Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review

Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review – Propel’s officially licensed Star Wars Battle Drone has brought my childhood imagination back to life. I love spending hours recreating the Death Star Trench Race and the Endor Speeder Bike Chase, but those days are no longer vague memories remembered in the rosy hues of history. They are fearlessly brought back to life.

However, with a choice of three classic Star Wars replica designs, you’ll have a hard time deciding. The Empire’s 74-Z speeder bike was my favorite for recreating the super-fast Endor chase, but there’s also Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 and the classic X-wing starfighter for nail-biting space dogfights. If you wait a bit, you’ll be able to pick up Han’s Millennium Falcon when the next wave of drones is sent out in the new year.

Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review

Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review

This first batch of Star Wars drones comes in a special limited edition box, printed on the inside with a grid-like interior of an Imperial base and sound effects from the movies when you open it. It looks very impressive in its clear display case and will take pride of place on the shelf alongside your original, never-opened Jar Jar Binks action figure.

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The drone itself is hand painted (I wish my Star Wars miniatures were painted with such attention to detail) and looks great. The only ugly aspect of the model is the arms attached to the propellers, but they still fit well with the overall Star Wars aesthetic and you don’t notice it when the drone is in the air.

Getting started is a bit of a daunting task. There’s the usual checklist of charging the two included 800mAh batteries, which take about half an hour to reach full capacity, and popping the four propellers on, but there’s plenty more to do before lifting off.

Once both the drone and controller (powered by four AA batteries) are powered on, push the left stick up for two seconds and down for another two to connect the controller to your drone. Next, you need to calibrate the built-in barometric sensor, which needs to be done every time you turn it on, and finally, you need to hold down one of the four unmarked buttons on the front of the controller unit to start the propeller. .

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I guess you could say it’s the perfect movie. It almost sounds like you’re doing a proper starship launch sequence, but to me it’s a little tricky and you’re unlikely to remember the sequence the next time it starts up.

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Once you pick up, though, you’ll have a blast. This drone is very fast, reaching 30 mph in just three seconds and hitting a ridiculous top speed of 35 mph. I made the mistake of hitting the wall at full speed by turning on the accelerator inside the house first, scaring the cats. I don’t want to make that mistake again.

At my local farm, however, I was hanging out with gays in no time. I’m no expert pilot, and although it was a bit difficult to get the hang of at first, I was soon doing talon rolls and other acrobatic maneuvers. Heck, even the clockwise and counterclockwise corkscrew tricks are assigned to the shoulder buttons.

Battery life isn’t amazing. You get about seven minutes of flight time per charge, but the Propel has a spare in the box so you can replace it for twice the flight time. A proprietary charger doesn’t make things easy, especially when others have already discovered the simplicity of micro-USB charging. And god forbid you crash the thing, there are a few spare parts in the box plus the original Scout Trooper should be run over by some plastic Ewoks.

Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review

For first-time drone owners, there’s T-Mode, which helps you get the basics down in a limited space. It uses the drone’s barometric pressure sensor to limit the flight height between 2m and (approximately) 50cm, so you can practice without worrying about flying too high or too low. I recommend clipping on the included propeller retainer during your first few runs. I broke the blade after my first nasty crash.

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An Android and iOS app for beginners is also coming soon that lets you control the virtual ship with the game’s included Bluetooth controller and smartphone mount. Perfect for flight training without the risk of crushing your pride and joy in a tree. I will update this review once the app goes live.

Propel’s Star Wars drones both look good and fly well, but the main attraction of these quadcopters is the battle mode.

Each drone is equipped with an infrared laser, allowing you to engage in dogfights with up to 23 friends, complete with flashes of light thanks to IR lasers, cinematic sound effects and built-in LEDs.

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A life indicator on the front of the controller lets you know how well you’re doing. Each successful hit causes the drone to swing from side to side, and if you’re completely knocked out (it takes three hits) you’ll automatically land, slowly descending as you deal with your defeat.

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I only have one drone right now and haven’t gotten around to fully testing this aspect, but if Santa gets me another drone for Christmas, I’ll update this review with my combat impressions.

Recently in theaters, the inevitable deluge of Star Wars-licensed tats has resurfaced. Propel’s Star Wars Drone is nothing like that and should make a fantastic gift for the Star Wars fan in your life this Christmas.

Sure, there are other, better drones available for around the same price, but nothing matches the charm or fun offered here. And for Star Wars enthusiasts, there’s no better flying machine.

Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review

For £200 you get a lovingly detailed miniature drone, easy to maneuver with impressive speed and the ability to challenge your friends to dogfights. I wish I had these things when I was ten; I must have actually left home.

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Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain affiliate links. This does not affect our editorial team in any way. The holidays are fast approaching, and we’ve made our wish lists! Star Wars is a big deal in our house, so we’ve added new Star Wars costumes and toys to our list as the new movie comes out on December 18th!

This month we’re super excited to partner with Duracell and Toys R Us to share some cool Star Wars lightsabers and our new Star Wars inspired mold craft for kids! We’re also giving away a $100 gift card to Toys R Us, so scroll down to check out the details!

A long time ago on May 4th we shared a simple Yoda mold craft. Today we’ve added two more Star Wars inspired shape crafts to our collection – a Darth Vader Shape Craft and an R2D2 Ribbon Shape Craft. These crafts are for preschoolers and older!

A week or so ago we were sent two Luke Skywalker light sabers from Toys R Us. The kids wanted to open them up and play with them right away! First they had to dress up. My youngest was a Jedi, my oldest was Anakin, and my daughter was Darth Vader. We’ve dressed up as Star Wars characters for Halloween many times, so the kids love getting out their costumes and lightsabers every day for a lightsaber duel.

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The kids spent a few minutes checking out the box and checking out the cool pictures and directions and then they started opening it!! They just needed a little help to figure it all out.

I usually hate battery operated toys because I always forget to buy batteries and then the kids are so frustrated that they can’t play with their new toys.

Once the kids got the lightsabers out they opened them up and dueled a bit… but based on the box the kids were pretty sure the lightsabers were going to light up… so they started my search for batteries! Before opening the lightsabers there are some Duracell AAA batteries to take.

Update Really Cool Star Wars Gifts Review

Hooray for Duracell batteries that run out in no time! All we needed was a screwdriver to quickly open the battery compartment and we popped three Duracell AAA batteries into each light saber and closed the doors and they were ready to go in no time! The entire process of adding the battery only took a minute or two.

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When we started with Duracell batteries, lightsabers made motion-sensor controlled sound effects like crashes, battle bumps, and screeching noises. They also drew some cool light designs from the tips (like a flashlight with a domed design) so the kids had to turn off all the lights when it got dark outside to check out the designs.

The Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Luke Skywalker electronic lightsabers that were sent to us came with a blade builder part that allows for two lightsabers.

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