Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review

Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review

Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review – Christopher Nolan’s latest film was supposed to bring the cinema out of the corona crisis. While this didn’t really work, is the film visually and artistically stunning?

An unnamed CIA agent is involved in an operation at the Kiev Opera House. The terrorists are said to have planted explosives there. While working, they must find an informant and secure a certain item. But the operation goes wrong and the unnamed protagonist is captured by Russian mercenaries. However, not without receiving help shortly from an unknown person who can move the ball back in time. When the protagonist takes a poison capsule to avoid further torture by his captors, he presumably dies. But the capsule was not fatal. He wakes up on a ship and is told that the operation was a test. He now works in a secret operation called “Tenet”. Within this, you must discover more about the spheres and the time paradox associated with them. The clues soon lead him to a Russian oligarch who is said to be able to communicate in the future, and whose handling of the time-reversed bullets could lead to a new world war…

Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review

Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review

Every few years, these films are released and eagerly awaited by fans, critics and the film industry. Movies that highlight all the action. Movies that offer truly original and innovative stories outside of the franchise and parts of well-known themes or characters. It is not uncommon to expect films from a certain director who is always considered the savior of Hollywood because he deliberately defies convention and norms. We’re talking about Christopher Nolan. Above all, through

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The acclaimed director is a great Hollywood visionary and storyteller. Even if it does tackle the franchise, it’ll be pretty cool – like the Batman trilogy.

But self-representative films are always special; Those that stand out narratively and come up with visuals that make even the biggest tech-geek shudder. Who does not remember the cities involved in the founding? No one should be misled. Nolan isn’t one to sacrifice his movies for CGI. But on the contrary. Use practical effects on the group as much as possible. And if you have a truck full of trailers, do somersaults. That can’t be done, it doesn’t exist in Nolan’s world.

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After the director robbed the genre of war movies in 2017 and received some negative criticism for Dunkirk, the tension is even greater regarding his latest film. The story is a bit of narrative dynamics and visual ideas

Do you remember juggling all the fans and critics? And will Tenet really be the film that revives cinema after the first phase of the Covid-19 shutdown?

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Well, the answer to the last question is clearly “yes”. Because roughly $360 million is pretty average for a Nolan film, and not quite enough to propel a $200 million production toward revenue. The reason – how could it be otherwise – is still the global epidemic. The film was unable to develop its strength especially in the United States due to many closed theaters and a very limited screening. On the other hand, in Germany, during the short release period, Tenet saw the film twice as many times as its predecessor,

Visited him. But a game is one thing. The technical side is another. Here, too, there was some disagreement. Many viewers criticized the artificially complicated plot, which would be easy to watch. Others needed more steps to fully understand the story.

We can rightly say that Nolan also brings out all the points that make for great cinema on Tenet. It’s clear from the start that the story has many subtle hints and is quite complex. The concept of decoding temporal linearity is somewhat similar to dream worlds

Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review

Which questioned the truth and what is the dream of the heroes. But Nolan’s narrative here is less complex and more linear. There’s a bit of a Bond feel to it, mainly about averting some kind of world war by stopping a villain. But Nolan wouldn’t be Nolan if he didn’t come up with something very special. Again, it is the visuals of the film that (similarly

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) guarantees extravagance. While the director disabled gravity in Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, he plays with time here. After the main character engages in proper battles where the entropy of objects is reversed, Nolan creates fantastical scenes where time sometimes flies forward, sometimes backwards, or seems to do both at the same time. During the main scene between the 82nd and the 86th minute, it turns out that Hollywood still has good ideas, as this sequence is a small memory of the film itself.

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Visually, Nolan backs this up with a certain amount of CGI shots, but at less than 300, they’re well below what’s typical of today’s large-scale productions. By comparison, Avengers: Endgame used roughly 2,500 VFX shots.

The cool thing about Nolan’s films is that although he is reserved when it comes to visual effects, visually his films are incredibly innovative and impressive. And it’s still because it brilliantly combines visual and practical effects. Perhaps no other director allows computer-generated imagery to flow so organically into his film and get so much out of it that he invests so much of the budget in practical effects. After the explosions, you can easily see when the fire is real and when it isn’t (6’38). You can see when the bullets hit the surface and rip real holes. And you can see that it wasn’t just an airplane model that went into a hangar model.

With photographer Hoyte Van Hoytema, a very experienced person is once again on his side. The cinematic action during the fight scenes is fantastic, and the dynamics in the moments when the fighters go forward and backward in time (or both at the same time) are incredible. You often try to use superlatives, but you’ve never seen a fight scene like this before.

Blu Ray Kritik

Speaking of “watching”, let’s talk about what you hear. This time Tenet did not come with a Hans Zimmer credit, but with a much more experimental actor than his syndicate. The Swedish Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther) composed the tapestry from the leading voice and not just background music. He himself is the main character. With its experimental sounds, it is imposing and supports the events in a very special way. With no disrespect to Hans Zimmer, it’s doubtful that he would have enjoyed the experience as much. This won’t be to everyone’s taste – especially those looking for a moment

When it comes to acting, Tenet lacks a bit of the charm and charisma of its 2010 dream movie in the lead roles – especially in the agent league. John David Washington makes an effort and is physically there, but the character comes across as very cold and aloof. Robert Pattinson shows again that he is not an action actor. A classic misstep, he falters more through physical scenes, lacks facial drama, and works just as well in conversations with J.D. Washington is a bit tired and out of place – not a good sign for the next Batman. Imagine yourself in the shoes of Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and you suddenly realize how much more dynamic it could have been. So the other characters are clearly ripping it off here. Elizabeth Debicki gives a very strong performance as Kat and religious man Kenneth Branagh, a very bad bad guy who would look good in one of the upcoming Bond movies. You literally cringe as he relentlessly and aggressively yells at Kat, with no trace of cutting humor, spits at her in anger, or even kicks her as she lies on the floor – who would have thought that Shakespeare’s mime and director would upset her so much that .

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Update Tenet Blu Ray Steelbook Review

As usual with Nolan, he shot the Tenet analogue again. And as always, he makes extensive use of IMAX cameras. This in turn causes the format to shift between the fullscreen 1.78:1 and the narrower (here) 2.20:1 format known since The Dark Knight. In total, this time nearly 50% was shot in IMAX format. Starting with the opening scene of the Kyiv Opera, which provides excellent image stability and incredible clarity. The close-ups of the actors are incredibly well-detailed, and despite its analog origins, the grain remains very good in the background and backgrounds. The resolution of the 65mm footage is amazing, and it’s especially noticeable in scenes like the one where the main character is sitting between the railroad tracks. Paths and grass cover can be seen in the background. UHD-BD has to work hard to beat it. The coloring adapts to the given conditions and scenarios. Inside the opera, everything is bathed in warm tones of brown, yellow and ochre, reflecting the lighting of the auditorium.

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