Update Upcoming 4k Blu Rays Review

Update Upcoming 4k Blu Rays Review – Greece 25 years ago: A young Michael meets an equally young Milo. Both are still children, but they have incurable blood diseases. They live together under the supervision of a doctor. Emil Nikolai. Because Michael is talented, Nicholas sends him on a scholarship. Over the years he became a hematologist and invented artificial blood during experiments. For this he receives the Nobel Prize, but refuses it. He’s more interested in finding a cure for his and Milos’ blood disease, so he’s experimenting with Costa Rican bats. Blood feeding abilities. They use saliva, which has an anticoagulant effect, for digestion. This is exactly what Michael (and many others with the same disease) wanted to save their lives. He knows these experiments are illegal. The first test with a mouse works, so Michael tries to cross the line and inject the serum himself. To do this, he sails into neutral waters in a boat so that nothing is legally done to him. But the law won’t be Michael’s problem, as the link to bat DNA unleashes the killer inside him…

It got off to a great start with Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU). The universe that Columbia Pictures is trying to create in partnership with Marvel, and which is expected to revolve around characters from the Spider-Man universe, had a surprisingly successful start to 2018 with Venom.

Update Upcoming 4k Blu Rays Review

Update Upcoming 4k Blu Rays Review

As early as 2014, after The Amazing Spider-Man 2, spin-off films focusing on Spider-Man’s enemies were planned. But the theatrical release of Amazing Spider-Man 2 was ultimately too weak for Sony, and the idea has been buried again for now. However, they later reunited and got the ideal role with Tom Hardy.

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Despite being unpopular with critics, it was a box office hit, grossing $850 million. It was a real hit because it wasn’t that expensive. Its successor, Venom: Let There be Carnage, didn’t launch in the same way, but its $500 million gross (at least in the early post-Corona era) is just as impressive. Along with the filming of the Venom sequel, the third SSU movie, Morbius, was also filmed.

However it is scheduled for October 2020. Would it have benefited if Jared Leto’s lead had finally been released before the latter?

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Would he go to the movies? Only the owners of the crystal ball can answer this question. Anyway, the truth is: Morbius made a ~$80 million budget with just $160 million at the box office. The second theatrical release of this June (based on Morbius’ idea to capitalize on the internet meme wave #morbiussweep) didn’t hold back either. The reason the internet community was so cynical about the movie was, of course, because a blockbuster movie rarely received so many negative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes ranks 17% on the Tomatoometer (based on 250+ reviews) on the list of worst superhero movies of all time – just a few points above Batman & Robin and tied with Pickle.

As I said: Viewers took it a step further and “embezzled” the movie online for their own purposes. But the question is, is Morbius really that bad? Actually yes. It starts out universally as well as boring, because you’ve seen this all too often in the superhero genre: Scientist does experiment(s), experiment goes wrong, scientist mutates – yawn. As innovative as a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. But even if you accept it as it is, then it will not be good. First of all, Leto is surprisingly pale for the role of a vampire – that doesn’t mean it’s his color. This may be partly due to the poor script that sometimes doesn’t make sense and takes the main character too seriously. Also, a lot of things just don’t make sense. Later, Michael accuses his opponent of unnecessary violence and morally exaggerates himself, despite the fact that after his first transformation he slaughters the entire crew of the ship – and (if he is moral, then right) surrendering to the authorities. Speaking of massacres and another issue with Morbius, we’re dealing with a dark comic book vampire character story. The hybrid creatures’ attacks are dynamic, but surprisingly anemic. Half an hour later, Michael presses his opponent’s throat with his paw, filming so brutally that his aorta is suspected to be draining – and not a single drop of blood comes through. And so we’re sitting in a vampire movie that doesn’t show blood. There was Roman Polanskis

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Crass – and that kind of comedy. No wonder the FSK12 is featured on the cover. Then there was something like this

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The bad thing is that Morbius doesn’t really do anything with what was already a great premise. Because unlike most vampire movies where bloodsuckers are bitten and transformed by another creature, Michael is dedicated to helping people. Now he sits in the dilemma of having to consume human blood to survive in order to continue helping people. What can be done from it for a dramatic increase. Instead, he went back to what he knew, good or bad. The second theme of “vampirism addiction” is also not addressed further and is assumed to be a very cheap cause of jealousy. Then there’s the issue of the diluting effect of blood bags. While Morbius has repeatedly shown that the effect of superpowers is short-lived and wearisome, let’s look at the clock instead of turning it into a race against time. It goes on with sometimes confusing cutscenes: the scenes where Michael first demonstrates his powers in front of agents and is subsequently arrested don’t let the officers be a bit surprised, and why Michael is the way he is. I don’t understand you. t just run away. Maybe director Espinosa didn’t want to reuse his crappy CGI. Because what should this audience be?

Did it look better 20 years ago? Where it made sense in terms of content at the time (it was about teleporting), it’s just nonsense here – not to mention mixing up fights and making them appear in color. Aware of this, Espinosa occasionally pauses and slows down scenes to make it slow – not a good idea. Because computer effects look much worse there. It gets jarring, especially during the final battle, which takes place in the dead of night and is completely ignored by the CGIs that follow.

Update Upcoming 4k Blu Rays Review

Why are there armed mercenaries on board? Why doesn’t Michael try with animal blood? But what about people bitten by vampires themselves become bloodsuckers – why does this not apply to anyone but one killed in Morbius? Also, American prisons seem very tolerant when it comes to visiting visitors. There’s no other way to tell if Milo is smuggling there. By the way, why doesn’t he release Michael himself? And why can the two occasionally sniff each other for miles and need help from elsewhere to find the other? Ha: Why aren’t the bad guys at the forgery workshop even trying to find the hardware to get the lab back? It is also a secret that Nikolai, who was seriously injured, was able to talk to Michael on the phone but could not call an ambulance. Morbius is mysterious until the one billion bats in the finale, borrowing directly from a character from another comic book publisher. Where will they all appear at once? Here’s a multiverse brew between Marvel and DC (sorry for the pun)

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At least the script makes a few nice cross references to the vampire genre here and there. For example, the ship on which Michael conducts experiments is called “Murnau” – hence the surname of the director.

One of the few arguments in favor of Morbius is sound quality (see next section) and Leto’s renewed sacrifice to physically transform himself for the movie.

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Morbius begins with compelling shots of hazy air and sparkling water spray. While you can see a slight edge artifact around the red text at first, coding is much cleaner on low-contrast fog and water surfaces. You should be very close to identifying the issues here. When you dive into a dark cave, for a short time you see almost nothing. A second look at the dark should also provide a little more information. The same goes for dark scenes shot 69 minutes later on the ship or at the disco. Here the contrast wings are very steep and the details come to a dead end. In Bright Greece, a change reveals a slight sheen on a high-gloss surface. The image is mostly very quiet, but there is some noise in the long shot in New York or other scenes (10’15) – a kind of mismatched look. Skin tones tend to be reddish-healthy (except for Leto, whose complexion is naturally vampy and ethereal). Close-ups and details are very well resolved, for example visible in fine structure

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