Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me – These days, if you want to buy high-end gaming gear from companies like Scan and Overclockers, you’re looking to pay more than $2,000.

For many of us, $2,000 is out of reach, especially given the current financial situation that has been flooded like a tsunami after the coronavirus pandemic.

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

But I know what you’re thinking. Buying used is risky. You’re just asking to be taken in by some shady dealer. Parts will be missing or damaged. The moment you turn it on, the thing will most likely fail itself. And then the dealer takes the money and disappears without a trace.

Intel 11th Gen Hexacore Gaming Pc Nvidia Rtx 3060ti 8gb — Jeremiah’s Computer Store And Repairs Llc

But as someone who’s built a gaming PC out of used parts and brought in lots of different parts, I’m currently running an old GTX 1080ti and Ryzen 5 1600, so I can tell you that buying used isn’t a minefield. I’m afraid it will happen.

Yes, you should buy a used gaming PC. By buying a used gaming PC, you get a much more powerful PC for your money. You can save more than 54% when you buy a used gaming PC compared to the same or similar new gaming PC. You can get a better gaming PC on a fixed budget by buying a used PC. And by buying second-hand, you’ll save a lot of good parts from going to the trash.

Gaming computers come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to check your size and shape before purchasing. Or, like me, scoff at your unit of satisfaction and buy a computer that’s too big! Thanks to Nikitarama for this beautiful photo. Here’s some legal stuff you should never read: Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

The biggest reason to buy a new gaming PC is the amount of money you can save.

Gtx 1070, I5 6600k, No Ssd/hdd) Used Gaming Pc For Sale!, Computers & Tech, Desktops On Carousell

You can save up to 54% of the price compared to a new computer of comparable or similar performance.

But instead of telling you, I went and found a used computer for sale on eBay and compared it. So let’s see.

Looking at eBay listings, I came across a Ryzen 7 3700x and Sapphire Nitro+ RX5700XT gaming PC for $979.

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

I went to to build a new similar rig. It includes the same Ryzen 7 3700x CPU, AMD RX 5700xt, 16GB RAM, PSU, everything.

Should I Buy A Used Gaming Pc?

There are thousands of these computers on eBay at any given time. Each offers huge savings.

Well, Cyberpower PC gives you a 3 year warranty. But even if it costs $150, you’ll save over $1,000.

By now you’re probably well aware that we humans are slowly but surely pushing our poor little planet into the ground.

Every day, millions of factories, some of which go into the components of your computer, pump out millions of tons of carbon that contributes to global warming and extreme weather.

Second Hand Gaming Pc

If we continue on our current consumption path, within 100 years most of Africa and countries along the equator will be uninhabitable.

Before this disaster wipes us off the face of the earth, everyone must take care of our planet. Before climate change burned up our beautiful green earth and turned it into a barren desert like Venus.

When buying used, a well-maintained gaming PC with no dents is always a good sign. Thanks again to Nikitarama for the great photos. I have nothing special to say this time, it really shocked me. Here is the legal information:

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

As mentioned above, you can get a great computer for more than 50% off when you buy a used computer.

Gaming Pc For Sale In Queens, Ny

For example, you can spend your $2,000 budget on a used computer and get something awesome and awesome. A new one would cost almost $4,000!

Buying a used gaming PC over a console isn’t just about better graphics and faster frame rates.

A good gaming PC can be used for any kind of work like heavy content creation, 4k video editing, 3d modeling, 3d design, CAD work, etc.

Typically, gamers sell their old gaming PC because they’ve decided to buy a new pre-built system or build a new system themselves.

Lenovo Legion T5 26irb8 Gaming Desktop Computer, I7 13700f, 1 Tb Storage 16 Gb Ram, Storm Grey, 90uu002nax Price In Doha Qatar

When buying a used gaming PC, it’s important to remember that you buy it as you see it.

However, you can be sure that these computers can work perfectly.

When you buy a gaming PC from an individual, there is no warranty for that PC. If the computer does not have a transferable manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, most warranties are non-transferable.

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

To qualify a gaming PC as refurbished, a systematic and thorough inspection by a trained technician is performed.

Pre Building Gaming Pc For Sale In The Bronx, Ny

This verification process is divided into different stages and the gaming PC must go through each stage.

If the computer successfully passes each stage of testing, it is cleaned, passed on as an upgrade, and immediately released for sale.

Buying a refurbished gaming PC is less risky because of the testing process and warranty period.

If your gaming PC looks this dusty, give it a little clean. Your little components will thank you for it.

Used Gaming Pc @cheap Price, Computers & Tech, Desktops On Carousell

There are other tips you should take before and in some cases after you buy.

Some of the components will link to an article I wrote detailing how to buy that used component.

However, the more inspections you do and the longer it takes, the more confident you’ll be in what you’re buying.

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

A used gaming PC PSU powers all the components. Generally, if the computer turns on the PSU, it should be fine.

The Best Gaming Pcs To Buy In 2022

However, it is a good idea to perform a stress test on the computer to make sure that the PSU can provide power when all components are under load or, in other words, when playing games.

As for the power you need, most gaming PCs have a 650W power supply. This seems to be the capacity of a standard PSU these days.

It is suitable for 90% of PC gamers. But if you plan to upgrade to a more powerful graphics card/processor in the future, you may need a more powerful PSU.

For more tips on checking out used gaming PSUs, check out our article Should I Buy a Used PSU?

Gaming Pc For Sale In Sterling, Va

When buying a used gaming PC, ask the seller for a complete list of all the computer’s components. There are several important things you can do with this information:

Play a few games on your PC and then test your stress with 3D Mark and PC Mark. Both are free for stress testing.

Compare the test results with other computers with similar components to make sure the computer is working properly.

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

These programs will push the gaming PC components to their limits. It will also find any problems with the components. Under normal gaming load, the PC will never load PC and 3D Mark.

Best Mini Pc 2023

If you can’t run these tests before you buy, ask if you can test the computer yourself for a day.

If you can’t easily reach a computer, say you’re buying on eBay and ask the seller to run a stress test and show you the results.

A CPU cooler is very important to stop your processor from melting. So make sure it is dust free.

You’re looking to buy a computer with at least a 4-core processor. This means an Intel i5 6000 series or higher, or an Intel i3 8100 or higher.

Days Used Gaming Pc

Also buy only 6000 series and higher i5 processors as they support DDR4 RAM modules. But obviously new is better.

As for AMD processors, almost all Ryzen processors are good because even the slowest processors have 4 cores. But these are the minimums based on my generation:

Remember that the type of game you want to play will determine how powerful your CPU should be. But for mainstream gaming devices that play at 60 fps, all of the above processors are excellent choices.

Used Gaming Pc For Sale Near Me

For more tips on what to look for in a CPU in a used gaming PC, check out our article Should I Buy a Used CPU?

Gaming Pc Used For Sale

Check if the processor cooler is connected correctly: there is no vertical movement when gently pulling the cooler.

Don’t worry about horizontal movement, the heater slides a little on the thermal paste, so a little is fine.

It’s worth checking out my “buying a used CPU cooler” post as it has a lot of advice.

For gaming, the graphics card is the most important component of the machine. Nothing affects the smoothness and resolution of a game like a graphics card.

Are Gaming Pcs Supplied With Windows Installed?

As a rule of thumb, your graphics card should account for 40-50% of your system costs.

It’s hard to be

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