Update Funko Pop Heads Review

Update Funko Pop Heads Review

Update Funko Pop Heads Review – Pop vinyl and it’s awesome! Check out the 11th Doctor in his purple robe with handles!

At MadMan, we managed to avoid the Funko Pop phenomenon despite the strong temptations of tiny, dead-eyed moppets. But we were completely blown away by the launch of the Doctor Who line and rushed to our local Doc thread to grab some of our favorite docs to review. Now comes word from Funk that this year is 9.-12. Selling an exclusive 12th Doctor in a spacesuit at SDCC in July.

Update Funko Pop Heads Review

Update Funko Pop Heads Review

According to Funk, unlike in previous years, they won’t be taking pre-orders for their SDCC exclusives “in order to provide more product to the con-winners.” We don’t know how we feel about it. SDCC exclusives are hard to come by, and this move makes this figure no different. We’ll be at SDCC, so check back after mine to see how we did.

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines Are A $686 Million Dollar Business

For so long, I’ve resisted the lure of these fistfuls of trivia, knowing that once I start, I’ll never be able to stop. Funk seems to be licensed for everything from Back to the Future to Guardians of the Galaxy, so you can imagine how quickly this can get out of hand. You might think I’m exaggerating, but the 5 different Doctor Who vinyls (and two X-Files) sitting on my shelf suggest otherwise. Starts…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Spoon Theme exclusive 12th Doctor with a spoon and the standard 11th Doctor I was looking for, but I did find the 11th Doctor with a fez, the 10th Doctor with 3D glasses, the standard 10th Doctor, the standard 4th Doctor and the standard 12th Doctor .

These guys are just adorable. I tend to be a little myopic when I look at toys like this and focus on the small details. But I truly believe it’s the little details that best show how much a manufacturer cares about their product. Pop vinyls do not disappoint in this area.

The 4th Doctor figure really captures the essence of Tom Baker’s fun and playful side. 10-The colors of the Doctor’s suit are correct depending on the version with or without 3D glasses. Capaldi’s eyebrows perfectly mirror the aggressive attitude of real-life eyebrows, but what surprised me the most was the lack of eyebrows on the 11th Doctor! Matt Smith’s eyebrows are very light and almost non-existent, so this was a nice touch to the Funk part.

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I got the Hot Topic exclusive 11th Doctor with fez and cloth. I always love options, but her little fez sold me. The statue is amazing; the shoe has a lot of cute details and really captures the character of 11 despite the standard Funko look. I would have liked to see his role a little closer to his head, but that’s a complaint from a lot of fans.

Unfortunately, paint applications are incredibly fickle. Like kissing a reckless Zygon. Also, they chose a slightly odd color. Remember the episode where 11 wore purple pants? Did he take the TARDIS to the Grateful Dead show? It’s weird, especially since the standard edition has more matching gray pants.

Overall, they are a nice addition to your desk/dashboard/console. We’re giving away these 5 1/2 keys on Doomsday. LIFO is the computer science acronym for Last In First Out (one of the few things I remember from my computer science graduate days). I don’t program anymore, but I still think about LIFO every time a new toy comes out and comes out before the ones we’ve seen and waited for (yes, the whole world is a toy to me). Funko POP Vinyls The Guardians of the Galaxy Unmasked Star-Lord figure was released much later than its counterparts, but is now ahead of all other Funko GOTG POP Vinyls…

Update Funko Pop Heads Review

One of the things that bothered me about the products for the Avengers movie was that almost every company involved in the production of the glasses, even though Hawkeye was wearing them in the movie, he barely (if at all) wore them. seemed engaged.

Amazon.com: Funko Pop Disney: Encanto

Now Starlord obviously wears his mask more “than ever” in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he certainly looks better without it than without it. So any Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord figure or toy that features him without his mask gets a big thumbs up from me.

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Funko decided to make Masked Star-Lord POP! Exclusive version of the figure is a vinyl bobblehead. Sometimes getting Funko exclusives can make me want to pull my hair out, but this wasn’t too hard to come by because the Funko POP Vinyls Unmasked Star-Lord figure is only available on Amazon for $10.99 with free shipping.

Since most stores in my area want $12 plus tax a POP! Vinyl for starters, I’m certainly not about to turn my nose up at an exclusive I want for less with free shipping.

Amazon had a variety of other exclusive Funko POP! vinyl releases before, this is the first time any Marvel POP! The vinyl was exclusive to Amazon. So it’s nice to see the “Amazon.com Exclusive” sticker on the front of the Unmasked Starlord box (I know, I’m a loser).

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Funko often makes semi-produced exclusives that don’t have their own number tag or box. Fortunately, the Funko POP Vinyl Star-Lord Unmasked figure is a complete edition, with its own number (#52 – Masked Star-Lord POP! – #47) and a unique case on three of the four sides of the box.

While Funko has released some lazy releases this year reworking a lot of pre-existing tools, I think the Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord figure is 100% a new sculpt (though the masked and unmasked variants are the same even though it has a body). Star-Lord’s costume has an impressive amount of sculpting detail, and I was happy to see the decoration on Star-Lord’s boots, coat, and even his dual blasters.

As for the likeness of actor Chris Pratt, well…Funko makes super deformed caricatures, so this figure will never have a Chris Pratt portrait from Hot Toys or anything like that. I think Funko did a great job matching the hair and beard to Chris Pratt’s Star Lord, so even though the Unmasked Starlord POP Vinyl Figure doesn’t look much like Chris Pratt, you can definitely tell who the character is. .

Update Funko Pop Heads Review

Quality control is usually an issue with Funko POP Vinyl, but I have very few issues with the Unmasked Star-Lord figure. Exclusive Star-Lord POP! The vinyl figure has a few paint chips on the front of his hair, but from a foot away from my desk I don’t even notice them – and not enough to make me play Funko QC Roulette and try to replace him. another.

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Amazon.com: Funko Marvel Loki Pop! Alligator Loki Vinyl Bobble Head Hot Topic Exclusive

I think the only place Funko has missed out on is the Funko POP! Vinyls Unmasked Starlord variant in the color of Star-Lord’s coat. Funko chose a very bright red color for the coat, in fact Star Lord has a dark red/red coat. In certain screenshots and under certain lighting, the coat appears a lighter red in the trailers, but I think the dark brown color would be more accurate for this figure.

Overall: Funko may have had some problematic releases in past years, but the 2014 Funko Marvel POP! Vinyl releases continue to amaze me. I think the Chris Pratt Star-Lord POP Vinyl Figure is very well done with lots of bone sculpting and paint detail and a great pose. I think this will be the more desirable version of Star Lord, but the exclusivity of this edition makes it a little sweeter. If you’re already a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan or think you are, I highly recommend picking up this exclusive Star Lord Unmasked POP! Seen while vinyl is still available, it’s a keeper. I have never been a collector. But when I first found out that Funko was releasing Ahsoka Tano Pop! I got it, I just knew I had to get my hands on it.

I don’t have that many Pop! figures, but I’ve been a big fan of their cute aesthetic for a while now and was thrilled to discover this line.

Of course, I’m not thrilled that Ahsoka became an exclusive Hot Topic. Trying to find Star Wars merchandise on this side of the Atlantic without being limited to retailers that don’t even exist outside of North America…

Funko Pop! Tv: Stranger Things

Ahsoka Pop! The vinyl figure might be one of the most beautifully done Funko figures I’ve ever seen.

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