Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

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The TCL 4K 6-Series with Google TV offers more features and better performance than the Roku 6-Series, and what you’re giving up is Apple AirPlay.

Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

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This review is based on testing done on the 55R646, the 55-inch model in the line. Other than the difference in screen size, the $1,799.99 75-inch 75R646 is identical in specs, and we expect similar performance.

TCL has consistently impressed us with its 6 series TVs, which offer strong performance at a reasonable price. All these TVs run exclusively on the Roku TV platform, which is accessible and convenient, but not too heavy-duty. Now TCL offers an alternative in the form of its Google TV 4K 6-series TVs. They’re the same as the Roku TV 4K 6-series models (the 55-inch 55R646 we tested retails for $949.99), and have the same powerful app and service support, Google Cast screen mirroring, and hands-free Google Assistant (although they’re) Apple AirPlay support that’s included on Roku TV. skip). They seem to pack some engineering improvements over the Roku models, with stronger contrast performance and less input lag. The Hisense U8G series is brighter, but TCL’s Google TV 6-series packs the same great features for the same price, earning it our Editors’ Choice award alongside the Hisense model.

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Before we continue, it’s worth noting that TCL has temporarily pulled its Google TV models from retail channels in response to reports of software instability. We did not experience this issue in testing and now that TCL has released a software update for the affected models, they are once again available in stores.

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Physically, the Google-based 55R646 is almost identical to the Roku-based 55R635. The screen is framed by the same thin band of brushed metal that runs along the sides and top, with the same strip along the bottom edge holding the chrome TCL logo in the middle. It sits on gunmetal legs similar to the V, although they are slightly lower and have prominent rubber feet. The biggest clue that this is a Google TV model and not a Roku model is the square, dark-gray, cloth-covered display on the bottom of the TV. This is a range of remote microphones that provide hands-free access to the Google Assistant.

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Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

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The power cable goes to the left side of the back of the TV, all other connections sit on the right side, facing right. They include four HDMI ports (two 4K120, one eARC), two USB ports, 3.5mm composite video input, 3.5mm headphone jack, optical audio output, Ethernet port and antenna/cable connection. Below the ports is a power/input button and a switch to disconnect the remote microphone.

The remote is a long, thin, square black knob with smooth edges. A large, circular, gray navigation pad sits at the top with power, settings and Google Assistant buttons along with a pinhole microphone. Menu buttons sit below the pad, with dedicated app buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, TCL Channel and YouTube below them. The right side of the remote has a toggle and mute button.

While most TCL smart TVs use the Roku TV platform, the 55R646 uses Google TV for its interface. Google TV is the regular version of the Android TV platform on Hisense TVs, which retains all its features, with a more content-based menu system than the main one in terms of app selection. All the big names in streaming are available, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube. Google TV supports Google Cast to mirror your Android smartphone or tablet, or even the Chrome browser from a computer, though it doesn’t support Apple AirPlay like Roku TVs (although Google’s Roku TVs don’t support Cast).

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Best 75 Inch Tvs

Thanks to the remote microphone built into the 55R646, Google TV provides full access to the Google Assistant voice assistant that you can use simply by saying “Hey Google.” It’s a welcome trend, introduced by some Hisense and Sony TVs in the past few years, that voice assistant integration almost always requires speaking into the remote. And, if you’re uncomfortable with the microphone always hearing the warning word, you can disable the microphone with a switch on the back.

Google Assistant remains a very capable voice assistant, able to answer common questions like weather and sports, find content to watch, and directly control the TV itself and any compatible smart home devices. This is very useful especially with hands-free voice control.

The TCL 55R646 is a 4K TV with a 120Hz refresh rate. It supports high dynamic range (HDR) content in HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG).

Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

We produce TVs using the Klein K-80 color (opens in new window), the Murideo SIX-G signal generator (opens in new window) and Calman’s Portrait Displays software (opens in new window). Image Science Foundation Calibration Techniques (opens in new window).

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Like many TVs, the 55R646 has an adaptive mode that tries to automatically adjust picture settings to display. This mode is automatically activated and applied to any picture mode you use. When watching movies, we recommend turning off this feature to get the most accurate picture according to the director’s intentions and disable them automatically when doing your tests.

The fields represent ideal color levels. Dots represent measured color levels. The closer each point is to its nearest square, the more accurate the color of the television.

The chart above shows the 55R646’s color levels in movie mode against Rec.709 broadcast standards with an SDR signal and with an HDR signal against DCI-P3 digital cinema standards. The 55R646 performs admirably here, with accurate whites and balanced colors in both SDR and HDR. The SDR image is almost perfect, slightly saturated greens, and only warm yellows and grays, the only (very minor) complaints. The HDR picture is also excellent, covering almost the entire DCI-P3 color space despite slightly saturated greens and yellows. The colors are all fairly balanced and not noticeably skewed in any direction except for a slight greenish hue that includes blues, magentas, reds and yellows.

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Looks great on the 55R646. The greens of the plants and the blues of the water look vivid and natural, and there are many subtle differences in color. Fine details like fur and bark look sharp when lit in direct sunlight and in the shade.

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It’s equally impressive on the 55R646, with Deadpool’s red suit looking sharp and precise in the film’s opening scenes. In a burning laboratory battle the fire looks bright and consistent, but shadow detail is still visible in the same frame without being washed out.

Show the best contrast of 55R646. The cut and lines of the black clothes are clearly visible and look even darker with the bright white colors of the balloons, lamps and shirts in the same frame. Skin tones look natural against blacks and whites, and different colors pop beautifully in scenes.

The 55R646 is a 120Hz TV that supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which should please gamers. However, it doesn’t have AMD FreeSync like the Hisense U7G and U8G, or Nvidia G-Sync like the LG C1P (with FreeSync), which is something to keep in mind if you want to connect a PC to it.

Update The Best 75 Inch Tv Review

Using the HDFury Diva HDMI Matrix (opens in new window), we measured an input lag of 8.1 milliseconds in game mode. This means the 55R646 is faster

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