Update Three Monthly Plans Sim Only Review

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Update Three Monthly Plans Sim Only Review

Update Three Monthly Plans Sim Only Review

After traveling to 100 countries by the end of 2019, I feel motivated to travel to every country in the world. Follow this journey at the link. Want to join me on one of my tours? Check out my group travel page for one of the exciting upcoming group tours.

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This means you pay £12 a month for all the data you might need, saving you £72 in total before the price rises to £24 a month for the rest of the plan. In comparison, O2 offers the same package for £30/month, compared to £32/month for Vodafone and £28/month for EE. And Three’s 5G is the best in the business for UK customers.

There are also half off savings on a number of Three’s other SIM-only contracts, so read on below to learn more about Three’s network and how you can take advantage of this deal before it disappears.

Sim Card Types

In our last review of the Three Network, we found it to offer solid all-around reliability, including elite and ever-improving 5G performance. It’s not just us, Opensignal released three 5G download speeds in September to deliver speeds of 228.4 Mbit/s. That’s a 24Mbit improvement on Three’s speeds in April this year and well ahead of the 130.5Mbits/s achieved by second-placed EE. It was the overall winner for 5G coverage with a score of 3.3, meaning three users found a 5G connection in more than a third of UK locations and the UK coast has the strongest availability of 3G and above.

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The awards don’t stop there either: Three was Opensignal’s overall winner for 5G availability and 5G video experience (basically, users had the best overall streaming experience over a 5G connection), which really highlights that this is one of the best SIM cards. Ready for 5G, you can get it now. The only minor negatives we found were Three’s rather average customer support score and a slightly disappointing 2/10 with their service in our Mobile Network Awards survey.

As this unlimited data deal shows, three of our current picks with mobile networks offer great value for money. But if you’d like to limit your gigabytes to something more manageable – and crucially, for a little less per month – then three people can get 250GB for the first six months (£20 per month thereafter). Well 100GB data for £8/month (£16/month after six months) and 30GB for £7/month (£14/month after that). All of these SIM-only contracts also come with unlimited texts and minutes, so you’ll want to act fast to avoid disappointment.

Update Three Monthly Plans Sim Only Review

If the Three isn’t for you, or you want to check out its competition for SIM-only parts, find more deals on our best SIM-only deals page. When we looked at the three for last year’s Mobile Network Awards, we wondered if the network was built for the return of 5G. After twelve months, triplets begin to occur.

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It is now the leader in 5G coverage and is starting to make progress in terms of performance, but it still faces stiff competition from Vodafone and – in particular – EE. Interestingly, the network is reportedly in early talks to merge with Vodafone, but judging by the glacial pace at which these things move, you may not see any impact for a year or so.

Is this reflected in better results in this year’s Expert Review Mobile Network Awards survey? Well, Three still needs to work on its customer service, but its value score is improving. Perhaps most critically, only 67% of the three subscribers we spoke to would recommend the network to a friend; Better scores than Virgin Mobile (61%) and Vodafone (65.5%), but better than speeds set by Smarty (92%), Voxi (around 90%) and Lebara (95%).

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For a while, Three’s big selling point was that it offered the latest phones at lower prices than other major networks. It is one of the best networks for unlimited data and also allows you to use your data abroad at no extra cost.

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The first two things still exist to some extent today. Buy an iPhone 14 for three and you can get it for £49/month over 24 months and £30 upfront, but with a whopping 1 gigabyte of data. Increase the data to a more realistic 100GB and the price rises to £61/month and £30, at which point you can go all out and pay £63/month for unlimited data. That’s not a bad price, especially when £63 on EE only gets you 125GB, but you can get the same phone and unlimited data on iD Mobile for £42/month – but you’ll get a £99 upfront fee.

It’s a slightly different story with the Samsung Galaxy S22, which costs £47 a month plus £30 for 100GB, but 125GB on EE will cost you £59 a month. Again, iD Mobile is still £33/month for 100GB of data, down from £29 previously.

What about SIM-only contracts? These start at £8 per month for a fairly modest 1GB contract for a 24-month contract, but with a 50% discount for the first six months. There is no discount for a 12-month contract and the price rises by £1. For 12GB or 30GB, you get better deals at £12/month and £14/month with the same terms, but if you sign up for just one year, the price increases by £2.

Update Three Monthly Plans Sim Only Review

At one time, Three’s Advanced Unlimited plan was probably the best SIM-only deal of them all, and at £24/month for 24 months, with half price for the first six months, it’s still a lot cheaper than similar plans from EE, O2. , Giffgaff or Vodafone. However, iD Mobile and Smarty have even cheaper unlimited offers, so three no longer have that spot.

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Looking at our survey data, the three do not stand out. True, more than a third of users say they are very satisfied with the network’s value for money, and almost half say they are somewhat satisfied, but this is still only 84% overall, with iD Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Smarty, Voxi and Nineties Lebara Polling.

Three also seem to have issues with customer service. Some 27% of users we surveyed are very satisfied, with a further 50% somewhat satisfied, but this is still ahead of most networks in our survey except for iD Mobile, Lebara, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.

Ofcom’s latest customer service and satisfaction report is also critical of the three. With a score of 86%, the network is below the 91% average for overall customer satisfaction. It also has the highest percentage of consumers who have reason to complain (16%) and has more complaints to Ofcom per 100,000 subscribers than average. Something is clearly wrong here and the trio really needs to work on improving their customer service going forward.

RootMetrics’ latest performance survey has some good news for three: Vodafone has overtaken Vodafone in the UK speed tables and taken second place behind EE. Three now has an average UK download speed of 29.9Mbits/s, which puts it behind EE at 66.2Mbits/s but ahead of Vodafone’s 23.8Mbits/s. The biggest improvements were in UK cities. RootMetrics ran its tests in 16 areas, and average download speeds in three were faster than 20 Mbits/s in all of them, and faster than 40 Mbits/s in eight.

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While RootMetrics no longer provides coverage maps, Three claims its 4G coverage reaches around 99.8% of the UK population, with 5G services at around 56%, with further and faster expansion planned over the next few years. Another thing, three starts

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