Update 80 Inch 4k Tv Review

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LG C2 Evo 83-inch OLED TV Best OLED TV 4.5 $3,996.99 at Amazon See It (Opens in new window) TCL 75-inch 4K Google TV 6-Series (75R646) Best Overall Value 4.5 $1,169.99 at Best Buy See Hisense 75U6H Best Affordable Big Screen 4.0 $798.00 at Amazon See (Opens in new window) QN90B Neo QLED Samsung 85-Inch TV Best Non-OLED 4.0 Screen Contrast $2,797.99 at Amazon See in new window) TCL 8K 6-Series Roku TV (75R648) Best for early 8K receivers Price $4.0 $1999.19 at Amazon See It (opens in new window) Toshiba 75-inch C350 4K Fire TV Cheapest large screen 3.0 $569.99 at Best Buy See It (Opens in a new window)

Update 80 Inch 4k Tv Review

Update 80 Inch 4k Tv Review

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When it comes to modern TVs, 65 inches isn’t considered as big as it used to be. Sure, the 65-inch is a lot bigger – perhaps too big for small rooms and apartments, but with 75- and 85-inch models becoming more common, anything smaller doesn’t mean “big-screen TV.” It is not.

It is also worth noting that modern large TVs are not expensive anymore. There’s no need to worry about prices reaching five figures: many of the larger TVs on the market are available for $1,000 to $2,000. It’s decent stuff, and it should end there. To get

Putting these factors together, it’s no wonder that more and more people are buying big-screen TVs than ever before. We’ve put together a list of the top-performing models we’ve tested here, along with what to look for when buying a 75-inch or larger TV.

The LG C2 is one of our favorite TVs this year. It delivers incredible images with perfect black levels and wide colors. It’s bright (for OLED screens), stylish and has useful features, including hands-free Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The 83-inch model is the most expensive TV on the list, but you can find a smaller 77-inch version for $2,000 less.

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This is the TV you need if you want great pictures and the kind of thin panel that you can only get from OLED. You must be on a plane with the idea of ​​paying a high price for a TV. OLEDs are already more expensive than LED TVs, and larger OLEDs are more expensive. If you can afford the LG C2, it’s more expensive.

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TCL 6 Series TVs have long been our favorites because of their great value. They always offer great picture quality at an affordable price, and the Google TV version has a lot of useful features, including Google Cast and hands-free Google Assistant. The panel is also bright and colorful. It’s not the cheapest TV available, but it’s the most affordable for what you get.

This TV is neck and neck with the Hisense U8H for a better price, although the U8H undercuts it in some ways. At least that was the case with the 65-inch U8H. The 75U8H uses a vendor-made panel that differs from the panel in the 55U8H and 65U8H, so we couldn’t expect a similar process without testing the model ourselves. With that in mind, the 75-inch TCL 6-Series is currently one of the best TVs in the world in terms of picture quality. It offers great images and tons of features at an affordable price, making it worth your attention.

Update 80 Inch 4k Tv Review

Hisense U6H is not the best TV on the market, but it is the best for its price. Unlike its more expensive sibling, the U8H, this TV is in the budget range with an MSRP of just $1,400 for the 75-inch version (normally priced around $800). That’s incredibly cheap for a large TV. It’s only a third as bright as the Hisense U8H, and its contrast ratio is low by comparison, but it has a wide color gamut and offers plenty of useful features through the Google TV interface.

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Hisense U8H and TCL Google TV 6-Series are better overall TVs, but this one is better

Television. It’s cheap and looks good. Buy it if you want a big screen but have a budget under $1000.

The Samsung QN90B delivers the highest picture quality of any LED TV we’ve tested, and for the first time we can say it really competes with OLED in terms of black levels. Its small LED row can precisely narrow down small areas of the screen and even turn it off completely. The LED backlight has been able to do this in the past, but the QN90B surprisingly shows less light while there is no pure light. That’s what OLED TVs are capable of, and this model is even brighter. Its color gamut isn’t as wide as the LG C2’s, though, and it’s worth the price of some OLED models.

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This is the TV you need if you want bright, crisp images that can produce deep and detailed black levels. It’s expensive, and the LG C2 comes with all kinds of lighting except the light, but it’s great if you want to use a large TV for a well-lit room.

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I’ll be honest with you: 8K is not yet ready for widespread adoption. It won’t be ready for many more years because there is still no real user content for it. New 8K movies and TV shows delivered to your home are not yet released. The streaming service hasn’t started talking about releasing anything in 8K. However, the conversion has grown rapidly, and you may be able to upscale 8K games with a powerful PC. With that in mind, the TCL 8K 6-Series is the best deal for this application. It’s reasonably priced for the resolution and offers excellent image quality comparable to the 4K 6-Series.

I can’t recommend any 8K TV for most users, but if you’re a serious early adopter and want to future-proof yourself, the TCL 8K 6-Series is your best bet. It’s not too expensive (if you want to go that route, the 88-inch LG Z2 is $25,000), and it performs just as well as a regular 4K TV, until you get something on it in native 8K.

Hisense U6H is the cheapest TV, but not the cheapest on the list. That honor went to the 75-inch Toshiba C350, which dramatically undercuts the 75U6H’s $900 MSRP (often available for just over $600). You get what you pay for, but the image quality gets worse.

Update 80 Inch 4k Tv Review

This is the cheapest big screen TV. Consider it if you want the biggest screen for the lowest price, but that’s about it. Otherwise, try stretching those dollars and getting the Hisense U6H.

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When you’re buying a large TV, it’s important to keep space in mind. Check the dimensions of the TV and confirm that you can place it anywhere in your home. If you plan to place it on furniture such as a console, make sure the top is wide enough for the TV stand to be placed on for stability.

If you’re planning to wall mount a 75-inch or 85-inch TV, check the weight and make sure you’ve chosen the correct mounting size and that your wall can support it. Keep in mind that a large TV can easily weigh 100 pounds, so you’ll need a sturdy mount and extra leverage to secure it.

The TV in the back may be dead, but the host is not. Projectors are still the most popular way to install a screen with a diagonal of more than 100 inches. Their image isn’t as bright as LCD TVs, and they can’t come close to the contrast of LCD or OLED displays, but they can scale significantly. If you’re willing to spend the money, a good projector or series of projectors can make the image as large as you want to capture it. From comfortable seat sizes to IMAX level and beyond.

You can find a 1080p projector for a few hundred dollars, but you should expect to spend at least $1,000 to $3,000 for one that can produce 4K, and that’s the lowest price. Small home projectors in this price range can produce images larger than 300 inches, but keep in mind that the larger the screen, the more light (at least as the lamp gets larger) must be covered. This causes the image to fade. You can also buy brighter and larger projectors, easily reaching tens of thousands of dollars, with the ability to align multiple projectors together for a really big screen or to boost brightness.

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