Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review – Hey friends! Just a warning: the relevant offer is already a little out of date and the price of the gadget may change or it is no longer available.

Yeelight products have been a good and affordable introduction to the smart home for years. The first and second bedside lamps are also very popular with our team, now there is a new, more compact version. Now there is a new, more compact version. Is the Yeelight LED Bedside Lamp 2 just a smaller version of the Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2? Yes, but with great extra features!

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review

Xiaomi and Yeelight are relatively close partners, which can be seen not least in the sharing of the Mi Home app, although Yeelight also offers its own app. Especially with different lamp gadgets you can see the connection. Different night lights are almost indistinguishable from each other, both manufacturers offer smart bulbs and this Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 is very similar to the Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2. After using them for a while, I took a closer look at the Yeelight Bedside. Lamp 2.

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Bedroom Night Light Bedside 16 Million Rgb Touch Control Smart Phone App Controller Bed Lamp Novelty|night Light|bedroom Night Lightoriginal Xiaomi Yeelight

Another Yeelight bedside lamp comes in a relatively high-quality cube-shaped box, in our case directly from the GearBest warehouse. You can immediately see that Yeelight is a master of design. Unfortunately, there is no “global version” of this smart lamp, the print is almost entirely in Chinese. Only 2019 reddot pricing and HomeKit support are referenced in English.

This also applies to the operating instructions, which are in the box: unfortunately completely in Chinese. Finally, there are QR codes for the Yeelight app, the Mijia (Mi Home) app, and the HomeKit code. In addition, there is also a lamp and a power cord with a Chinese plug. But there is a small unique selling point: the power supply is not connected to the lamp. In fact, the lamp is also equipped with a USB-C input, the included charging cable also uses USB-C. This means that instead of an adapter, you can also use a USB charger with a USB-C cable. Since the lamp only needs 5W of input power, you can use any USB charger for this – very convenient! So I also use it with my 3-Port AUKEY charger on the bedside table. Theoretically, it is also possible to use it with a power bank.

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The new Yeelight LED bedside lamp looks a bit like the Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2 slightly scaled down. The new generation measures 14.8 x 14.8 x 14.5 cm, while the old generation is 20 cm long. However, approx. About 80% of the surface is made up of semi-transparent polycarbonate, which also has a curved top. It looks much more modern than the first generation.

The base, which is again made of plastic, is kept in a dark red color. There are three rubber straps on the bottom, so the lamp has a firm stand on the table. Apart from that, the lamp is very simple, the Yeelight letters on the front are still visible above the power button. I have nothing to criticize in the process, it is of high quality for the price. I also like the visuals. Whether I prefer the more compact or larger form factor of the Mi Bed Lamp 2 is hard to say. But for the already small bedside table, the Yeelight version is a little more suitable.

Yeelight Staria Bedside Lamp Pro

As with the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2, there are basically two ways to operate it: via the app or directly on the lamp. There is a small round button on the front which can be used to turn the lamp on and off. By holding it down for a long time, you can also change the light mode: colored light (RGB) or white light. As in the second generation, the operation is also carried out by the touch slider, but now there are two of them: one on the left and one on the right of the base. The left slider is used to change the color temperature or color in RGB mode, the right slider is responsible for brightness.

Operation generally works well, layout is sensible and color and brightness are fun to adjust. In contrast to the Xiaomi variant, the slider is much more discreet and thus visually more attractive, which is partly due to the slider not being removable. Thus, sometimes you have to reach the slider again, especially if you are not looking at it.

Some key figures from another Yeelight bedside lamp with model number YLCT01YL. The new generation requires a power input of 5V1A, i.e. 5W, which is supplied via the permanently supplied power cable or another USB-C charger. In “white light” mode, the lamp should use 6 x 1W (?) and in RGB mode 0.5W per LED so there appear to be six LEDs installed. The Yeelight YLCT01YL is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 LE and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi for smartphone connectivity and home network integration.

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Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review

Yeelight LED bedside lamp can be integrated into your own home network through 2 different apps. First, of course, there’s the Yeelight app (Download: Android | iOS). But I connected the Yeelight app to the Mi Home app (Download: Android | iOS) and integrated the lamp into my WLAN via Mijia, i.e. the Mi Home app. To be on the safe side, you should reset the display first. To do this, just press and hold the power button and the right touch slider for 5 seconds. Once you are in the Mi Home app, you should already see a pop-up window pointing to the lamp.

Mi Bedside Lamp 2 Spezifikationen

China; You can use other languages). It’s the same for the Yeelight app. You must also disable the 5 GHz network on your router, otherwise the lamp may not be integrated. Depending on your router, you may want to use the guest network with 5 GHz disabled.

By integrating it into the Mi Home app, the lamp can be controlled even when you are not at home. You can use your mobile phone to adjust color and brightness, create scenes, create timers and/or schedules and add them to the room. In addition to the schedule and timer (turning off the 15-minute delay), there is also a night light function, so the lamp turns on automatically at night. At this point, we can also recommend the Yeelight socket night lamp.

One function that only the Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 has, and which we like the most, is the touch function. You can turn off the bedside lamp by “pressing” on the top twice. It is practical both in the morning and in the evening on the bedside table. Alternatively, you can also use Google Assistant as an intelligent voice assistant and turn the lamp on and off using it.

Since the last generation of Xiaomi and Yeelight smart lamps, HomeKit support is also included in almost all new products. However, many older generations also receive the option through a firmware update at Apple Home. With the Yeelight LED Bedside Lamp 2, you just need to scan the 8-digit HomeKit code at the bottom or from the user manual in the Apple Home app, and the rest will be done automatically.

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Unlike the Mi Home and Yeelight app, the functional range is unfortunately more limited. Of course, you can adjust the color temperature and brightness, but without that, only the creation of scenes is possible. At least Siri voice control is directly integrated, but limited accordingly. In addition, some can be explained automatically.

Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2 is not a completely new generation of the popular bedside lamp, but a small upgrade, as was the case with the first generation. Personally, I have the Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 at home, which I still like very much. It has now been redesigned under the Yeelight brand and produced even more compactly. Small highlights are the small design, the whole operation including closing and closing and the USB-C input, which gives a little more flexibility in operation. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you take the Yeelight or the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2. I just go for the better price.

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Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review

My heart beats for all kinds of DIY, smart and technical gadgets. Of course, the fun factor shouldn’t be missing 🙂 Xiaomi Yeelight Bed Lamp D2 is a great lamp for the bedside table next to your bed. Adjusting the lamp color is easy, Yeelight Bedside even has a ‘filling color mode’. When you choose the settings, the color of the lamp

Staria Bedside Lamp Pro

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