Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review – After the Galaxy S10 flagship, Samsung introduced the new mid-range phones Galaxy A50 and A30. On this occasion, the South Korean manufacturer has decided to update its A range, introducing a new nomenclature and premium features. So the real question is, is the Galaxy A50 more high-end or lower-mid-range?

The Galaxy A50 was launched at the same time as the A30, although only one of the two made it to market. On the other hand, the A40, which was officially launched in March, will soon be available in Europe, as will the A80, which was launched in April. The A50 is available in the UK for £309 (around $400), making it more expensive than the A40 but significantly cheaper than the A80. Available in blue, black and coral.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review

Just two or three years ago, this design was synonymous with high class. Glass fashion has changed the situation, but despite everything, here is a good ratio of design and price. Aesthetically, despite the glossy plastic shell, the smartphone has a rather premium look. Despite being plastic rather than glass, the reflection results are quite nice. The back of the camera gets dirty quickly.

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In the hand, the smartphone makes a good impression, especially due to the slightly curved edges. You can feel a bit of space between the chassis to the touch, but it’s not light and still acceptable for a smartphone at this price. On the other hand, the small hole for the speaker, located just above the notch, is very discreet both to the eye and to the touch. The second speaker is located at the bottom near the USB port. My only criticism is that the bottom bezel is much wider than the top, which is just weird.

The finish quality matches a high-end Samsung product. The phone gives an impression of solidity and offers a premium look. The layout of the keys is nothing special, but it is interesting that the smartphone has a fingerprint scanner right under the display, we will come back to this later. On the back we find three vertically aligned camera sensors.

Note that the device charges via a USB-C port, has a mini-slot and you can have two SIM cards in addition to the microSD card. These features are often expected by consumers, and if Samsung has weaknesses, it also knows what strengths it needs to sell smartphones in the face of fierce competition.

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The Galaxy A50 is a beautiful 6.4-inch smartphone with what Samsung calls an Infinity-U display. It’s Samsung’s new name for the small, teardrop-shaped notch on AMOLED displays, similar to the notch on the OnePlus 6T, for example. It is very discreet and quickly forgotten during navigation. The screen-to-body ratio is not as favorable as the S10, but still manages to reach 84%, which is promising for multimedia content.

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In practice, the screen is excellent and not only because of its Full HD+ resolution (1080 x 2340 pixels). The brightness is high enough for use under the sun (which is finally coming out in Berlin) and the colors are successful. You’d really be hard-pressed not to like a screen like this at this price. In short, Samsung lives up to its reputation as a top screen maker.

The device has two means of biometric unlocking (in addition to the traditional PIN/password): facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner, which, as explained above, is located under the display. Face recognition is very curious, of course the brighter the environment the better it works, but sometimes it works very accurately and quickly, sometimes (and in the same light conditions) it does not recognize my face at all and I find myself using the fingerprint scanner.

Unlike the Galaxy S10, the latter is optical, not ultrasonic. It’s very slow and a bit frustrating. I prefer this over facial recognition as it’s (slightly) more reliable, but having two complicated unlock systems to enter codes the “old fashioned way” is a pain.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review

The device runs on Android 9.0, but Samsung clearly supports the One UI software interface (version 1.1). I’ve definitely changed my mind about the OneUI interface. By default, the icons look too big (but this can easily be changed by resizing the grid), and the design and colors look like they were chosen by a five-year-old. Of course, this is all subjective. You can use gestures to personalize a lot (although Samsung’s gestures boil down to gestures where keys used to be) and others to get used to.

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There’s no issue with the notch (which would be amazing considering its size the other way around), as Samsung has optimized the notification menu so that the top of the device around the notch is always empty. For better or worse, we’ll be looking to Samsung’s assistant Bixby. Either you think it’s great and use it, or you think it’s useless and you don’t. At least there’s no physical button to activate it.

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As usual, Samsung pre-installs several apps (Email, Samsung Member, Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Health, Smart Things…) as well as three Microsoft apps (Mobile Office, OneDrive, LinkedIn); And of course Facebook.

Under the hood is an Exynos 9610 processor with a Mali-G72 GPU and 6GB of RAM. The experience is certainly not perfect, but for those looking for a super powerful smartphone for less than 350 euros, I would recommend the Pocophone F1.

In terms of graphics, it works well, but the strangest thing is that the phone lags from time to time in the menu or when launching some applications. But when it comes to really tough tasks, it keeps its head up.

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As you can see, Redmi Note 7, which is much cheaper, even beats it in some benchmarks.

The sound reminds us that we have a mid-range smartphone. Without being bad, you shouldn’t rely too much on it to set the mood in the room, as the speaker’s sound is unconvincing. The headphone jack (in addition to being presentable) provides good sound, but won’t turn the heads of audiophiles. Again, considering the price, you have to accept these discounts.

When it comes to photography, Samsung hasn’t done anything by halves, as there are three photo sensors on the back. The Galaxy A50 has the famous magic trio: wide-angle (25 MP, f/1.7) + telephoto (5 MP, f/2.2) + ultra-wide (8 MP, f2.4). As always Samsung, development is very fast.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 Touch Screen Review

We can’t say that this is a real revolution in the mid-range category or that it is the best camera phone in this category, but it is a very good result for the market. However, we appreciate the ultra-wide-angle sensor that some competitors don’t offer at this price point, and when the light is good, the results are surprisingly positive. We lose a lot of quality at night, but you don’t have to throw away everything you shoot.

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Original For Samsung Galaxy A50 Sm A505fn/ds A505f/ds A505 Lcd Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly For Samsung A50 Lcd|mobile Phone Lcd Screens|

Usually the color reproduction is successful, but sometimes it happens that the colors are a bit too bright. This is the case on the basketball court, the colors of which sometimes turn a little white/yellow. The camera also offers different video recording modes, including hyperlapse and slow motion, and portrait modes, which are also suitable for both the front and rear cameras.

This is the greatest strength of the device. With a 4000 mAh battery, the phone can easily last all day. As for me, I managed to last a little over two days with moderate usage (email, Telegram, Netflix and some podcasts).

Thanks to the 15-watt fast charging function (charger included), you can fully charge the phone in about an hour and 45 minutes. But don’t rely on wireless charging.

Samsung seems to have done a good job with this next generation Galaxy A. The Galaxy A50 does everything you’d expect from a good mid-range smartphone with the battery life expected in this category. The South Korean manufacturer has also added a few extras to the premium version, such as a triple camera – it doesn’t compete with the flagship, but delivers perfectly acceptable results. On the other hand, the under-display fingerprint scanner and facial recognition do not add any value. In short, it is a good mid-range smartphone.

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