Update The New Phone 2020 Review

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Samsung started updating its high-end smartphones and tablets to Android 12 in November 2021. Its mid-range devices started receiving the new version of Android earlier this year. Now the company has released Android 12 update for Galaxy A71.

Update The New Phone 2020 Review

Update The New Phone 2020 Review

The latest software update for the Galaxy A71, which comes with firmware version A715FZHU8CVB6, brings One UI based on Android 12 and the February 2022 security update. The new update is currently available in Hong Kong, but we expect Samsung to roll out the latest software to other countries over the next few weeks.

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If you are a Galaxy A71 user in Hong Kong, you can check for the Android 12 update on your smartphone by going to

. You can also choose to manually flash the new software after downloading the latest firmware file from our firmware database. Don’t forget to backup your important data before flashing manually.

Based on Android 12, the One UI 4.0 update brings a refreshed UI design with a Material You-inspired color palette feature, oversized sliders, and improved dark mode and AoD. The new update also improved privacy and security through quick settings changes that cut off access to the camera and microphone system-wide. Privacy indicators are displayed when using the camera and microphone.

The One UI 4.0 update also has a dedicated Privacy Dashboard, which is a better way to see which apps have accessed your information. Samsung has also improved performance and all stock apps. Bixby features, Bixby routines and accessibility features have also been improved with the new update.

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Recently, a few colleagues and I were reminiscing about the history of smartphone operating systems. At some point, the inevitable happened and Windows Phone became part of our conversation. It was then that I realized I had many fond memories of Microsoft’s now-defunct platform, except for one: the lack of support for third-party apps. […]

A week after the US carrier-locked Galaxy A21 started receiving the Android 12 update, Samsung is now rolling out a new version of the operating system to the US-unlocked version. The unlocked Galaxy A21 has finally made the jump from Android 11 to 12, but the security update is lagging behind. Galaxy A21 (Unlocked) […]

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Update The New Phone 2020 Review

Samsung released Android 12 update for Galaxy A11. This affordable smartphone was launched in early 2020 with Android 10 on board. And it looks like the Android 12 update could be its last major software update. Android 12 based One UI Core 4.1 update for Galaxy A11 comes with firmware version […]

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The Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung’s affordable tablet launched last year, has started receiving another major software update. The device launched with One UI 3 based on Android 11 out of the box and its LTE version is now getting the Android 12 update in various European countries. One UI based on Android 12 […]

The Galaxy A71, which receives quarterly software updates, is now getting the September 2022 security update. The mid-range smartphone, which was launched more than two years ago, will get the new security update in Hong Kong, and other regions may get the update soon. A715FZHU8CVI4 is the firmware version of the latest Galaxy […]

Samsung has finally released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A21. The update is currently rolling out in the US for carrier-locked models and brings the July 2022 security patch. The unlocked version of the Galaxy A21 hasn’t received the update yet, but we expect it to get a major Android OS update […] Three-year software update warranty A good argument for Nokia X20. Find out here what a large mid-range smartphone will convince you of.

Nokia hat die Naming notes Smartphones equipped. Das X20 is in Mittelklassegerät, aber unter den Neuvorstellungen fra dem Frühjahr das am besten ausgestattete Modell. The direct Nachfolger for the more than a year old Nokia 8.3 is not es nict – auch wenn sich eine optische Anhnlichkeit beim af die Rückseiden nicht leugnen läßt.

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With a diagonal of 6.67, the Nokia X20 is very large. With it you can use wider Ränder on the touch screen. With smartphone from Riesen in Hosen- oder Handtasche.

The Full-HD+ resolution with 2400×1080 pixels ensures a clear image display. Less satisfied stellt mich die Helligkeit. Sie wird vor allem bei Sonnenschein zu et problem. Even at maximum brightness I can barely make out the Anzeige. Right now that summer has finally started, I will not hope that the clouds will be able to use a smartphone.

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Under the hood is a Snapdragon 480 and eight Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher dafür zuständig, Nokia X20 læuft. In Geekbench 5 erreichen sie 512 a 1689 Punkte im Single- and Multi-Benchmark. Das sind düberliche Werte. Also neither herausragend gut, noch dramaticschlecht. In practice, you can use a smartphone. Apps are running and there are special demanding prerequisites to use better hardware in the long run. Sofern du dies verschmerzen kannst, ist hier alles fein.

Update The New Phone 2020 Review

The 5G hat for the Nokia X20 convinces with a table. Seinen 128 Gigabyte large Speicher, you can expand my one microSD card. This results in only one SIM card being able to fit into the smartphone. Also: Either Dual-SIM or microSD.

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On the back of the Nokia X20 is the camera lens. Der «Zeiss»-Schriftzug in ihrer Mitte indicates deutlich auf die Cooperation des Smartphone-Herstellers mit dem Objektivhersteller hin. This is the main camera with a 64-megapixel sensor. Seine Aufnahmen rechnet das X20 standardmäßig two photos with auflösung z 16 Megapixeln herunter. The idea of ​​this method called “Pixel Binning” is that durch das Zusammenführen von vier zu einem Pixel die Bildqualität besser wird. More cameras that are not available for megapixel photos will give you information about portrait photos in portrait mode or read as a macro lens, which is not motivated here – all with only a 2-megapixel solution.

Choose Grund den HDR Mode auszuschalten for Nokia X20. Mit ihm sind Wolken am blauen Himmel zu erkennen und nicht nur eine überlichtete weiße Fläche. The contrast became more and more intense. Die Detailgenauigkeit fällt hoch aus.

The wide-angle camera opens up new perspectives, but compared to the main camera, it also brings a significant reduction in quality. Die Aufnahmen sind weniger detailgenau. Five Megapixels are simply not enough.

Der zweifache Zoom, which zooms almost inside the high resolution of 64 megapixels, looks much better today. Achtfache Zoom is available inside the camera is only available digitally and is qualitatively no stranger to Vergrößerung der Bilddatei, die du auch naträglich anfertigen kanst.

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In macro mode, you can get very close to the subject. However, the 2 Megapixel camera promised such poor quality that it is a better decision to get more distance with the main camera and cut out the desired section.

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Night mode ensures significantly sharper and better quality photos in the dark with a longer exposure time. Für Weitwinkelaufnahme und den Zoom gibt es keinen Nachtmodus und die Ergebnisse sind umnachtet.

The front camera on the display has a resolution of 32 megapixels. Damit gelingen ihr in Bezug auf Detailgenauigkeit und Farben ordentlich Selfies. You are in HDR mode. Allerdings beseitigt er nicht die Probleme die frontkamera mit starken Kontrasten hat. Der Himmel im Hintergrund was sunny, blue and slightly cloudy – nicht weiß.

Update The New Phone 2020 Review

You can also use night mode for Selfies. Dieser hellt die Bilder auf, verhindert aber nicht, that die Qualität bei Dunkelheit manglehaft ist.

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This is a pure Android device that has a big advantage over Nokia, which has a solid case for smartphones des Herstellers. You want your one Launcher, installed your ihn mir selber and all applications de ich brugerzen vil, ebenfalls. Pre-installed apps are not available.

Pure Android has one more advantage: Nokia has to make a very efficient effort to install Updates des Betriebssystems auf seine Smartphones. Ein Grund Warum der Hersteller beim X20 eine Garantie über three Jahre Softwareupdates Gibt. The smartphone comes with Android 11 and updated accordingly to Android 14.

The fingerprint sensor is on the side of the Nokia X20 and is satisfied with the Power-Taste. Einschalten und Unlockren works with one movement. Kein auf der Rückseite herumtasten or Sensor hinter dem Display suchen. Im Alltag erkennt der Sensor meine Finger versältlich and entsperrt das Smartphone with a over.

The scope of delivery of the X20 includes a USB charging cable, but no Powerzteil mehr. Nokia wants Umwelt schonen und kann sicherlich nebenbei auch die Kosten senken. Because Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch ist that you have mindesdens ein Netzteil zu Hause, ist das nicht wild. Clear fast charging technology is not available. Hier bist du darauf angewiesen, was your power supply and X20 in Zusammenspiel hinbekommen.

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For me, the charging speed of the 4470 mAh battery was fine. Not so beeindruckend wie etwa na WarpCharge from OnePlus, aber wiederum quick genug, dass ich

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