Update All The New Phones Review

Update All The New Phones Review

Update All The New Phones Review – It’s time to take a closer look at the An 12. The main update will appear on smartphones in the coming months, so we will discuss all the innovations with you. Read soon!

It took a little longer this year, but the An 12 has finally been officially released. However, an update release is going crazy. Google recently made the An 12 officially available, but there are still no smartphones that can download the new version. That will soon change when Pixel phones get an update.

Update All The New Phones Review

Update All The New Phones Review

Devices from other brands such as Samsung, OnePlus and Nokia will also be released in the coming months. We recently extensively tested the public beta version of An 12 on the Google Pixel 5, and in this review we discuss our findings. Version 12 is a bigger update than its predecessors, but it’s also really interesting for a small group of users. You can read all about it in this An 12 review.

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The biggest innovation of the An 12 is the design. The operating system has been completely revised and now features the so-called Material You design. Bottom: looks more playful, but becomes more human. The software creates a theme for you based on the wallpaper you set, so An should look a little different to everyone.

How it works: when you set the wallpaper, An 12 looks at the primary colors and adjusts the appearance of the app accordingly. For example, if you choose a blue wallpaper, you will see blue color (subtle) everywhere. For example, think about the volume buttons, the quick settings panel, widgets, the settings themselves and the lock screen.

You can actually see color everywhere. Then you can tweak the design a bit, for example by changing the main and background colors, so everything looks a little different. You’ll need to manually toggle theme icons and app icons to make sure they’re colored according to the style you’ve chosen. It still doesn’t work well: only Google apps have such a “theme icon”.

We think it’s a shame that An is a bit smaller, but we’re fans of the new Material You Design

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It seems But we can get used to it. The software is much more colorful and it’s a nice change, but it won’t appeal to everyone. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to customize An’s appearance, so you can make him as crazy as you want.

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The great thing is that apps can also include material that you design. You can see this in many Google apps, including Calculator, Contacts, Google Keep, and Google Docs. Everywhere you look, you’ll see the return of a blue (or any other color) accent, and it makes the An 12 look like a whole.

Third-party apps can also include your design, but few have been updated yet. Hopefully that will change soon, but we wonder to what extent – more on that later.

Update All The New Phones Review

If you look at the quick settings menu, you’ll see that the buttons for configuring your internet connection or bluetooth, for example, are much larger. And An 12 has all new animations, making the software feel fresh and fluid again. You’ll see them when you swipe through the interface, or when you put your phone on the charger, for example.

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Widgets have also been redesigned. Now these are suitable for your design and Google has updated some of them. Now you have a nice clock widget with rounded corners and a simple look. The Google Photos widget now displays interesting photos you took some time ago.

Brand new design, but there is something. All the options for customizing the hardware and software you design are essentially exclusive to Google’s own Pixel phones. These are not officially sold in the Netherlands and it remains to be seen if other manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi will also adopt the new design.

Smartphone manufacturers may also choose not to include the material you design in their case or limit the number of customization options. In addition, we do not know how many applications will be provided with the new design. So, a lot is unclear, but it is clear that the material you design will look great on Pixel phones.

A new feature that you can get on your smartphone is the Privacy panel. Here you can see what data and permissions your apps have. For example, many apps need access to your camera, microphone, or location to work properly.

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This is clearly stated in the Privacy Panel. You’ll see a timeline for every component of your smartphone, so you’ll know exactly when an app used your location, microphone or camera, for example. You can then tap here so you can see what permissions each app has and is using.

The good thing is that you can also manage application permissions. For example, if you see an app that uses your location but don’t want it at all, you can adjust this from the Privacy Panel. The same goes for the camera, microphone, calendar and more.

A small but nice feature, if your smartphone’s camera or microphone is currently in use, you’ll see a small icon on the top right of the screen. Then you will know if the program is active in foreground or background. In addition, you can transmit your location to “public” applications. This way you share your approximate location rather than your exact location – which is even better for your privacy.

Update All The New Phones Review

Of course, the An 12 has many minor improvements, but they are not as significant or obvious as the new design. The new search function is very handy, it appears when you swipe up from your home screen and open the app drawer. With the search function, you can search your entire phone at once and take one action.

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For example, you can search for an app, and then you will see shortcuts on the screen. With the camera app you can

To take a video or a selfie. If you search for WhatsApp, you can directly tap on the most used conversation. And if you enter a contact’s name, you can choose to send them an application, for example. This works well and is useful in some cases.

Also good: screenshots can now scroll. These are screenshots that go beyond what you see on this screen if you want to capture a long WhatsApp chat, for example. This feature was already available in many An phones, but now it is also available in the standard version of the An.

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Additionally, you can now call Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button, but you’ll need to set this up yourself. Finally, now there is an “Extra Dim” function that can dim the screen even more if you are on the darkest setting it is still bright, like when you are in bed at night. This is a really nice improvement.

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Conclusion 12 revision 12 is a major change that mainly focuses on the design. It looks completely different and when we think the changes will be successful. The privacy panel is also nice and the other improvements are a great bonus. The problem is that the big new thing is a design for the Pixel phones, so few people will see the new look anytime soon. Another question is how well other manufacturers will adopt the design. That’s why the An 12 looks especially interesting for users with a Google phone. It’s a shame because the An 12 has a lot to offer and is a lot more fun than previous An updates. When do you get 12?

12 will come first for Google Pixel phones, followed by smartphones from other brands. When you download a new version of An varies by manufacturer and device. If you have a new smartphone, you can start with An 12 in a few months.

Did you get a cheaper phone or a few years ago? After that it remains to be seen if the An 12 is available. In addition, some manufacturers update smartphones quickly, while others take a long time.

Update All The New Phones Review

So, it is wise to consider the 12 updates. Here we check who received An 12 and which devices were removed. We will update the review regularly to keep it up to date. When I first took the Nothing Phone 1 out of its slim retail box, I just looked at it, turned it around in my hand, and examined the visible parts. Everywhere nothing was observed in detail. I confess it openly: how I love

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