Update A50 Full Specs Review

Update A50 Full Specs Review

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Samsung Galaxy A50 owners can rejoice. A major software upgrade to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 is now rolling out in Germany. Tell me what changes for you.

Update A50 Full Specs Review

Update A50 Full Specs Review

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is one of the most popular Android smartphones in the world. Exactly, as we found in the tests. Samsung is now rolling out a major software update that we’ve been eagerly waiting for. From now on, owners of cheap mobile phones, which now cost just under 300 euros, can upgrade to Android 10 with One UI 2.0. This gives the smartphone a huge upgrade. For example, you’ll get a system-wide dark mode that other Android apps use as a guide and turns on automatically. You also get a new gesture control so you can use the smartphone more intuitively. You don’t need to use it if you prefer to stick with the on-screen buttons. In the video below we show you what else awaits you with Android 10 – but we used the Galaxy S10 as the device:

Samsung Galaxy A50 And Galaxy A30 Review

Samsung Galaxy A50 will be released with the update. The upgrade is 1.7GB in total, so it will take a while to fully import. So make sure you are connected to a WLAN to be able to download the update. In addition, the battery should be fully charged or the mobile phone should be connected to an outlet with a power supply so that no problem occurs.

While the Samsung Galaxy A50 was a very good smartphone, the Galaxy A51 is now a successor that has improved in some respects and is not nearly as expensive. So it’s no surprise that mid-range mobile phones are always top of Amazon’s bestsellers. Therefore, if you want to buy a Samsung mobile phone for around 300 euros, you should buy a new generation phone. There are big updates, you get the current design and slightly better performance. All other details about the Galaxy A51 can be found in the review.

Don’t want to miss out on more tech, sports and pop culture news? Don’t have current tests and drivers? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter. After the Galaxy S10 flagship, Samsung unveiled its new mid-range phones, the Galaxy A50 and A30. On this occasion, the South Korean manufacturer decided to refresh the A series by introducing a new nomenclature and premium features. So the real question is, is the Galaxy A50 more on the high or low end of the mid-range?

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The Galaxy A50 was released at the same time as the A30, although only one of the two made it to market. On the other hand, the A40, which was officially launched in March, will soon be available in Europe, as will the A80 which was launched in April. The A50 is available in the UK for £309 (around $400), so it’s more expensive than the A40 but significantly cheaper than the A80. The colors offered are blue, black and coral.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In India, Full Specifications (16th Nov 2022) At Gadgets Now

Until two or three years ago, such a design was synonymous with the top line. The glass fad has changed the situation, but we still have a good design-to-price ratio here. Aesthetically, despite the glossy plastic shell, the smartphone has a rather premium look. Despite being plastic instead of glass, the reflection effects are quite nice. The back of the camera smudges quickly.

In the hand, the smartphone makes a good impression, especially on its slightly curved edges. By touch you can slightly feel the gap between the frame, but it is not easy and still, it is acceptable for a smartphone at this price. On the other hand, the small hole for the loudspeaker, located just above the notch, is very subtle to the eye and to the touch. The second speaker is located at the bottom near the USB port. The only small criticism I would make is that the bottom bezel is wider than the top bezel, which is quite odd.

The build quality is consistent with Samsung’s flagship product. The phone gives an impression of sturdiness and offers premium looks. There is nothing special about the placement of the keys, but it is interesting to note that the smartphone has a fingerprint reader just below the screen, we will come back to this later. On the back, we find three vertically aligned camera sensors.

Update A50 Full Specs Review

Note that the device charges via a USB-C port, has a mini-jack slot, and you can have two SIM cards in addition to a microSD card. These features are often expected by users, and if Samsung has flaws, it also knows what advantages it needs to push to sell smartphones when the competition is fierce.

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Samsung Galaxy A50s Price In India, Full Specifications & Features

The Galaxy A50 is a beautiful 6.4-inch smartphone with what Samsung calls an Infinity-U display. It’s Samsung’s new name for the small teardrop-shaped notch on AMOLED displays, similar to the notch found on the OnePlus 6T, for example. It’s very subtle and quickly forgotten when navigating. The screen-to-body ratio is not as favorable as the S10s, but we manage to achieve 84%, which is promising for multimedia content.

In practice, the screen is excellent and not only for its Full HD+ resolution (1080 x 2340 pixels). The brightness is high enough for use under the sun (which finally appears in Berlin) and the colors are successful. You’d really be hard-pressed not to like a screen like this at this price point. In short, Samsung lives up to its reputation as the best display manufacturer.

The device has two means of biometric unlocking (in addition to the traditional PIN/code): facial recognition and a fingerprint reader, which, as explained above, is located under the display. Face recognition is very weird, of course, the brighter the environment, the better it works, but sometimes it works very accurately and quickly, sometimes (and in the same lighting conditions) it doesn’t recognize my face at all and I find myself using the fingerprint reader.

Unlike the Galaxy S10, the latter is optical and not ultrasonic. It’s very slow and a bit frustrating. I prefer it over facial recognition because it’s (slightly) more reliable, but having two sophisticated unlocking systems to enter codes the “old fashioned way” is difficult.

Galaxy A50 Gets New Update Complete With July 2019 Security Patch

The device runs on Android 9.0, but Samsung is clearly keeping the One UI (version 1.1) software interface on top. I’ve really changed my mind about OneUI. By default, the icons look too big (but this can easily be changed by resizing the grid), and the design and colors look like they were chosen by a five-year-old. But all this is of course subjective. There’s a lot you can customize using gestures (although Samsung’s gestures boil down to gestures where the keys used to be) and you get used to the rest.

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There is no issue with the notch (which would be surprising given its size in reverse) as Samsung has optimized the notification menu so that the top of the device around the notch is always empty. For better or worse we find Bixby, Samsung’s assistant. Either you think it’s great and use it, or you think it’s useless and you don’t. At least there’s no physical button to turn it on.

As usual, Samsung pre-installs many apps (Email, Samsung Member, Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Health, Smart Things…) as well as three Microsoft apps (Mobile Office, OneDrive, LinkedIn). And of course Facebook.

Update A50 Full Specs Review

Under the hood is an Exynos 9610 processor with a Mali-G72 GPU and 6GB of RAM. The experience is certainly not perfect, but if you are looking for a very powerful smartphone for less than 350 euros, I would advise you to choose the Pocophone F1.

Samsung Galaxy A50: Update Auf Android 10 Ist Da

It works well in terms of graphics, but the strange thing is that it lags every now and then in the phone menu or when launching some apps. However, in really tough tasks, it holds its head high.

As you can see, Redmi Note 7, which is much cheaper, even beats it in some benchmarks.

The sound reminds us that we have a mid-range smartphone. While not a bad thing, you shouldn’t rely too much on it to set the mood in the room as the loudspeaker sound is unconvincing. A headphone jack (for what it’s worth) sounds good, but won’t turn the heads of audiophiles. Again, given the price, you have to accept these concessions.

In terms of photography, Samsung hasn’t done things by halves with the presence of three photo sensors on the back. The Galaxy A50 features the famous magic trio wide-angle (25 MP, f/1.7) + telephoto (5 MP, f/2.2) + ultra-wide (8 MP, f2.4). As always at Samsung, growth is proving to be very fast.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Full Specifications And Price

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