Update The Dark Knight 4k Blu Ray Review Review

Update The Dark Knight 4k Blu Ray Review Review

Update The Dark Knight 4k Blu Ray Review Review – It’s been eight years since Joker was killed. Ever since Batman was responsible for the death of Harvey Dent, Gotham has been living a lie. The black-clad Warrior of Justice hasn’t been seen since – as has his alter ego: Bruce Wayne. The businessman leads a solitary life in his home and tends to his wounds. Nor does it seem to bother him that a terrorist named Bane is apparently preparing to launch a major attack against Gotham. Bane, appearing only in a mask due to an old wound that supplies him with painkillers, takes the first paid elite. In an attack on the stock market, he wipes out almost all of Wayne’s capital, forcing Bruce to cap again. In a duel with Biff’s opponent, Batman is defeated. Ben breaks his back and leaves him in a pit-like mining prison. Wayne has to watch Gotham fall from there. And it seems that the one-time guardian of the city can’t do anything…

Four years after The Dark Knight (which is still the fourth best movie according to users of the imdb platform), Christopher Nolan ends his Batman series with The Dark Knight Rises. After the death of Heath Ledger as Joker in the second part, they were still reluctant to release the third part. But after Nolan was convinced by the story, he sat on the director’s chair. It was paid $250 million, which should be enough money to bring another show to the big screen. With a theatrical release some way off at the moment, it can be confirmed that The Dark Knight Rises does exactly that. With some interesting scenes (the “rescue” of Bane from the plane at the beginning) and sometimes brutal fights, the film once again comes out hard. Which makes it fundamentally different from its predecessors. Nolan did well not to copy the art style of the second installment. The sequel could fail for that reason alone. Instead of choosing a completely insane and psychotic opponent, the more classic step was taken to pit the hero against an almost supernatural opponent. A man who looks weak on the outside and looks a bit like a monster thanks to his scary face mask. The body of Tom Hardy, who was looking for a pre-trained body for the role of Bane.

Update The Dark Knight 4k Blu Ray Review Review

Update The Dark Knight 4k Blu Ray Review Review

To do so. But maybe that was the problem. Many fans missed the defining elements of the first game and, let’s face it, because Heath Ledger would have had a hard time.

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It’s not Tom Hardy’s fault. He is good at what he does. But somewhere the character lacks the passion that was put into Ledger’s part. However, this is not the only problem with The Dark Knight Rises. On the contrary, the script is over-ambitious and busy with too many details. As a viewer, you can quickly miss things – especially when it comes to the latest plot or commentary on current (money) politics. One quickly becomes disgusted by the arrogant behavior of the town’s patriarchs and bewildered by Bruce Wayne’s tearful cry of “Nobody Loves Me Now.” It takes less than half an hour and you wish success to Bunny and her campaign. Because what he is trying to destroy, he doesn’t want to prove to the audience that he is worth saving. A city drowning in corruption and arrogance and its former protector doing nothing but grief – you can understand why someone would want to destroy it. By the way, you might also be annoyed by Bunny’s German dubbed voice. Torben Liebrecht, already established as Hardy’s regular interpreter, whose vocal organ reaches deep, is here unusually replaced by Tobias Kluckert. However, his bad interpretation sometimes borders on the absurd and doesn’t quite match the original. With this, he encounters Bun’s flesh body, which does not add to his fear. The endings of some phrases in particular are consciously drawn by Kalkert, which comes across as a hysterical song that doesn’t quite want to go into a groove.

But all is not bad at the end of the Batman trilogy. And if you watch it again five years later, it can certainly be convincing as an independent film. The integration of Catwoman, who is actually played by the otherwise very “sweet” Anne Hathaway, is brilliantly successful. In The Dark Knight Rises, he impressively shows that he can be witty and sarcastic as well. Also famous is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who will not only bring a surprise as John Black, but will be one of the few actors who spends the film enthusiastically.

Of course, the makers once again showed their passion for action scenes. Although they are lacking in the third episode, they are definitely impressive. That’s why you should present the initial kidnapping scenario like this. Here, not only two planes were hit, but one of them had its individual parts destroyed. The stunts on the outer skin of the plane really deserve credit. On the other hand – sorry for the blunt words – the first confrontation between Batman and Bane is pretty useless. The two punching punches might give the impression that Ben is a real punch of meat, but the fact that the scene, aside from the shocking ending, of course, feels too slow. It seems only logical that this is followed by a very slow middle section, which contains some truths on a meta level. It’s been a long time since Batman got back into action. Of course, it makes the threat scenario better if you actually find out that Gotham has been lost at some point. It’s nice that the other characters keep things interesting this time. Cat/Selina in particular knows how to keep the audience on the ball. If the finale shows a real surprise, it could be one hell of a trick, though you can’t really count on it.

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The number of IMAX screens increased again. The end of the trilogy now offers 70 minutes of full-format high-definition sequences, while the first had “only” 40 minutes. Again, these are the moments that are better in terms of quality and contrast and color resolution. They look sharper and more plastic. Blacks are a little more affluent and don’t have the orange cast seen in the Cinemascope footage. The latter is sometimes (depending on the configuration) only moderately sharp (Stryver Face 19’28) and has steep edges (37’57). The analog film grain is the same in both and is part of the format of Nolan’s films. However, especially in 35mm footage, the picture is much weaker than on Blu-ray.

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When it comes to sound, Warner Home has clearly messed around with its direct predecessor. Although the duo only provided a Dolby Digital track for the German version at the time, while it was still coherent and very dynamic in the second half, The Dark Knight Rises shows how wrong you can go. Not only are the dialogues very quietly mixed, all the action scenes except for a block bomb seem like a tempest in a teacup.

It starts with volume, which is about 10 dB lower than the original volume, which is present in dts-HD-Master. But this will certainly be easily done by changing the volume control. If you do that, you still don’t get the detail of the effects or the dynamics of the sounds. When “The Beat” has the police officers yelling after a good fifty minutes, the German voice is just a complete ripoff compared to the original. (50’47).

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But even the brawls behind the bar after about 20 minutes of an awesome statement about how good English sounds. Accurate rifle shots die with a clear response and frequency that the German track is completely lacking (22:25). The police car sirens are authentic and full of space, while in German it gives the feel of a model car. The passage into the canal, which the original version introduces shortly after, is so quiet in the local version that you really have to “see” it with your ears (23:05) and the explosions that follow. . deliver the sounds, nor the wild fury of the original version.

Update The Dark Knight 4k Blu Ray Review Review

Also for The Dark Knight Rises, the original footage was resampled to 4K and remastered for UHD with a 4K digital interface. It still doesn’t solve the problems caused by the different formats of the source material and still has to live with the lack of clarity in 35mm footage, but overall the image looks clear and sharp. After the minor debacle of The Dark Knight with UHD, there was definitely a big fear that the colors would be all wrong here too. But everything can be clarified, at least partially. While TDK is mostly green, TDKR has toned down the colors a bit. IMAX screens, which sometimes have reference levels, again benefit from this. The night series featuring “The

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