Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review – Three of the top five best-selling phones in the world last year were Samsung phones, ranking third, fourth and fifth behind the iPhone XR and 11, according to Counterpoint Research. If you live in the US, when you think of Samsung, you probably think of the Galaxy S or Note – but Samsung’s best-selling phones are the mid-range Galaxy A-series phones.

Samsung is making a big push to sell one of these phones in the US, the $399 Galaxy A51. That price puts it in direct competition with the iPhone SE, but there are plenty of Android phones available for less than $500. What sets the A51 apart is Samsung’s marketing budget and collaboration. Available unlocked on Amazon and Samsung sites, it’s great for a mid-range Samsung device, and it’s available on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Xfinity Mobile.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

Compared to the iPhone SE, the main point of the A51 is its screen, a large 6.5-inch OLED. Samsung says the phone is “great” in three areas: screen, camera,

Samsung Galaxy A51 Receiving Android 11 Based One Ui 3.0 Stable Update

Battery life. It even created a crazy meme-filled ad to drive that point home. (You should watch it, because the ad is really good.) Unfortunately, the Galaxy A51 isn’t that good.

The Galaxy A51 doesn’t look or feel like a budget phone at all. It is large and well presented. Samsung says the material it’s made of is called “Glasstic,” which sounds better than it feels. It’s almost like glass, but it has a subtle feel to it.

It comes with 128GB of internal storage and costs $399, which is very generous. Also, you can expand it with microSD storage. There is also a headphone jack, which is welcome at any price, but more important than usual.

My favorite part of the Galaxy A51 is the screen. It’s a well-designed 6.5-inch OLED that’s bright even in sunlight. If you’re looking for advanced screen technology — such as changing colors to ambient lighting, higher refresh rates, or even higher resolution — look elsewhere. But at 1080 x 2400, there are more than enough pixels even for this screen size. I’ve seen large screens rented below Android phones, but this isn’t one of them.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: Feature Rich Smartphone At A Premium Price Tag

Every phone has a bargain, and there are over $1,000 phones for $399. So phone makers need to choose their priorities, and Samsung has clearly chosen screens. Since this is something people see and interact with hundreds of times a day, it’s a good choice.

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But I can nitpick — not about the screen, but what’s underneath it — especially the hole-punch selfie camera. I’m good with the camera. In fact, I usually prefer them to notches of any size. But for reasons beyond comprehension, Samsung has added a chrome ring around the camera. When the light hits it just right, it catches a certain angle, and it becomes difficult not to see it. This is very surprising.

Also below the screen is an optical fingerprint sensor. I’m not sure if Samsung doesn’t have enough rep for these sensors or what, but it’s very slow. It may take a second for the green animation to jitter to let you know the phone is locked. It’s also not the most accurate sensor, especially in direct sunlight.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

Unfortunately, that review also extends to the processor and RAM. Most of Samsung’s flagship phones in the US use Qualcomm processors, but this A51 uses Samsung’s Exynos 9611, a midrange chip that’s not up to the task of making this phone feel light. Apps take a long time to load – especially if they haven’t been opened recently and therefore haven’t run on 4GB of RAM.

Android 13: Which Samsung Phones Will Receive The Update?

Once you’re in a browser or app, things move quickly enough. But every now and then, it’s hard to provide a screen or add the next item to the feed.

As I said, different phone manufacturers have to choose their priorities with these cheap phones. For example, Apple kept the same old iPhone 8 body for the iPhone SE, with a smaller screen and larger bezels, but packed the fastest processor available: A13 Bionic. Samsung’s options are different.

Battery life is good, but not quite living up to Samsung’s “long-lasting” claim. I’ve had over a day now – better than what I did on the iPhone SE. But with a 4,000mAh battery and a 1080p screen, I’m a little surprised I’m not getting better. In theory, these features should be added to make them more attractive, and I wonder if the Exynos processor is part of the reason.

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Finally, there is the camera system, which has more lenses than necessary. The main lens has a 48-megapixel sensor that can produce 12-megapixel images by default. Pictures, like almost all cameras these days, are decent enough in good light. I was surprised to see good white balance, something Samsung sometimes lacks. But Samsung’s other bad habit of unnaturally enhancing the shadows remains.

Samsung Galaxy A51 To Now Get Only 2 Updates In A Year, Down From 4

You probably know what to expect: it lags badly in low light — worse than the iPhone SE, in fact. When you really zoom in on the A51’s specs, you’ll find that it’s more compact than other smartphone cameras – including 48 megapixels.

There’s a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera and a 5-megapixel main camera, each more about having fun than taking great photos. as long as it’s fun! I love using these cameras. There’s also a 5-megapixel depth camera that doesn’t seem to do much good, at least in terms of image quality. Finally, the selfie camera is 32 megapixels, and the photos it produces often look out of place.

Finally there is the software. Samsung’s One UI on top of Android continues to make phones with bigger screens look better. But Samsung’s willingness to let carriers spoil phones with crapware continues: My review center at Verizon is full of games and services no one wants. I also wish I could say that I believe this phone will get more than two or three years of software.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

Of the three “big” things Samsung promised, I think the Galaxy A51 hits one and a half of them. The screen is great, the battery life is great, and the camera is underrated. The Pixel 3A (and possibly the upcoming 4A) and iPhone SE were surprised that their cameras were only $399. But the A51’s photos really look like they came from a mid-range phone.

Samsung Galaxy A51 With Quad Rear Cameras, In Display Sensor Launched In India: Price, Specifications

It’s hard to make a good $400 phone, and no phone is good in every possible metric. But you want at least some parts of the phone to feel like they came from something substantial. Without the screen, the Galaxy A51 is not good enough.

Every smart device now requires you to agree to a set of terms and conditions — a contract that no one actually reads — before you can use it. It is impossible for us to read and analyze each of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you had to tap “Agree” to use the app when we reviewed it, because these agreements are mostly unread and certainly non-negotiable.

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There are many optional protocols. If you use a specific type of carrier, there will be more of them. Here are just a few:

There may be others. For example, I already have a Samsung account, so I don’t need to agree to many conditions. Samsung’s weather app also has its own privacy policy, which may include sharing information with weather.com.

Samsung Galaxy M31s Review: Undercutting The Galaxy A51, And How

Finally, if you get the A51 model. The Verizon version we tested had options for Verizon’s location, app information, cloud services, and even a “digital security” virus service — none one of them is necessary, but all of them are persistent and annoying during setup.

The bottom line: There are four mandatory agreements, about eight optional agreements that I expect most users will be willing to agree to, and four or more agreements that I expect users to agree to. many rejected them. There are Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy S9 that will present their updated smartphones or the same UI 2.5. Dabei sind has Wireless DeX and einige Verbesserungen and Samsung-Tastatur mit an Bord.

In fact, Samsung’s Galaxy A51 hat since February has become uncommon to use smartphones, and in fact, there are Rankings related to Modelle wiederfindet. Russland das Update smartphones use the same UI with version 2.5. Samsung ist dafür bekant, Software-Updates nach und nach in verschiedenen Regionen bereit zu stellen.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Launch Review

In fact, there are Galaxy A51 smartphones from the Galaxy-S9-Serie that are updated with diesels.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: Can It Beat The Competition?

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