Update Xiaomi Mi Series Review

Update Xiaomi Mi Series Review – Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review: Big and Fast, but Underpowered by Andrei Frumusanu on Jul 20, 2021 at 9:00 am EST

In the recent trend of having a new level of “Ultra” Android flagship devices that are very high compared to traditional high-end devices, we have seen Xiaomi jump into the fray with the new Mi 11 Ultra . Announcing it in March, the phone took a few months to get the market in a reasonable way and a little for a reasonable price, but the device is now clean and worthy after our review The camera has been in depth for the past few weeks. page tool analysis.

Update Xiaomi Mi Series Review

Update Xiaomi Mi Series Review

The Mi 11 Ultra is in a sense the brother of the Mi 11 – and it is clear that they are from the same generation of the family, with the same specifications and the same footprint, but where the Ultra differs from itself is that it expanding and. The best camera technology. Let’s get into the details:

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The Mi 11 Ultra shares the same Snapdragon 888 as the Mi 11 and many other 2021 flagship devices. We have covered SoCs in various implementations this year, including Xiaomi – so there is nothing special about the Ultra display. in this case. Xiaomi offers the Mi 11 Ultra only with 12GB DRAM and 256GB storage configuration, matching the high-end Mi 11.

From the front, the Mi 11 Ultra is almost identical to the Mi 11 as it has the same screen and front design. The AMOLED display of 6.81 inches comes with a resolution of 3200 x 1440 and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 10-bit color, Xiaomi announces a refresh rate of up to 480 Hz, which is very high in the market. Like the Mi 11, what is missing here is any advanced technology to help with the energy consumption of the panel – while there is a quick change of speed, there is no real VRR and the display is the same as our have seen. last year on Galaxy S20 series devices. Keep this in mind during this review as it is one of the weaknesses of the Mi 11 Ultra.

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In terms of design, I like this year’s Xiaomi flagship brand, because they combine aesthetics and ergonomics with excellent design. It is worth noting that at 74.6mm in width, it is on the wide side of the device’s model, although the bezel around the phone helps it feel smaller than similar devices with squarer dimensions.

On the back of the phone, we see something that is very different from the phone and that is a large camera setup that tries not to worry about how long it is in the eyes. Xiaomi should increase the camera because it has the largest camera sensor of any phone of the current generation on the market – 50MP main module 1 / 1.12 “, which is big for smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review

Although the camera bump seems to be too much, it is not a big problem regarding the design of the camera module, since the phone “only” has three units. The main 50MP module mentioned above is what sets the device apart from the competition, using a Samsung GN2 sensor with an optical system of 1 / 1.12 with f / 1.95 optics and OIS and a wide-angle lens of 23 mm. It is accompanied by a 48MP ultra-wide module with a corresponding length of 13mm, and since it is an Ultra phone, Xiaomi also includes a periscope telephoto module with a 48MP ultra-wide sensor and a corresponding length of 119mm – or a relative 5x zoom. main effect.

Xiaomi’s triple camera seems to be simpler than the competition, which may have more modules, but Xiaomi’s implementation is high-tech, since it uses two types of Bayer’s quad sensor solution in the main and telephoto cameras, which – consistent. from the packaging to its original resolution, allowing the incredible 12MP crop, adding a 2x virtual phone and 10x telephoto module in terms of image quality, allowing the Mi 11 to be the best camera phone on the market. now when it comes to different focal lengths and quality steps.

Along with the three cameras, the Mi 11 Ultra also has a small OLED rear screen and camera setup, which is actually the reason why the camera aperture is the size of most phone widths. The second rear display can function as a clock face, a custom text icon or a custom image – showing secondary information such as battery level or warning lights (no actual warning information ). When using the camera, the rear display can also be activated as a view screen, allowing for high-quality selfies using the main camera. It also works as a general view for the subject, but in the aspect ratio 4:3 it is slightly smaller, so the subject cannot be far away because it is difficult to see what is on the small screen.

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Update Xiaomi Mi Series Review

In general, in my use, I don’t like the back display – it’s useful for a quick look at the time – which can turn on when you pick up the phone or when you press the back repeatedly two. In addition to offering a slightly better design, Xiaomi’s design is symmetrical in the camera tap, which I found to be really important when you have a camera tap of this size. It looks great when lying on the floor, and the phone is so loud that you won’t find it in everyday photos. It’s the kind of behavior you either love or hate – so I recommend people get hands-on experience before doing it.

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The bottom and top of the phone are marked with two microphone bases, although Xiaomi’s design here can be misleading, since the speaker grill is not actually a port where the sound and – turns out, it is the ear hole that still works as an earpiece. . speech production. There is still an internal contact between the grill and the speaker to reduce distortion, but covering it doesn’t do much in terms of sound difference. Overall Xiaomi’s audio quality is good here, but clarity, volume and L/R balance are better on the S21 Ultra.

Like the Mi 11, the screen rotates in two directions, left / right and up / down, and its sides fit into the metal frame, making the frame more angular. In general, I think that the design decision here was made with durability in mind, as if the device were to fall, it would likely fall on the metal instead of glass.

The phone is IP68 water resistant, which is a feature that the Mi 11 does not have and the WiFi 6E capability, but the strange thing about the phone is that Xiaomi for some reason still only includes a USB connection, with a data rate of 2.0 give a chance. which makes it slower than other 3.0 devices on the market.

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In general, the Mi 11 Ultra design and ergonomics are good – even if you remember that it is still a large phone, at 234g, it is also one of the heaviest on the market, so it is not something that everyone likes it. .

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We have updated our system. By continuing to use the site and/or log in to your account, you agree to our updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that cover most phones, and in 2021 we found a variety of devices to be very important. competition in the flagship sector with Xiaomi Mi 11 among these devices. In our first review, we said that the Mi 11 has “the right price and the right specifications to beat the current crop in the market”. Actually, this is in February 2021.

Now, a year later, let’s see what’s good and what’s not good about Xiaomi’s affordable flagship as we review and review the Mi 11.

The Mi 11 is still a very nice phone. If there’s one thing Xiaomi understood when creating the Mi 11, it’s a combination of fit and feel. You’ll get the usual metal and glass sandwich you’d expect from a flagship phone, but Xiaomi has made this device look pretty cool. The Mi 11 has glass on the side and on the side of the aluminum frame, making the transition between the center, the screen and the back seamless and real; Combined with a slim frame, this phone is easy to hold. Xiaomi has also announced the Mi 11 with a 6.81-inch AMOLED display

Update Xiaomi Mi Series Review

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