Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review – Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, like the rest of the Redmi Note 11 quartet, launches Android 11 with the latest version of MIUI 13. Most of the new MIUI features are under there, though it should offer a smoother, smarter and more secure experience.

This version of MIUI 13 is based on Android 11 and does not include Android 12 features such as modified widgets and a new widget page in the app drawer. No Improved Privacy Dashboard with options like protected clipboard, location estimation, updated Face Unlock algorithm. The updated File Manager and Clock apps with Bedtime mode are nowhere to be found.

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

Other features missing in the Android 11 + MIUI 13 combination are a better one-handed mode (iOS style) and a better camera app with zero shutter lag and motion photos.

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Finally, as part of the Beauty of Science collaboration, a new live wallpaper showing microscopic things like vitamin C crystals and citric acid is not yet available on the Redmi Note 11 series.

However, Xiaomi claims that MIUI has been completely overhauled, although you can’t tell if it’s just the interface and design – it looks and feels like MIUI 12. However, the new version is reported to focus on a better distribution of resources and should handle the processor. Better and smarter RAM and storage usage.

For example, MIUI 13 is supposed to keep track of current processor and RAM usage and suspend all currently unnecessary tasks to free up resources and provide smoother performance. Xiaomi promises to increase the efficiency of background processing by 40% compared to the previous version.

Liquid storage looks great and is perfect for modern smartphones. Xiaomi says that storage performance has been reduced for 36 months due to inefficient storage management in most of its phones. That’s where MIUI 13 comes in – it offers 60% better composite efficiency than MIUI 12 and different competitors. So the storage performance degradation in 36 months should only be 5%. That sounds impressive, so we hope this feature lives up to the hype.

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The last optimization in the core of MIUI is power management – the optimization of the new version should reduce power consumption by 10% compared to MIUI 12s.

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There’s also an improved Smart Sidebar for multitasking with pop-up apps. And privacy is enhanced by many features, some of which are unique.

Now let’s take a closer look at MIUI 13 on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G.

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G supports Always On display – unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It can only be seen for 10 seconds after tapping. At the very least, there are plenty of AOD themes to choose from. Some of these are also customizable.

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In MIUI 13, the breathing light is called the Notification effect. Can be with or without Always On Display. Basically, this is a better version of the notification LEDs that use the edges of the screen – they flash in color on new notifications.

You unlock the screen with the side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The reader is easy to set up, lightning fast, and very accurate. You can set the unlock method to Touch or Press – if you use the phone without the case, Press will save you from misreading your palm (which ultimately leads to PIN entry). 2D Face Unlock is also available, but it is more secure than the fingerprint option.

The home screen works as usual – filled with shortcuts, folders and widgets. When enabled, the leftmost panel is Google Discovery.

MIUI 13 offers an app drawer and automatically organizes apps into categories. The first includes All, that is, all applications. Then follow Communication, Entertainment, Photography, Tools, News and Business. You can modify these categories or disable them altogether.

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Like MIUI 12, MIUI 13 offers independent Notification colors and Control Center. You call it like on iPhones – swipe down from the left side of the screen for Notification Center, and swipe down from the right side for Control Center.

If you don’t like the difference on your iPhone – you can turn off the Control Center and the shadow will return to its normal appearance and functionality.

If you’ve used a Xiaomi before, the task switcher will also look familiar. It shows all new apps in two columns. Press and hold any card for split-screen shortcuts and pop-ups (if available), or swipe left or right to dismiss them.

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

There is a Floating Windows button on top of everything. You can switch compatible apps to a floating state, but you only have one floating window.

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Themes are always a big part of MIUI and they are also available in MIUI 13. They can download new ones from the theme store and change wallpapers, ringtones, system icons and even the always-on display style.

MIUI comes with exclusive multimedia applications – Gallery, Music, Mi Video (with streaming option), FM radio. There is also MIUI File Manager. And of course, the Mi Remote app that uses the integrated IR blaster.

Protective Mark is a new feature in Gallery. Add text of your choice as a watermark to all photos. Useful when taking a photo of your ID to share with others.

MIUI also offers a Security app. It can scan your phone for malware, manage blacklists, manage or limit data usage, manage battery behavior and free up some RAM. You can also manage the permissions of installed apps, define the battery behavior of selected apps, and apply restrictions on specific apps.

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And speaking of memory, MIUI 13 offers a Memory Extension option that is enabled by default (you can disable it if you want). It allocates 3GB of internal storage, serves as a RAM extension. Less important blocks of memory should go here.

Smart Sidebar is quite familiar – it’s a small sign that appears in the corner of the screen that will become a menu every time you swipe. You start the application in a popup from here. Of course, you can customize the actions for this menu. If you are in a multimedia application (YouTube, Mi Video, Gallery, etc.) you will see the Video toolbox next to the shortcut – it contains shortcuts for Screenshot, Screen recording, Cast, and Play Video, as well as Dolby. Switch Atmos. when the screen is off. And yes, the last one works on YouTube, no Premium subscription needed!

Other interesting MIUI 13 improvements that you may not have seen at first include a better image editor, a new battery page with a performance mode, and a camera app option to take videos with the screen off.

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

When taking pictures, you’ll see a modern interface with brushes, erasers, text and selection tools, and more.

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The Battery page offers four battery modes – two types of power saving, Balanced (default) and a new Performance option that gives a small performance boost for a while but causes a slowdown later. Here you can also check the battery temperature. Note that Performance Mode is not available for all phones, but only on the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G.

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Finally, although not new in itself, the Camera app offers the option to shoot with the screen off. If you enable this feature, the screen will turn off after three minutes of inactivity.

Some MIUI ROMs contain ads in default apps, this is a notorious thing. There are no ads on the Redmi Note 11 Pro in the review unit, but the Redmi Note 11, Redmi Note 11S and Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G versions come with built-in ad “recommendations”.

About to do. Go to Themes – Settings and turn off Suggestions. Not ideal of course, but at least you can get rid of everything.

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MIUI 13 has many improvements under the hood that promise a smoother and faster experience now and for the next few years thanks to many optimizations. The interface is pretty much MIUI 12 with a few tweaks here and there. So, if you’re not expecting a groundbreaking redesign, you’ll be fine with MIUI 13. We also don’t expect Android 12 to change that.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G uses the Snapdragon 695 5G chipset. This is a completely revamped chipset from the Snapdragon 690 and is newer and more powerful compared to the Note 10 Pro’s Snapdragon 732G chip.

The new Snapdragon 695 5G is based on TSMC’s more modern 6nm manufacturing process, supports mmWave 5G connectivity and has a more modern CPU (A78) and GPU.

Update Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Contract Review

The SD695 octa-core processor has two Kryo 660 Gold (Cortex-A78) cores running at 2.2GHz and six Kryo 660 Silver (Cortex-A55) cores running at 1.8GHz.

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