Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review – The Galaxy A12 is one of the cheapest members of Samsung’s A-Series and has been a frequent feature on our trend list since its release in December. It differs from most of its siblings in that it is one of the few Samsung phones to have an IPS panel instead of AMOLED, which is clearly too expensive for the target budget.

And even though the panel has not received the OLED update, the Galaxy A12 still brings some updates compared to its predecessor. For example, there is a small imbalance in screen size – up to 6.5 “. The Snapdragon 450 has been replaced by a MediaTek Helio P35 SoC, which dramatically increases the clock frequency of the four Cortex-A53 cores. 3 GB / 32 GB up to 6 GB / 128 GB. This gives you more options than just up to 1GB of basic RAM.

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

We expect the biggest improvements to come in the camera sector. The 13-megapixel sensor has been replaced by a larger 48-megapixel image. The 48-megapixel Quad-Bayer sensor (or Tetracell as Samsung calls them) significantly improves image quality in moderation, and it’s nice to see it drop to entry level.

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The 5-megapixel f / 2.2 ultra-wide-angle camera and 2-megapixel depth sensor have been introduced from the Galaxy A11, and there are new additions, though not nearly as big as the 2-megapixel macro camera.

The 8-megapixel f / 2.2 front camera has a water notch on the front. It’s a bit of a surprise to see Samsung move from punch-hole to notch, but performance is more important and we’ll take a closer look at it in the review.

Another big improvement is the battery capacity. The Galaxy A12 has 5,000 mAh of memory compared to the A11’s 4,000 mAh, so we expect a significant increase in durability. Charging 15W doesn’t sound great, but it’s not bad for an entry-level phone. And unlike smartphones, this phone comes with the necessary charger in the box.

Sitting comfortably in the price range below 150 150, we are eagerly awaiting how the Galaxy A12 ticket price in our regular test round and how it compares to its own competitors.

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Well, it should be a bit cheaper as it is more expensive than the a21, which is a better phone than the a12 with better storage and chips, these prices are the best deals from the partners. Ours. We can get commissions on approved sales.

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It’s 2021 and we already have Samsung S21 coins to check out. At one end of the Galaxy spectrum is the Galaxy A12 (12, not 21) – an entry-level phone designed to deliver Samsung’s budget experience.

The Galaxy A12, which was announced late last year and has been on sale since January, is not the cheapest phone Samsung has sold, the Galaxy M02. Samsung’s naming is a bit vague at the bottom, and there may be confusion as to what is between the A and M series, but the A12 is below the M12 and higher than the M02. Not all of these models are available worldwide, so you may not be able to grab the cheapest Samsung in your own wood neck.

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

The Galaxy A12 here is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, and the consequences of budget constraints are easy to see. It is one of the few LCDs in the Galaxy line that is powered by OLED, and the 720p resolution is also low on the average diagonal. It is a combination of size, technology and standard solutions for parts, so the A12 is not really poorly equipped.

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The Mediatek Helio P35 is inside the A12, and it’s not particularly exciting hardware in itself. Again, though, it fits perfectly for its price range – you get an octa-core processor and the chip is built on a 12nm manufacturing process, so it should be efficient and economical at the same time.

The rear four-camera setup supports the Galaxy A12 in its market context. Although the benefits of two 2-megapixel modules can be questioned (one for depth information, the other for “macro”), the 48-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel ultra-wide angle form a good pair that is hard to find. . An 8-megapixel selfie camera complements the image in the image section.

Last but not least, the Galaxy A12 is powered by a 5,000mAh battery, which is more than enough for the 12nm chip and 720p display, even though it is 6.5 inches. We are expecting some serious figures on battery life.

The Galaxy A12 comes in simple packaging with a standard cardboard box inside a cover printed on top like a phone. You get some essentials – a 15W adapter and a USB-C cable, and that’s it.

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Samsung A12 Review: A Solid Budget Phone For The Casual User

The phone is good. Programmers should be fired and replaced. The program is awesome. Customers are not given the option to keep old apps or opt out of updates such as calendars.

Everything worked fine, the camera was of poor quality. In total, for the $ 200 I paid for it, I made a call. There are partners and sponsors. If you buy something through these links we can get a commission. Read more.

A few weeks before the release of the One UI 5.0 update based on Android 13 to the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung has released the One UI Core 4.1 update based on Android 12 for the Galaxy A12. The update is currently being rolled out in Russia, but we expect it to be available in other countries in the coming days.

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

The Galaxy A12 Android 12 update comes with the A125FXXU2CVH1 firmware version. Unfortunately, this update includes a security patch for July 2022 and not the last patch for August 2022. This update brings many new features and improvements to the user interface design.

Samsung Has Already Released November 2022 Security Update, But It’s Limited

The major new software update for the Galaxy A12 brings an improved UI design with color palette functions, new style widgets, a new design for the widget picker, brighter lights and sliders, and better volume and dark modes. Before.

This update also brings better privacy and data security. To turn on / off the camera and microphone, the operating system has a custom quick switch. When the app is actively using the camera or microphone, you will quickly get information about it from the privacy indicator in the top corner of the screen.

Samsung has also improved all of its apps in terms of design and features. The gallery app brings an improved story, while the photo editor can keep track of the editing history. Image editing software also offers reflection editing tools and shadow editing tools. The camera app has a simple design. Video recording starts immediately when the mute button is touched (as opposed to touch and release).

The calendar app allows you to add stickers to items. The instrument maintenance section has a new design and a new storage movement.

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If you are a Galaxy A12 user in Russia, you can install the Android 12 update on your smartphone by going to

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. You can also install the update by downloading the firmware file from our database and updating it manually.

While many Samsung smartphones are starting to receive the One UI 5.0 update based on Android 13, the Galaxy A11 is a long way off. Last month, the Galaxy A11 finally received the Android 12 update in the international market. Smartphones are now starting to receive the Android 12 update in the US. One UI based on Android 12 […]

Update A12 Samsung Launch Date Review

Samsung introduced a virtual memory feature called RAM Plus with the Galaxy S21 series in early 2021 and then brought it to more high-end and mid-range Galaxy devices. RAM Plus uses part of your device’s internal storage as virtual memory to expand the amount of RAM available for additional applications […]

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A week after the Galaxy A21, which was locked by a US carrier, started receiving the Android 12 update, Samsung is now releasing a new version of the OS, an unlocked version for the US. Finally, the unlocked Galaxy A21 is making the leap from Android 11 to 12, but the security patch is slower. Galaxy A21 (Unlocked) […]

Samsung has released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A11. This affordable smartphone is expected to launch in early 2020 with Android 10. And it looks like the Android 12 update could be its last major software update. One UI Core 4.1 update based on Android 12 for Galaxy A11 includes firmware version […]

Samsung’s affordable Galaxy Tab A8, announced last year, has begun receiving the next major software update.

Is It Worth Buying Samsung Galaxy A12?

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