Update 72 Smart Tv Review

Update 72 Smart Tv Review

Update 72 Smart Tv Review – The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 offers Android TV, support for Google Assistant, Dolby Vision, Chromecast and an almost limitless 4K panel, and all this at the best new price of all time at only € 309 for a sweet model with a 43-inch diagonal screen.

The 43-inch Xiaomi Mi TV P1 can now be ordered from Gshopper for only € 309, with free shipping from Germany. To get this price, coupon code “3E570253D8” must be entered during the order process. According to price comparisons, this corresponds to the all-time best prices for Smart TVs, it is currently impossible to find a TV under 339 euros.

Update 72 Smart Tv Review

Update 72 Smart Tv Review

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 offers a 43-inch 4K panel with very narrow screen edges, which can display 78% DCI-P3 color space and 72% NTSC color space. Smart TV supports MEMC but the frame rate is limited to 60 Hz. HDR10 and Dolby Vision support promises compatibility with most HDR content.

The Tribeca 72

The Smart TV offers 2 x 10 watt stereo speakers that support Dolby Audio and DTS-HD. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Smart TV is that it is powered by Android TV 10, which gives users a wide choice of streaming apps – Xiaomi talks about more than 7,000 compatible apps.

The TV’s built-in microphone allows access to Google Assistant without the need for a remote. The remote connects to your Smart TV via Bluetooth, and dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video make it possible to launch the two apps in a snap. Thanks to the built-in Chromecast and Miracast, content from your Android smartphone can be streamed wirelessly to your TV. Detailed information about Xiaomi Mi TV P1 is available on the manufacturer’s website.

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Today, we put the LG C2 OLED TV to the test to see how well it performs as a PC gaming monitor, following up on our investigation of last year’s LG C1. Since the review was published, a lot has changed in the monitor market, now we have a true OLED display designed for gaming on the Alienware AW3423DW, the original HDR LCD monitor price. Mini-LED issues have decreased as well, so it’ll be interesting to see if the TV route is still possible for the current PC gaming setup.

In our lab for testing is the 42-inch variant of the LG C2, the smallest model you can buy, and a new-for-the-year size option. It still uses LG’s OLED technology and comes with a 4K resolution with up to 120Hz refresh rate, which is pretty modest nowadays for a 4K gaming monitor.

LG is primarily designed as a TV with full smart functionality, but also includes important gaming features such as variable refresh rate support and low input lag mode. .

Update 72 Smart Tv Review

All of this is available for ~$1,300, which was relatively affordable last year compared to other HDR game options, but more bundles are available today thanks to new releases in the lower $1,500 price range. However, if you’re reading this review months after release, there’s a good chance the C2 will be significantly cheaper, as LG often drops prices drastically late in the product’s life cycle, which is always something we’d love to see.

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How Long Should A Tv Last?

Before diving into this review, one important note. We exclusively evaluate the LG C2 as an option for gamers to replace desktop monitors. It’s definitely a TV, packed with smart TV tools, a tuner, and all the usual TV features – but that’s not the focus of this review.

The LG C2’s design differs from most of the monitors we’ve reviewed in that it has a larger-than-usual panel and, of course, doubles as a TV. So the “bracket” included here is just two pins holding the panel halves together. Without any adjustments, you can’t even tilt the screen to the position you want, so forget about adjusting the height or something like that. LG hopes you can use it as is or wall mounted.

We think it sits a bit low on a regular table despite its size. The 48-inch C1 we reviewed felt good to use, but we think that to use the 42-inch model as an everyday screen, you should raise it 10 to 15 centimeters.

The LG C2 is well designed, the front features an OLED panel with relatively thin bezels, no distracting details, and we get nice metal and glass textures. The plastic mount is a bit of a disappointment, feeling a bit cheap for the price of the monitor, but ultimately unobtrusive and a good match for the plastic used on the back.

Chromecast With Google Tv Review: Move Over Firetv

While the 48-inch C1 has a very thin top screen, you don’t get the same design style as the 42-inch C2. Almost the entire back is dominated by the thicker base housing the processing and power delivery hardware, there is a bit of slim build action around the edges but negligible to some extent on its smaller size.

One of the big differences between the LG C2 and most monitors is the final display. The C2 is a glossy glass display, which tends to accentuate colors and enhance image clarity and sharpness. It also provides clearer blacks, due to minimized diffuse reflection. In contrast, most monitors use a matte anti-glare coating, which scatters light to some extent to reduce obvious reflections in bright environments, with modern anti-glare coatings still providing excellent clarity.

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That said, in actual use, the LG C2 has increased clarity and a “wow” factor in darker environments, but tends to be more reflective than its screen. Among TVs, the C2 is one of the monitors that does better at reducing direct reflections by treating a glossy finish, but in the end you’ll see much clearer and more defined reflections indoors. It has good light compared to normal screens, which most reflect only general diffused light and not a definite mirror-like reflectivity.

Update 72 Smart Tv Review

How annoying this can be depends on your settings and reflex tolerance, I personally find it a bit intrusive in my office but not a deal breaker and usually attention is not apparent when focusing on the content being displayed. Some people prefer the glossy finish and reflective treatment here over the standard anti-glare finish, so this may be a bit of a personal preference.

Tx 43 Lxn 978

Another factor is size, but we’re happy to say that the 42-inch variant is more usable as a desktop monitor than the previous 48-inch model we’ve reviewed. and I have a feeling you need a larger than normal viewing distance to handle the size properly, let alone a large table to place it on. Otherwise, you will have to keep craning your neck to see all angles of the image.

With the 42-inch C2, the screen fits better on a normal desk, you can see it from a closer, more normal viewing distance, and it’s not so dominantly sized that I had to move my neck to see it. Obviously, it’s still a very large and immersive display, having 72% more screen area than a 32-inch display and twice the screen area of ​​a 27-inch display. But it is only about 12cm

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