Update Midas Pop Figure Review

Update Midas Pop Figure Review

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Update Midas Pop Figure Review

Update Midas Pop Figure Review

The series Pop! Funko brings your superheroes, supervillains, TV/movie stars like you’ve never seen them before: Fortnite Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure Midas (Shadow) Save the World! After the cataclysm, 98% of the human race disappeared. Instead Zombies roam the area … Each of these 10cm Pop Art figures brings a fresh touch to your collection. Unusual in design, excellent in color. Your superheroes, superheroes and TV/movie stars should be cool. Comes in a beautiful window box. Collect them all! Warning: Choking hazard! Small parts. Not for children under 3!

Fortnite Midas Shadow Funko Pop, Hobbies & Toys, Toys & Games On Carousell

This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical functioning of the website and are always set. Other cookies that increase the usability of this website, serve for direct advertising or simplify communication with other websites and social networks are used only with your consent. The Fortnite fun continues with the next figure in Midas Rex, Hasbro’s first wave of the Victory Royale series! One of the things that draws me to Fortnite is the variety of character types. Pale pink things, hideous monsters, knights, spies, DJs, disco dancers, dinosaur ladies and cold-blooded killers, all fighting for victory. Midas Rex has the shining armor of a robotic knight, but the face and skull mask of an assassin. we will see!

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Midas Rex was fixed to his cardboard insert, and his neck was stretched back like a monster on a record, giving him a slight scolding. But the case does the job and looks quite stylish and protects the image. The front and back callouts advertise three accessories, a helmet, hat and sword, but a few unadvertised pistol accessories on his hip were a pleasant surprise.

One of my pet peeves in action figures is passive pistol holsters, or worse, holsters sculpted from non-removable guns, so luckily Midas has a few guns with a definite western theme in his holsters. The guns are cast in silver plastic and should be gold, but the plain brown grips have some detail. The holster closes with a small pin on the strap, fitting snugly into the sleeve and holster.

His cape “back bling” (for the uninitiated, “back bling” is Fortnite’s term for bonus items like backpacks and capes on the character’s back) has an elaborate design with a gold color that matches his elaborate armor very well. It adheres to one pan and stays on very well, and while it’s not flexible, it doesn’t get in the way of looking good.

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The sword also has a nice mix of technical and fantasy design elements and is cast in gray plastic with some bright gold highlights. I don’t think it’s in the game, but it fits perfectly in the hand, but I’d like to have a convenient storage slot on the back.

What was thought to be a helmet was actually a spare head. It goes off with little effort and stays secure. The sculpt on this thing is pretty cool and the detail is crisp, but I like how they added the eyes to the deep sockets in the skull mask. It is very attractive. I think both heads are a bit on the small side proportionally and could do with a bit of bulking up.

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This person is an absolute pleasure to photograph. The design is full of technical details and the image captures it perfectly. It has an overall very narrow feel that I think is enhanced by the small head and wide shoulders, but it feels a bit cooler, if slightly leaner than the Sport model. His arms have these little tubes that allow full joint movement, but pop out every now and then. I think this is actually a good design because it’s better to pop out than to break. One thing I don’t like is the middle ring on his chest. There is a yellow insert with a hole in the middle, which I think would have suited the game a little better if it had a solid gem.

Update Midas Pop Figure Review

I also really like the maskless head. Even if it was on the small side, they captured the slightly creepy vibe of this guy perfectly.

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The accent on the ball and neckline, waist and midsection is wonderful with a great slope. He has a large rear hinge, but less activity in the stomach, but he can perform almost complete splits. I love the functionality of the shoulder pads that rotate with your shoulder rotation and skip when you swing your arms out. I was also happy to see his wrists turned up/down. The boot cut is a little ugly, but I know people really like these POAs, so I’m fine with that. Midas Rex has:

The paintwork is also very nice with very nice shimmery gold colors applied cleanly. There is one stray mark on the center disc that I found a bit annoying. I don’t actually play Fortnite, so I buy these figures because they look fun or fit into my existing collections in an interesting way. I could see this skull guy easily threatening Marvel Legends or Joes. He’ll fit both lines at just over 6.5 inches and look great with Jayswear figures.

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Overall, this is another fun entry in the series. Without a nostalgic connection or investment in the game, these should work for me in a fun way, and this guy certainly does.

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