Samsung S10 Price Review

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While the Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t work in one place, the combined package makes for a surprisingly capable offering – which I’m sure was Samsung’s intention in the first place. It has an amazing OLED display, a flexible camera and many attractive features. It’s a great phone.

Samsung S10 Price Review

Samsung S10 Price Review

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra rumored to see an official release soon after months of leaks, should you still be looking at the Galaxy S10?

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The Galaxy S10 sits alongside the Galaxy Note 10 at the top of Samsung’s phone line. It’s the perfect device for the market, ticking all the boxes that anyone looking for a new Android phone will be looking for.

In addition to the S10, you also have the smaller, lighter, cheaper Galaxy S10e (with the same top-of-the-line processor), the larger, more durable, and many cameras from the Galaxy S10 Plus, and for those who need it, it’s great. – bigger and faster Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

With all these other options, is the regular Galaxy S10 worth considering? In a word, yes.

As with many high-end Samsung phones, I was very impressed by the screen. The S10 has a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that takes up 88.3 percent of the front of the phone. Combined with curved glass, it creates the impression of a real edge-to-edge display, and it also contains a number of technologies worthy of a top-notch display.

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It’s an HDR10+ panel that improves colors and levels when watching supported content from Netflix and YouTube, for example. Watch a few episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and you’ll immediately notice the deep colors and intense lighting. I wouldn’t use a phone screen to watch this kind of content for long, but the quality makes it incredibly immersive.

A bright screen, which is important for outdoor viewing and, as mentioned, HDR content. It’s hard to measure the brightness of this screen because Samsung uses different enhancement methods, but I measured the maximum brightness of 350 points (which is good for a phone), which is normally used. DisplayMate says it can match Samsung’s recommended 1,250 nits in its tests, but we couldn’t replicate that number in a real-world environment.

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The brightness increases when you use the phone in direct sunlight or use the screen enhancement mode. It adds a fake HDR effect to regular content – ​​like YouTube videos – that boosts brightness for a more cinematic look. It works well, although it uses twice the battery life compared to off.

Samsung S10 Price Review

The display also has other quirks, all of which help shape the look of the Galaxy S10. The first is the new Infinity-O display, which is Samsung’s attempt to push aside the misery of the notch. Instead of being embedded into the display as seen on the iPhone XS, the S10 has its front-facing camera in a circular notch that sits at the top right of the panel. Unlike the notch, the screen wraps around the camera, making the finish seamless.

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I really like the circular version as opposed to the long, pill-shaped version found on the S10 Plus; it seems very weak when watching videos. However, it’s not accurate, and some apps – especially games – still treat the hole as a notch and therefore display a black bar that covers the entire top of the screen. Hopefully, the developers will improve the mentioned processes as this hacking method becomes more and more popular.

I’m not very impressed with Samsung’s continued use of curved displays. As seen on the S8 and S9, the sides of the Galaxy S10 sweep from the front to meet a metal frame that runs along the edge of the phone. By design, it’s a feature that’s been around for a few years and is heavily used by other premium phones. However, it still has a sleek, eye-catching finish that makes it instantly stand out in a sea of ​​boxy, rectangular slabs.

As impressive as this may look, it makes it difficult to actually use the device. I happen to see more prints with the curved Galaxy S10 than the flat Pixel 3 (or Pixel 4 for that matter) or iPhone 1. It registers my wrong pressure on my hand and I have to change course. I am picking up the phone to resolve this issue. You’ll probably get used to it, but after a few weeks of using the S10 and S10 Plus, it’s still a problem.

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Overall, the design also follows the same design that Samsung has used for its flagship phones in the past. On the front and back you will find glass, a metal strip inserted between them and a very precise finish.

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There’s not much difference between the Plus and the full-size S10 (the Plus has a 6.4-inch screen instead of 6.1), but I found the smaller device to be more comfortable and easier to hold. walking without having to stretch my thumb too much. If you’re coming from an S9 or iPhone, you’ll feel more at home with the S10 compared to the Plus.

Another thing missing from the Galaxy S10 display is a high refresh rate option. For example, the OnePlus 7 Pro can increase the frequency up to 90 Hz to create smooth movement and animations on the screen. Maybe that’s something we’ll get with the Galaxy S11 next year.

Samsung loves “features”. He likes to press his phones in every possible way if he just wants to shout more advertising. It’s a very different approach from Apple, which has long dismissed options like expandable storage.

Samsung S10 Price Review

With the Galaxy S10, Samsung’s focus remains on features. If there’s a feature you’ve been looking for, it’s probably on the S10: wireless charging, expandable storage, a headphone jack (not something you’ll see that often in 2019), as well as extras like rear charging. and a fingerprint sensor.

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The sensor it features is exceptional – and while the S10 isn’t the first device to feature it, it’s the best I’ve used.

The fingerprint sensor is now under the display. When you use it, the display will beep like the one above.

The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S10 does not sit on the back or inside the home button. Instead, it sits directly below the screen. Once set up—which is a process you’ll be asked to do initially—you unlock the phone by pressing your finger against the fingerprint pattern at the bottom of the screen. It does everything your traditional capacity does; it doesn’t have to be there to damage the background of the phone.

However, going forward, the sensor in the display is not as efficient as the traditional S9 or iPhone unit. It needs a firm squeeze. If the fingerprint sensor on the S9 works 95% of the time, on the S10 it’s closer to 70%.

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However, since the release there have been claims that the fingerprint sensor is not secure when used with third-party screen protectors and you can unlock the phone with any finger. Samsung said it will release a software update that will hopefully fix the problem.

Another feature on the S10 that’s similar to what you’ll see on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro is wireless charging on the back. This is called Wireless PowerShare and allows you to turn the S10 into a Qi charger for compatible products. In this way, you can charge your iPhone XS or the new Samsung Galaxy Buds, for example.

It’s a neat addition, but like the in-display fingerprint sensor, it needs a lot of work. Charging is very slow and you have to turn it on every time you want to charge your device.

Samsung S10 Price Review

The full feature list includes a selection of internal features that will vary depending on your location. I’m using the European model, which runs on a Samsung Exynos 9820 chipset and 8GB of RAM. If you buy the phone in the US, your device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

As the S10 is powered by the latest processors available, it should come as no surprise that it’s a powerful beast, producing the highest scores of the phones we’ve reviewed. Simply put, no feature on this phone feels slow or sluggish. Nor are there any tools – that I’ve tried – that really push the tools to their limits.

The same applies to sports. The Galaxy S10 will run any game at the highest settings without any problems. Captions rise faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9 and slightly slower than the iPhone XS.

This is also one of the first phones to ship with Wi-Fi 6 support, so if

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