Update Three Huawei Phones Review

Update Three Huawei Phones Review – With enviable hardware, Huawei’s smartphones really hit the spot. We’ve compiled all the best options to suit your budget and needs

Huawei rode wave after wave of success in the late 2010s, becoming the UK’s third favorite smartphone maker, behind Apple and Samsung, with its range of high-quality, competitive phones.

Update Three Huawei Phones Review

Update Three Huawei Phones Review

However, the US trade ban on Huawei in 2019 still makes its smartphones incompatible with Google apps, including Gmail, Google Maps and the Play Store. This move essentially forced Huawei to launch its phones without essential apps and services, so if you’ve owned a Huawei device before, the user experience may be slightly different from how you remember it.

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Still, that doesn’t mean you should ignore Huawei entirely. With the best hardware and components, it still offers some top options – especially if you want a camera that will be the envy of all your friends. Huawei mobile phones are also sometimes sold at a cheaper price compared to their Apple and Samsung counterparts.

If all this talk of different operating systems and trade embargoes is starting to get to your head, read our buying guide and we’ll go over the latest happenings with Huawei. After that you will find a list of our top picks made by the Chinese brand; from the excellent flagships of the P series and the high-end Mate series to new foldable flagships, Huawei has it all.

Since May 2019, Huawei has been banned from doing business with any organization operating in the US, which means they had to review the way they did business – including the way they manufactured smartphones. As Google is an American company, this meant that many core features, including Gmail, YouTube and most notably the Google Play store, were no longer available to Huawei on new products.

Fortunately for Huawei, the Android software itself – while heavily affiliated and commercially sponsored by Google – is open source, meaning any person or company can do whatever they want with it. That means Huawei can continue to use it on its smartphones, albeit without core Google features.

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All this means that all phones launched by Huawei since May 2019 are without services and products owned by Google in their devices. Instead of the Google Play store, new Huawei phones have an ever-growing Huawei AppGallery, as well as alternative applications that play similar roles to Google’s versions. In addition, Huawei has now created its own operating system to replace Android on its smartphones: Harmony OS. Since this software is heavily based on Android, it’s a pretty similar experience overall. While customers in China will find Harmony OS 2.0 pre-installed on new phones, buyers in the rest of the world and the UK will get EMUI 12.

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Without unlimited Android software, there’s no guarantee of regular OS upgrades or security updates on Huawei devices, which is something to keep in mind before you buy. However, the company has promised that there will be continuous software improvements, and we found that within a week of receiving the P50 Pro for review, for example, there were a couple of OTA updates available.

Many older phones won’t miss out on these software changes either, after Huawei announced a list of 100 different Huawei Android phone models that would be compatible with a Harmony OS upgrade in the first part of 2022 with EMUI 12. A full list of eligible smartphones can be found in the image below.

Update Three Huawei Phones Review

For many, this Google-free life is a bit impractical when all your emails, files and calendar dates are synced with the company’s services, so giving up the full Android experience just isn’t an option.

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But for those who miss the old Huawei, there is good news. All Huawei phones originally shipped with Google Play Services – those released before the end of 2019 – still have access to Google apps, services and security updates. So you can still get a high-quality Huawei phone running your favorite apps, like the 2019 flagship P30 Pro, and in all likelihood for a lot less money than it originally sold for.

Buying an older phone model might not be palatable to the biggest tech enthusiasts, so buying another manufacturer’s Android-ready phone might be a better option. If that sounds like you, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered: read through our favorite Android smartphones to find a phone that suits you a little better.

The good news is that with such a wide selection of Huawei devices, you can get a decent model without going overboard, especially if you’re looking for a model released before May 2019. Some of the cheapest Huawei models are on sale currently for around £100.

Of Huawei smartphones, you should expect to spend a little extra. The latest and greatest Huawei phones can cost upwards of £1,000, so prepare your finances accordingly.

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For a good price on a previous Huawei flagship, the Mate 20 Pro is at the top in value. It improved on its predecessor by a wide margin, with a bigger screen, more processing and better battery life. It was Huawei’s first attempt at using curved screens for its smartphones as well, and it still looks pretty brilliant with its subtly patterned glass back.

With the Mate 30 Pro currently selling for over £1,000, this is the best option if you want an affordable Mate with Google apps. In fact, the Mate 20 Pro originally retailed for £900, so you’re getting a bit of a steal here, even if it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

Key specifications – Processor: Kirin 980; Screen: 6.5 inches, 2400 x 1224; Storage: 128 or 256 GB; Cameras: 50 MP, 13 MP (ultrawide), 12 MP (telephoto), 13 MP (selfie); Operating system: EMUI 9; Weight: 181g

Update Three Huawei Phones Review

Huawei P30 Pro was released in March 2019 and is the best Huawei smartphone if you want a full Android software. Like so many other Huawei devices, the cameras still hold up today, capturing night and low-light shots in great detail.

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However, the cameras were simply “the icing on the cake of perhaps the most well-rounded flagship yet,” according to senior editor Nathan Spendelow at the time of his review. The P30 Pro has an excellent battery – lasting more than 22 hours in our tests – with fast processing power, all encased in 6.47 inches of beautiful, curved glass. It was the last Huawei flagship to get the Google treatment as well, which is another huge bonus.

Key specifications – Processor: Kirin 980; Screen: 6.47 inches, 2340 x 1080; Storage: 64GB; Cameras: 40MP, 32MP (ToF front), 20MP (ultrawide), 8MP (telephoto); Operating System: Android 9; Weight: 192g

Despite a smaller, flatter screen than that found on the Pro model, the sleek Huawei P30 still packs a punch. Internally, the pair is mostly the same, with the same 2.6GHz octa-core Kirin 980 chipset with only RAM (6GB) and storage (128GB) differing slightly. Admittedly, we found the battery life to be lower than the P30 Pro, but the regular model still managed a day and a half of moderate use.

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For a phone not too dissimilar to the Pro, you can expect a relatively similar price. But the P30 is currently selling for half of what the Pro version is currently going for, making it another good choice.

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Key specifications – Processor: Kirin 980; Screen: 6.1 inches, 2340 x 1080; Storage: 64, 128 or 256 GB; Cameras: 40 MP, 16 MP (ultrawide), 8 MP (telephoto), 32 MP (selfie); Operating System: Android 9; Weight: 165g

It probably comes as little surprise that Huawei’s latest and greatest Pro model is built with quality hardware. Like the P20, P30 and P40 Pros before it, the P50 Pro is the best of the best when it comes to Huawei’s flagship range, offering all the great features we’ve come to love from Huawei.

There are improved internals and expert-level photographic capabilities, including a 50MP and 64MP lens (with 3.5x zoom), all packed into a beautiful bezel-less display. Mass storage, up to 512GB, means you don’t have to worry about running out of space to store media either.

Update Three Huawei Phones Review

The only problem is the lack of 5G connectivity. But if you’re happy with 4G, the P50 Pro really gives its competitors a run for their money, including the Samsung S22. If you’re not connected to Google, there’s really no reason not to buy it.

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Key Specifications – Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888; Screen: 6.6 inches, 2400 x 1224; Storage: 128, 256 or 512 GB; Cameras: 50 MP, 40 MP (monochrome), 64 MP (periscopic telephoto), 13 MP (ultrawide), 13 MP (selfie); Operating system: EMUI 12; Weight: 195g

Foldable phones are all the rage right now, and every smartphone company under the sun is creating their own. If you’re looking for a new alternative, Huawei might just have the answer. The P50 Pocket is a top pick, provided you’re not locked into a Google app lifestyle.

As expected from Huawei, the camera lineup is exceptional, with rich detail, well-judged autoexposure and pleasingly accurate colors. The selfie camera is pretty good too, but we found that portrait mode on the main camera should be your go-to lens for people shots. Add an amazing flexible screen and you’re in

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