Update Three Store Edinburgh Review

Update Three Store Edinburgh Review – When we looked at Three for last year’s Mobile Network Awards, we wondered if the network was lining up for a 5G comeback. Twelve months later and the Tri-Naissance begins.

It is now the leader in 5G coverage and is starting to perform, although it faces stiff competition from Vodafone and – in particular – EE. Interestingly, the network is in early talks to merge with Vodafone, although given the glacial pace at which these things move, you won’t see the impact for a year or more.

Update Three Store Edinburgh Review

Update Three Store Edinburgh Review

Does this translate into better results in this year’s Expert Review Mobile Network Awards poll? Well, Three still has work to do on its customer service, but its numbers are improving for value. Perhaps most importantly, only 67% of Three subscribers we spoke to would recommend the network to a friend; a better score than Virgin Mobile (61%) and Vodafone (65.5%), but far from the speed shown by Smarty (92%), Voxi (almost 90%) and Lebara (95%).

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For a time, one of the big Three’s selling points was that it offered the latest smartphones at cheaper prices than other major networks. It was also one of the best networks to choose for unlimited data deals, allowing you to use your data allowance abroad without extra cost.

The first two points are still true to some extent today. Buy an iPhone 14 on Three, and you can get it for £49/month over 24 months plus £30 up front, albeit with 1GB of data extra. Data goes up to 100GB more precisely and the price goes up to £61/mth plus £30 upfront, at which point you can go the extra mile and pay £63 a month for unlimited data. That’s not a bad price, especially when £63 on EE only gets you 125GB, but you can have the same phone plus unlimited data for £42/mth on iD Mobile – although you’ll Pay £99 up front.

It’s a slightly different story with the Samsung Galaxy S22, which comes in at £47/mth plus £30 for 100GB, but will set you back £59/month with 125GB on EE. Still, iD Mobile is even cheaper with a £33/100GB per month data plan, £29 up front.

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What about SIM only contracts? These start at £8/month for a flexible 1GB contract on a 24 month contract, but with a 50% discount for the first six months. On a 12 month contract, there is no discount and the price increases by £1. You get better deals for 12GB or 30GB, at £12/month and £14/month with the same terms, except that if you sign up for just one year each increases by £2.

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There was a time when Three’s Advanced Unlimited plan was arguably their best SIM-only deal of all, and at £24/mth over 24 months, with the first six months half-price, it’s still a bundle is equally cheaper. EE, O2, Giffgaff or Vodafone. However, iD Mobile and Smarty have cheaper unlimited deals, so Three now owns this space.

Looking at our survey data, Three doesn’t call money when it comes to money. It is true that more than a third of customers say that they are satisfied with the network’s value for money, and almost half of them say that they are completely satisfied, but it is still a total of 84%, and they say iD Mobile, Tesco Mobile , Smarty, Voxi and Lebara sound in the nineties.

All three seem to struggle with customer service. About 27% of the users we surveyed are very satisfied, with another 50% moderately satisfied, but that leaves them behind most other networks in our survey except for iD Mobile, Lebara, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.

Update Three Store Edinburgh Review

Ofcom’s latest customer satisfaction and service report is also critical of Three. With a rating of 86%, the network ranks below the average of 91% for overall customer satisfaction. It also has the highest proportion of consumers who have reason to complain (16%) and more complaints per 100,000 subscribers than average to Ofcom. Something is clearly going wrong here, and Three should really look at improving their customer service.

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RootMetrics’ latest performance survey has good news for Three: Vodafone moves up the UK speed charts to take second place behind EE. Three now has an average UK download speed of 29.9 Mbits/sec, which puts it behind EE at 66.2 Mbits/sec, but ahead of Vodafone’s 23.8 Mbits/sec. The biggest developments came in UK cities. Of the 16 locations RootMetrics tested, Three’s average download speed was faster than 20Mbits/sec overall, and faster than 40Mbits/sec in eight.

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Although RootMetrics no longer provides coverage maps, Three claims its 4G coverage reaches 99.8% of the UK population, while 5G services are available at around 56%, with plans to roll them out further in the coming years. take it out faster. Additionally, Three is starting to pull ahead of EE on average 5G download speeds, reaching almost 200Mbits/sec. Interestingly, the potential merger of Three and Vodafone is primarily driven by both networks’ desire to accelerate 5G.

For the first time this year, our awards poll asked readers about their 5G experience, and Three had the third best result behind EE and Sky Mobile. More than half of Three’s 5G customers (51.5%) were satisfied with their 5G connection. This leaves almost half still dissatisfied, of course, with poor 5G coverage (almost 65%) and the lack of significant speed improvements (for 44%) being the main issues.

Three scored within striking distance of Highly Commended in our reliability category. 86% of users say it’s mostly or always fast enough for web browsing, and 71% say the same for audio streaming. Video streaming, the most difficult task, is often good for 50% of users, and always good for 12%. Only Voxi had better results for video streaming, with Smarty leading the way overall thanks to stronger performance for web browsing and audio streaming.

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Like most other major networks, Three now charges £2 a day for EU roaming on all contracts bought after October last year. In addition, there is now £5 per day for detailed, text and data usage on Roam Around the World Destinations, which includes many countries outside of Europe, including Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Mexico. and New Zealand. In both cases, there is a 12 GB usage limit on data. Outside of your allowance, depending on where you are and who you call, calls can cost between 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p MB to £2 a minute, 35p a text and £6. These prices aren’t as outrageous as some networks charge, but right now it’s hard to recommend Three as a good choice for cheap travel.

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By offering Wi-Fi calling on some (though not all) handsets, as well as a feature that lets you call over a 4G data connection to give you more reliable calls in poor signal areas. The trio even supports Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi calling at over 250 stations on the London Underground.

You’re also locked into spending: choose a level between £10 and £100 on top of your normal contract payment, and you won’t be allowed to make extra calls or use extra data.

Update Three Store Edinburgh Review

The three have made real progress since last year. Speeds and coverage are improving rapidly, and it is ahead of competitors with the introduction of 5G. Their trust scores are very good. However, the network still needs to fix its customer service and has work to do if it is to regain some of its former reputation for value for money. The three still have their share of powerful packages and deals, but there’s more competition than ever.

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