Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review – I’m guessing you’re here because you know a board player. They have just about every game you can think of, plus others you may not even know about. Their storage space is full and you never know what game they might find if they have room on their shelves. All you need are some gift ideas for the board gamer in your life that aren’t actually related to board games! Luckily, that’s what I’ve compiled a list of below. What are the chances of that!

I tried not to include your typical board game accessories. They will be covered in a special feature another day!

Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

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An A5 size LCD pad is the perfect board game accessory that a board gamer may not already have. Trying to find a pen and paper isn’t great when you realize late in the game that the game doesn’t have its own scoreboard. Having an LCD writing tablet on hand saves it! These work like children’s toys with iron filings, but are actually good and leave a nice sharp line when you write.

Scores can be calculated, or notes can be written. When you’re done, quickly hit the delete button and you can start over. A lock button on the back prevents accidental deletion of the note. The LCD pad comes with the added bonus of saving you a piece of paper every time you use it – and that’s a good thing! It’s cheaper than a good Parker pen and notebook! Overall, this is a great gift idea that will get a lot of use for the recipient.

If the modernity of an LCD pad isn’t for you, why not go old school with a calculator! When I was at school, my teacher told me that I should study mathematics because “I don’t always have a calculator in my pocket”. Cell phone companies showed them! Why do I have a calculator on my list when most people have a calculator on their phone? Many gaming groups feel that it is too difficult to remove cell phones from the gaming table. Second, playing board games feels way better than tapping away at a touch screen for the calculator I’ve been hunting.

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First, it is made of wood, as are many of the play meeples and tokens. Second, the bamboo wooden computer is blocky and more stylish than any cell phone in its retro way. Bamboo Computer is also solar powered, so it will work even if your phone runs out of juice. Oh, and did I mention it’s functional, that’s right, it will increase your scores just like a cell phone!

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Cheesy wotsits may be a step too far, but most people snack on game night for a reason. So you need great correlation for your nibbles. Cheaper than you might think, you can look to a fun studio ceramicist to create something homemade and very personal. They can double as component holders in the table.

Alternatively, you might want to have Spider-Man or a Stormtrooper serve you snacks. Your wish is our command as we have a range of Rubies snack bowls for you to choose from! Add their favorite sweets and give your gift!

When the snacks are sorted, you also need to take care of the drinks. I chose the Le Creuset wine cooler because it is high quality and comes in a range of colors. Maybe you can match it to their favorite Meeple color!

Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

The Le Creuset Wine Cooler can be stored in the freezer, and the sleeve will attach to your bottle of Plonk and keep it cool at the table when you sit down for game night. In fact, it will even chill a bottle you forgot to put in the fridge! This has the added benefit of not having people jump up and down the table to keep raising their glass. It’s definitely a luxury item, but worth having! Ideal for chilling your wine whether you’re on a picnic or day out. This gift is made even better with their favorite bottle of Plunge of Prosecco!

Non Board Game Gift Guide For Board Gamers

So maybe the opposite of the previous recommendation is the thermos. The closest thing to magic in real life is a thermos’ ability to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. I know that if I study vacuum insulation I can understand the mystery, but I’m not entirely convinced.

It’s not the cooling power of this mug that makes me recommend it. It is the ability to heat hot objects. More specifically, tea and coffee. This mug has a sealable lid and you can drink directly from it, so there is no chance of spillage. It’s a little bigger than a regular cup, so you won’t be on and off the table as often.

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However, this mug doesn’t just work on the gaming table! This mug comes from me a life hack. If you’re playing in the wee hours, you can make your favorite morning drink in this thermos mug and it will still be hot to enjoy the next morning! You don’t have to crawl out of bed for your first hot drink of the day.

I’ve tried other brands and they didn’t last all night. It’s much colder than a teamaid! It also makes a great gift for travelers!

Bios And Software

So there you have it, my five recommendations for board gamers who aren’t really into board games or traditional board game accessories. Great gifts for board gamers who have it all!

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Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

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Update Christmas Stuff For Gamers Review

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