Update 4k Disc Deals Review

Update 4k Disc Deals Review

Update 4k Disc Deals Review – Does Denis Villeneuve succeed in not letting Frank Herbert’s cult novel end in failure, as David Lynch did with his adaptation?

Year 10191: Spice is an element capable of not only enhancing certain abilities and extending life, but also making interstellar space travel possible. Nothing works without spice. Without Spice, all navigation between the stars would fail. It is mined on the desert planet Arrakis. For 80 years, at the behest of Emperor Shaddam IV, it was overseen by the Harkonnens, a hostile human race who brutally oppressed the Fremen, the original inhabitants of Arrakis. Now, however, the Emperor has deposed the Harkonnens and replaced them with Leto Atreides, Duke of Caladon. Her son, Paul Atredis, has been plagued by visions for some time, prompting Gaius Helen Mohiam of the Bene Gesserit Order. She puts Paul to a test which he surprisingly passes. Reason: The teenager is the product of a superhuman breeding program. And because of that, Gaius Helen Mohiam wants to prevent anything from happening to her. Because the Atreides’ use of the House of Arrakis is only a trap, Emperor Leto and his entourage having become too strong…

Update 4k Disc Deals Review

Update 4k Disc Deals Review

When David Lynch hit theaters in 1984 with the first original cinematic experience of Frank Herbert’s cult novel The Desert Planet, nearly all critics and audiences misjudged his interpretation of the books. To date, his

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Like the biggest flop in the history of cinema. But as is often the case with flops: they later become cult films. No wonder the 4K version has recently led to a real race on different versions. And today we’re pretty happy with Lynch’s version.

Nonetheless, there were always considerations for re-adapting Herbert’s story to film. Denis Villeneuve, who previously ventured into the realm of cult sci-fi films with Blade Runner 2049, was cast as director in 2017 and explained shortly after that his version was initially just the first part of the first part. the structure wanted to be based on Star Wars – it is no coincidence that George Lucas at the time decorated his films with elements of Dune. And that doesn’t just mean the main sandy planet. Villeneuve talked about “Star Wars for adults”. And because he really wanted to know, he immediately got to work with the idea of ​​staging a two-parter. Quite a risk, because the financing of the second film must depend on the success of the first.

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With any luck and a corresponding postponement of the opening (thanks to Covid-19), Dune got the desired box office result and the second part (thankfully) is a bargain.

Thankfully, that’s because Villeneuve managed to stay true to the story without neglecting to entertain (which the 2000 series adaptation has always been blamed for). Fortunately, also because the 2021 adaptation does not do without well-known actors (like Lynch did at the time), but without very wacky cinematic performances, almost splashes of – for example – Harkonnen. Where Lynch portrayed the Baron as a hideous brute with open wounds in the brightest colors, Villeneuve’s version has Stellan Skarsgård as the Baron physically disfigured but not afflicted with grating wounds. Skarsgård is no less demonic, but conveys this quality entirely through his being, not through a repulsive appearance. This “more restrained” staging suits the film perfectly and will make it a timeless classic.

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In any case, the acting here is on a slightly higher level. Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica is brilliantly cast, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck and Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho as a much more serious combat instructor in an otherwise very understated and dark film. Rising actor Timothée Chalamet as Paul is a bit chilly, but he’s more assertive in the role than Kyle MacLachlan, who seemed a bit drunk at the time. Only Oscar Isaac as Leto draws the short straw against the charismatic Jürgen Prochnow – he remains surprisingly pale.

So much for comparing the performance to Lynch’s film. Visually, it must be said that Villeneuve’s reinterpretation is simply breathtaking. His spacecraft designs are amazing and continue the path he and the design department started with Arrival 2016. The fact that he created a type of helicopter with flapping wings resembling ornithopteran dragonflies, who are depicted as flying birds in the novels, may upset hardcore fans of the book – optically he looks amazing in the film. . organic

One could certainly wonder if Villeneuve couldn’t have added at least a few more sandworms – after all, it was unclear if a sequel would be approved. But the brief moments when they’re teased and shown (still in the dark) definitely whet the appetite for a sequel. But even without the large proportion of sandworms, the large-scale scenes in the first part are really fun.

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Update 4k Disc Deals Review

Moreover, Villeneuve also strikes the underlying socio-political tones and modernizes them with small passages of text or details. Herbert’s series of books can certainly be seen as a commentary on the then-developing artificial intelligence, the mining of the earth for oil, and (of course) drug use. In La Dune de Villeneuve, on the other hand, more themes like climate change, overcoming ethnic differences or breaking power relations have a strong influence – fortunately without lifting a moral finger, but of course in a hilarious way. . The director wraps it all up in such an intoxicating and visually captivating way that one can call his version of the story a total success story. It will be interesting to see how the French Canadian handles the epic battle scenes in part two and the fight between Paul and Fied-Routha – since the latter opponent (played by Sting in Lynch’s version) is deliberately not yet on. the scene. . appeared

Elvis [includes Digital Copy] [4k Ultra Hd Blu Ray/blu Ray] [2022]

Product prices and availability are correct as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. All prices and availability information on https://www.amazon.de/ at the time of purchase apply to the purchase of this product.

Dune was produced and recorded in a very unusual way, which is explained accordingly in the chapter “UHD image quality”. The Blu-ray itself has a great picture, often surprisingly bright and cinematic. Sharpness is good in close-ups, and beards give hair and adornments on clothes and the surface of clothes a three-dimensional look. Fairness during less brown scenes (after eight minutes, for example) is excellent. In addition, there are good black values ​​and bright whites – thus guaranteeing a good range of contrast. Of course, earth tones often dominate – browns and beiges are dominant and usually dictate what happens. Unfortunately, some real errors can be identified. There are very subtle banding here and there (fog around Vladimir Harkonen 20’30) and also minor artifacts on dark backgrounds (bottom left of wall 22’02, area behind Paul at 39’09). . Also, the sky background may have more details here and there (32’23).

Warner does it again with big titles and launches Dune with Dolby Atmos for both languages. And the tracks start very airy and dynamic. Even the drum sounds before the first scene are rendered in a very three-dimensional way. Channi’s voice comes prominently from the center and there is a lot of pressure in this opening sequence. However, the rear speakers should be a little more involved at first. It gets atmospheric and elaborate when the Atredis accept the deal to manage Arrakis and the crowd sings “Atredis” with a loud roar. All the scenes with the ornithopters, whose flapping dragonfly wings are distributed over all the speakers, are also very spatial. The psychic voices of the Bene Gesserit are very effectively set to music, and when the sandworm eats a spice crop in chapter nine, it becomes truly powerful. Much like the times Gaius uses his voice against Helen Mohiam Paul. It’s crazy what submarines have to do here. The three-dimensionality of the rain at 73’00 is also very good, although the surrounds could have had a bit more dedicated sound effects. It is above all the powerful and audacious, (often) sacred score of Hans Zimmer that has an impact there. Still, there are still some nice sound effects from the rear – like the squeal and hum of a sandworm at 131’15. If we go to the treble, or if we add it, this producer starts with parts of the soundtrack already during the crossfade of the film companies. During the opening battle scenes, you can hear percussive sounds and subtle choruses overhead. Above all, heights are always used when voices can be heard telepathically, which is perfectly logical and understandable to support this effect acoustically. There are battle sounds. When Paul and Gurney struggle to practice for the first time and at 20’35 the kinetic device is taken very powerfully from above. Shortly after, the falling rain sounds like a choir singing in the soundtrack of the following film, and the voices are disturbingly present from 12:15 a.m. However, it largely stays with the score and sounds, as the original 3D sounds (like those of the airplane) disappear for long periods of time. It wasn’t until 63:30 that the dragonfly-like shuttles were finally allowed to make 3D noise. After that it’s quiet again for a long time and then you only hear sounds from above (again). That apart from when it’s not consistent

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