Update Best Power Bank For Iphone 10 Review

Update Best Power Bank For Iphone 10 Review

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After another round of testing, we made the Zendure SuperMini 20W our top pick and the HyperJuice 18W USB-C + Lightning Battery Pack (10000mAh) a good pick as well. We have also added a section on other good Power Banks.

Update Best Power Bank For Iphone 10 Review

Update Best Power Bank For Iphone 10 Review

Whether you’re a screen-strapped smartphone owner who can never make it through a day on a full charge—or someone who just needs an occasional battery boost—USB power banks are a cure for battery anxiety. low. After 21 hours of research and 55 hours of testing, we’ve found the best portable power supplies to meet a wide range of needs, chargers that give you peace of mind when wall outlets are out of reach.

Tips For Buying A Power Bank

It’s the smallest and lightest 10,000mAh power bank we’ve tested. It has USB-C PD and USB-A ports, comes in many colors, and its rounded edges make it easy to fit in your pocket.

The Zendure SuperMini 20W is about as small and light as a power bank can be, while still offering enough capacity to power most smartphones up to three times. Its USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port can charge most handheld devices (and recharge the power bank itself) at full speed with the included USB-C cable and a compatible wall charger (the one that comes with the phone yours will work). The USB-A port can also handle any older, non-USB-C devices you may have booted. The SuperMini’s rounded edges make it easy to carry and slip into a pocket, and unlike most power banks, it comes in a wide range of colors: red, green, black, silver, blue and pink.

This power bank has the same capacity (10,000 mAh) as our top pick, and is almost as small and light. Plus, it adds two built-in charging cables (Lightning and USB-C) to unfurl your wallet or purse.

If you prefer a power bank with a built-in cable, unencumbered by separate charging cables that take up space and can easily get tangled in a messy bag, the HyperJuice 18W USB-C + Lightning Battery Pack (10000mAh) is the best find good for you . It costs the same as our top pick (at this time), but only has one port (an input-only USB-C) to the Zendure’s two. It does, however, add two integrated charging cables (USB-C and Lightning) that slide seamlessly in and out of their case on either side of the unit. It has the same 10,000mAh capacity rating as the Zendure, and while it weighs a bit more (7.9 ounces versus the SuperMini’s 6.4 ounces), it’s almost as compact as an iPhone SE. It also has a sophisticated look and a comfortable, dimpled texture that makes it easy to hold.

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The 4 Best Usb Power Banks For Phones And Tablets 2022

This ultra-slim power bank fits in a bag or pocket, can charge most phones to at least one-third full, and is available in Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C versions.

The TravelCard charger is the best portable charger for someone who wants an always-on emergency power boost. It has the lowest capacity of any power bank we’ve tested—it can charge most phones from empty to about 30% to 50% full—but it’s unmatched in weight (under 2 ounces) and size. It’s bigger and thicker than the average credit card, but not by much, so it fits easily in a wallet or pocket. There’s a built-in USB-A cable for charging, and a built-in output cable (either Lightning, Micro-USB, or USB-C, depending on which version you get) to charge your phone or charge another handheld device with a power supply.

Power tested: 7.1 watts (integrated Lightning cable), 5.9 watts (integrated USB-C cable) and 5.1 watts (integrated micro-USB cable)

Update Best Power Bank For Iphone 10 Review

This palm-sized power bank charges your devices on a USB-A port and a fast USB-C PD port, and recharges via the USB-C PD port or via a folding AC plug.

Best Magsafe Chargers For Iphone 14: Power Banks And More

The Anker PowerCore III Fusion 5K is useful if you want a single, reliable charger that you can plug into the wall to charge your devices overnight and then pack and carry during the day. Its 5,000mAh capacity is half the size of the Zendure and HyperJuice models, but it’s still enough to fully charge most smartphones more than once (and at 6.4 ounces, it’s just as light as our top pick). The Fusion 5K recharges quickly via the USB-C PD port or the folding AC plug — most models we’ve tested only have one or the other — and offers fast enough charging for two devices at once on the USB-C PD and USB-A ports. If you want a power bank that doubles as a wall charger, this is the best option we’ve found.

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Power tested: 18 watts (USB-C PD port), 13.5 watts (USB-A port when plugged in) and 12.5 watts (USB-A port when unplugged)

As the author of this guide, I spent 21 hours researching and 55 hours testing USB power banks and portable chargers. I have been a science writer for over seven years covering a wide range of topics from particle physics to satellite remote sensing. Since joining Wirecutter in 2017, I’ve reported on surge protectors, USB-C cables and adapters, portable power stations, and more.

Most people can use a USB power bank (also called an external battery pack, backup battery, or portable charger) to keep phones and other devices charged while on the go. The question is, which one fits your habits better? Some may only need a small battery to power their phone at the end of the day, while those who travel a lot may require multiple devices over several days. Instead of always having to find an outlet wherever you go, owning a USB power bank allows you to enjoy a convenient portable (albeit limited) supply of electricity.

Best Portable Battery Packs For Camping & Backpacking In 2022

Even if you’re blessed with an abundance of charging options in your daily life—perhaps you spend most of your day at home, in the office, or in the car—you could probably still benefit from a portable power bank. Something the size of a wallet is great to always have on hand for those unexpected (but critical) moments when your phone is dying and there’s no outlet nearby. But if you want something for weekend trips or a regular commute, slightly larger power banks can easily fit into laptop bags, purses or large bags, providing two or more full charges for most smartphones. . These power banks are sturdy yet portable, so you can also charge devices like wireless headphones, computer mice, keyboards, vaporizers, digital cameras, and more.

Most people can use a USB power bank. The question is, which one fits your habits better?

When you’re traveling in an unfamiliar place—relying on your phone to guide you and maybe call for help—a power bank offers more peace of mind. Strategically placing a few of them around the house isn’t a bad idea either: you can keep one in the foyer to grab on your way out the door, or one by the sofa when you’re cozy under a blanket and really. , I really don’t want to get up to connect the phone.

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Update Best Power Bank For Iphone 10 Review

Due to the unfortunate fact that battery technology has not kept up with the processing power of modern devices, USB power banks have become an increasingly popular way to help phones and tablets get through the day. With thousands of brands and models to choose from, we searched major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and Target—as well as trusted editorial sources like CNET, PCMag, PCWorld, and TechRadar—for the most popular manufacturers of widely available USB drives. power banks. From there, we built a list of competitors based on the following characteristics:

Best Usb C Power Banks (in 2022)

The Zendure SuperMini 20W is the total package when it comes to charging a smartphone or other small electronic device on the go. It’s compact and light — about the size of a deck of cards and as heavy as an iPhone 13 — but its capacity rating is as high as any other choice. If you want a power bank that you can easily slip into a pocket or bag on your way out the door, but still have enough juice to charge most smartphones up to three times, this is the one to get.

The Zendure has a port on each side: a USB-C PD port on one side that works for both output and input (meaning you recharge the power bank yourself this way) and a standard USB-A port with just standard output on the other hand. lateral. In our tests, we measured a maximum output of 18.6 watts and a maximum input of 19.3 watts from the USB-C port and a maximum output of 16.6 watts from the USB-A port. While these numbers are slightly lower than its 20W output rating, the SuperMini is still powerful enough to charge most devices at full speed from either port, or to charge two devices simultaneously at a slightly slower rate.

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