on a phone. Even the edges of the P30 series are not as smooth as the P40 Pro.

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In addition to that, edge gestures now have a new feature. If you swipe from the edge to the screen and hold it, you can bring up the multi-app bar. From here you can add any apps you want and launch them as a floating window. Think of it as a quick shortcut panel to get to your favorite apps faster. Alternatively, you can also touch the floating window and drag it to the side of the screen to reveal the split screen.

The Huawei P40 Pro can be a bit slippery at times, but always comes with a phone case to give it an extra grip. The power and volume buttons are still on the right side of the phone, where they are most conveniently reachable.

At first, I thought the camera bump on the P40 Pro would be as messy as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I’m glad Huawei proved me wrong. The camera bump may look thick, but it actually grips well and the phone doesn’t shake too much when on a surface or table. So, what about Google?

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I felt I was not left out without Google. For me it’s about getting used to it. Before Google, we came to terms with Symbian and Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME). Yes, Google is a big company and we are used to the services they offer. But Huawei shows that it’s okay to live with a phone without Google. You can still take great photos, get work done, send messages, share all your memes, and still access Google services, just using a different way of doing it.

Since our time with the Huawei P40 Pro, we may not have had Google with us, but we also never felt disconnected from it in any way. The Huawei phone clone did an amazing job transferring all my files and settings from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Even for Gmail, I can only log into my Gmail account using Huawei’s email app. All my favorite apps are intact, and the best part is that I don’t have to log into them again one by one.

Huawei’s AppGallery is safe to use because it has four layers of protection, so it won’t be that easy for someone to inject malware into your device. There is also a Quick App feature, where you can use the app immediately without installing it. So it saves space on your phone if you only intend to use the app once. To further expand your storage space, Huawei also provides P40 series users with a 12-month quota of 50 GB on Huawei Cloud. This allows you to back up your files and easily transfer Huawei devices to the future. Huawei MeeTime

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Update Huawei P40 Pro Pay Monthly Review

Another thing I’m interested in testing is Huawei’s MeeTime, a video calling feature only for Huawei users. It’s kind of like Apple’s FaceTime, but for Huawei users. Apart from being able to make video calls smoothly in full HD resolution, I noticed that it also consumes less data. This is a big plus especially for those with limited monthly data quota.

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The feature also includes optimization for video calling in low-light environments, which is necessary because other video calling apps might just show a black screen if you’re in the dark. Huawei’s MeeTime is currently only available on EMUI 10.1, which is available on the Huawei P40 and Huawei MatePad Pro series. However, the company will release an update for the MeeTime feature to be added to older Huawei devices in the near future. Performance

Apart from the 90Hz refresh rate screen, the Kirin 990 5G chipset in the Huawei P40 Pro works well in multitasking. It doesn’t matter if I launch an app, quickly switch between apps or call up multiple apps in split screen, the Kirin 990 chip spreads through them like butter. I have never had a choppy app or lagging screen when navigating the phone. At least that’s what I expected from the Kirin 990 5G chipset, because it’s the epitome of how a flagship smartphone should perform.

But one thing I noticed when I switched apps. There is the short audio delay when I leave an app playing audio. For example, I’m watching a video on Facebook. If I swipe and go back to

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