Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review

Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review – My outlook for this year’s smartphone market is in stark contrast to the entire year. In fact, I think 2020 was a better year for smartphones than 2019 because the technologies introduced last year are rapidly developing and maturing.

Just look at how quickly we’ve jumped from 90Hz displays to 120Hz and even 144Hz bright, energy-efficient OLEDs. Even LCD displays have improved in this regard, so now mid-range models use HRR panels.

Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review

Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review

Fingerprint readers under the display have also made a big step. I’m still using my trusty OnePlus 7 Pro, which at the time boasted perhaps the fastest UD fingerprint reader and now seems sluggish compared to most 2020 implementations.

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Telephoto lenses are more common now, they shoot better and we even have more than one on some smartphones like the Mate 40 Pro+ (3x and 10x optical zoom) or the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (2x and 5x optical zoom). Unfortunately, not much has improved in the ultrawide department this year, other than more manufacturers starting to implement AF into them.

Finally, in 2020, batteries have gotten bigger and charge faster. Fast charging is also common in the budget segment, and was even advertised as a special feature in 2019. Also, a 4000mAh battery used to be standard, now most users frown on anything below 4500mAh or even 5000mAh.

Anyway, here’s my list of the 5 best phones of the year that reflect what I liked about technology in 2020.

Let me start with possibly the best phone of 2020 in my opinion. There is literally nothing I don’t like about this phone. Perhaps the perforation bothers me a bit, but the rest of the hardware covers 100% of my needs and expectations. And I’m sure it is for a lot of people.

First Thoughts & End Remarks

Great screen, flexible and competent camera setup, advanced and feature-rich software, insanely fast 120W charging, reliable battery life, stereo speakers and one of the best features on the list – Transparent Edition. The one we reviewed in the office is simply stunning in person and taps into my passionate side. It’s a real shame that it’s not available outside of China.

To be honest, I expected more from the Galaxy S20 lineup this year. I can’t really put my finger on it, but something just isn’t right with these phones and how Samsung is using the price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra to justify the high starting price of the other two S20s.

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Maybe that’s why I like the Galaxy S20 FE so much. It’s an excellent all-rounder at the right price – a real flagship killer in my book. It has a flagship SoC, has flexible camera setup with 3x zoom, extremely long battery life, fast charging, HRR OLED panel and many other high-end features that you wouldn’t normally find on a phone in this price range.

Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review

Sorry guys, this is my Samsung pick this year in case you were expecting to see the Z Fold2. This is also a great phone, but a little out of reach for the price, and I still don’t think the foldables are more than a tech showcase. But Samsung is definitely getting there.

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In 2014, when I received an original Sony Xperia Z1 Compact for my girlfriend’s birthday, something stuck with me. And that’s the feeling when you hold a small but powerful and capable smartphone. So you can easily control the phone with one hand. That’s why I think the iPhone 12 mini is one of the best phones of 2020, even though I’m not a huge Apple fan myself.

It’s the epitome of compact flagships, and I regret not suggesting my dad wait for the mini instead of pulling the trigger on the iPhone SE (2020). For anyone wary of big-screen phones and familiar with iOS, the iPhone 12 mini has it all.

While I can’t fully understand mobile games at this stage of their development, I really like the Asus ROG Phone 3. I’m an old school PC gamer and everything from the aesthetics to the super smooth 144Hz OLED and luxurious pressure. sensitive shoulder trigger is a matter of course. compromises. And the best part is that the powerful 6000 mAh battery is enough to keep the device running for several days.

Not to mention the huge selection of accessories that take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

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To be honest, I’m only including the OnePlus 8 Pro because it matches my priorities so well. The OnePlus 8 Pro is definitely an improvement on its predecessor (unlike the vanilla 8) in many aspects, but I still come to OnePlus because of that infamous software. That’s what I love about the brand and what I’ve gotten used to over the last few years. Although he is no longer a leading assassin.

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Objectively, the OnePlus 8 Pro is worth the price increase. OnePlus flagships have always been criticized for lacking some basic features, and the OnePlus 8 Pro is the company’s first phone to tick all the boxes. Super fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, IP68 certification and a display that can easily compete with the displays of Samsung’s top phones. Finally, OnePlus has also improved the camera experience quite a bit.

Good for you and still using the Note 4, it’s a really nice phone even for this day and age.

Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review

Funny you say that. My current Samsung Note 4, even with a custom ROM, could not save enough data for all the installed apps, especially the WhatsApp backup. Finally, I need to get a microSD card to transfer all my documents and multimedia files from the internet… Trusted Reviews reveals the 14 best Android phones worth your hard-earned money, based on our latest mobile phone reviews

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All these phones are fully tested according to our criteria below. Before reviewing any Android phone, one of our expert reviewers will spend at least a week using the phone as their primary smartphone. In that time, we’ve seen how the phone fares in day-to-day use – especially in terms of battery and camera performance – and we’ve also put it through a series of synthetic benchmarks and battery burn tests.

These tests give us a good indication of how the phone performs in normal use and also allow us to test manufacturers’ claims.

While the OnePlus 7T Pro is a minor update to the excellent OnePlus 7 Pro, it still takes our top spot because it builds on an already fantastic smartphone. New features include a chipset upgrade to the Snapdragon 855 Plus, a new macro camera mode, and slightly updated colors.

It retains the gorgeous high refresh rate display, curved body and fantastic specs and continues to give all other Android phones a run for their money.

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Unlike other OnePlus devices, it’s not ridiculously cheap, but at £649 / $699 it’s more affordable than other similarly specced phones on this list and offers great value. It’s also ridiculously fast thanks to the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset and tons of RAM, plus it has a very powerful triple camera on the back with a 48-megapixel main sensor and a roomy battery.

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While wireless charging and water resistance aren’t part of the equation, it has one of the nicest displays you’ll find on a phone, it’s gorgeous, offers great battery life, and the camera keeps getting better. The OnePlus 7T Pro shows that a growing company is able to bring significant changes and more competition without losing the factors that make the brand and its devices so uniquely appealing.

OnePlus 7T Pro 4G Smartphone 6.67 Inch 8GB RAM 256GB ROM EU Local Aftermarket Oxygen OS Snapdragon 855 Plus Octa Core 3 Rear Camera 4085mAh Battery International Version

Update The Best Smartphone Of 2020 Review

As the name suggests, the Plus is a larger, more functional version of the standard Note 10, complete with optional 5G. It’s a great phone and one of the best all-round Android devices we’ve looked at. It is powerful, has almost all functions and does not save at all. The downside is that it is large and expensive. The display, while fantastic, doesn’t have any fancy quick refresh technology like the OnePlus 7 Pro. But it doesn’t get much better if you want a big phone that’s the best of the best.

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This beast phone has a gorgeous display, plenty of noise, a huge battery, Qi charging, water resistance and comes with a USB-C connection. There’s not much new compared to the S10, but it’s still a real flagship Samsung phone for the start of 2020. However, its position may change with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, so watch this space for full reviews and ratings of these new products.

The S Pen is the main feature of the Note series, which is almost the only flagship that allows you to draw and take notes with the pen on the display. It’s a joy to write and draw with fantastic response and excellent palm rejection. With Note 10 Plus you

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