Update White Blue Bedding Review

Update White Blue Bedding Review – Looking to update your child’s crib set? Compression bed sheets enhance independence with our practical, stylish and high-quality compression bedding sets. You want them in every room!

This post is sponsored by Beddys. The product has been provided to facilitate this bed update and for an honest review. All opinions expressed are mine

Update White Blue Bedding Review

Update White Blue Bedding Review

Our daughter is five years old and lacks independence. This is until she asks her to clean her room and make her bed. There is nothing more difficult in the world than taking out your blankets and arranging your pillows. I’m picking on my fights with my kids, and after discovering the zip-up bedding from Beddys, I realize that making the bed doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Since the beginning of the new year, I have been working on small updates and renovations of various areas of our house. The party decor came, leaving a blank board for me to play with. Sometimes all it takes is a few new pillowcases on the sofa or new bedding to make a big impression. (Related: Live on Budget Updates)

For Isabella’s room, we swapped out her dark pastel pink curtains with new white ones. Spending under $30 completely changed the look of her room. No more cloudy pink lighting up her room. Now it looked bigger and brighter.

The next upgrade was the bedding. Beddys has many great bedding sets to choose from, but we went with Love at First White. If you are wondering what I mean

It just means that the complete set (comfort, sheet and blanket) is all in one piece. I’ll let you breathe.

Bedding Sets, Sheets, Duvets, Pillows

You can position the kit as you would a tight-fitting sheet. There are easy-to-pull zippers that run down the sides, all the way to the bottom where they meet in the middle.

The top quilt is paired with a soft blanket (like a baby blanket) that pulls out at the side for added comfort. Fold it underneath and then slide it back into a clean, tidy bed. The zipper is hidden under a small flap that hangs over the edge and is very easy for little ones to lift and open.

We wanted to put this to the test, because let’s face it…there are always “others” out there and you want to make sure that the price you’re spending is really worth the investment. The best way to wash your bedding is to loosen (separate the top and bottom) and wash it alone on a low heat and dry it. The fabric, zippers and seams are the best quality and machine washable. (It is recommended not to wash more than once a week).

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Update White Blue Bedding Review

Considering you get a fitted sheet, comforter, soft blanket, pillow case, and two shams (in a full size set) I really feel it is worth the investment. If your kids have bunk beds, I’ve heard they’re great at it. I can imagine making the loft bed couldn’t have been easy, but with the enclosed bed it would be a breeze.

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White Blackout Curtains (2 Panels) / White Feather Wall Decor / Marquee Letter / 9 Cube Organizer / Table and Chair Set / Soft Pink Plush Blanket / Area Rug / Green Doll House / Polka Dots Heart Pillow / Barbie Dreamhouse / Faux Fur Stool As You May Know , especially if you follow on Instagram, I’ve been updating a little bedroom for our manager over the past few months. For now, I’d say the room is about halfway complete. We started by painting the walls and ceilings in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. Then we added shaping the board. We recently added new furnishings from Boll and Branch. And recently, we upgraded our mattress with a new one from Agility Bed.

In fact, a new mattress should be the number one item on our upgrade list, because we’ve had our previous mattress for about 14 years – which is crazy when you think about it, because a good night’s sleep is so important

You know that feeling when you try to lie in bed for the first time and it feels so perfect that you just know you’re going to get a great night’s sleep? This is exactly how I felt the first night I climbed into the new Agility bed! The first thing I noticed is that it supports you where you need it but it also “gives” you where you need it. And whether you sleep on your back or on your side, you’ll feel your body settle into the perfect spot instantly.

Also, although my husband likes a soft mattress, while I prefer a firmer mattress, we feel that the Agility mattress gives us the subtle sleep experience we love. The other thing we both hung on after our first night’s sleep was that we didn’t notice each other tipping over during the night, while with our other mattress we could always tell when the other person was moving at the very least!

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Perhaps this has something to do with the way these mattresses are made. According to their website, Agility mattresses have unique coatings, including:

All about it is that since we upgraded our mattress, my husband and I sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this mattress to change the rules of the game, but that’s exactly what it was.

In fact, when I ordered our Agility mattress, I thought we’d use it in the guest bedroom, so I ordered a queen. When we received the mattress, we set it up in our master bedroom because I wanted to sleep in it a few nights so I could give an honest review (and because this room has better light for pictures).

Update White Blue Bedding Review

But after that first night, we were hooked – we loved our Agility mattress so much that we couldn’t go back to our old one! However, since my husband is 6’3 and we are used to a larger bed, we decided to replace the bed in our master with a king size Agility mattress. I wouldn’t be surprised if we finally upgraded every bed in our house with an Agility mattress!

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So far, I have never enjoyed the entire mattress selection process, but this whole experience was so easy! First of all, Agility website is the best. It’s easy to navigate and find all the information you need to choose and order the right bed for you.

Receiving and setting up an Agility mattress is also much easier. In fact, I thought I’d give you a quick description, mostly through pictures, to show you how fast and simple it is:

First of all, our mattress was shipped free of charge and delivered straight to the front door within a few days of placing the order. We also ordered foundation, so we actually received two boxes that looked like this:

Dave was happy with how easy it was to put the foundation together. Five every five minutes! It basically involved inserting a pin in each corner and loosening two strips on top. We had to buy a new bed frame to go downstairs. We found one at Sam’s Club for under $40.

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The mattress is tightly rolled up and wrapped in heavy plastic. An envelope cutter-like cutting tool is included to help you remove the plastic without cutting the mattress itself.

First, we removed the mattress from the box and put it on the bottom of the bed. Although it looks like I put it in place myself, the mattress is actually quite heavy so you need someone to help you move it.

Here’s another view of what a loose-fitting mattress would have looked like, before we removed the plastic. I couldn’t believe how thin it was!

Update White Blue Bedding Review

As I mentioned above, from the first night we slept on the Agility mattress, I knew we made the right choice. I feel good about recommending this mattress to others. It’s also reassuring to know that Agility mattresses have environmental certifications that ensure they are safe and non-toxic for families and children.

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If you decide that an Agility mattress is right for you too, be sure to use the promo code “jane100” to receive $100 off the purchase price!

By the way, Agility offers a risk-free 100-night home trial to test your new mattress – and they have a full refund policy and product warranty.

Creating a bedroom that feels like a sanctuary is all about designing a space that feels real to you, evokes a sense of peace and calm, and is functional and comfortable. No matter how beautiful the bedroom is, if the mattress is uncomfortable, it goes against the whole purpose of the space. The Agility mattress is the foundation of this room, providing us with the best possible sleep experience – and there’s nothing better than that!

In terms of our bedroom updates, next is new laminate flooring! After that, I think I can draw the night. And of course, I haven’t finished “zhushing” this space yet. My house is a work in progress, so be prepared

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