Update Sumgam A50 Review

Update Sumgam A50 Review

Update Sumgam A50 Review – After a tumultuous year, Samsung has launched the all-new Galaxy A50. The device offers a ton of features, multiple cameras, and a great battery at a very affordable price. Below we’ve listed everything you need to know about the device.

Samsung Galaxy A50 319 8.4 performance 7.5/10 screen 9.0/10 battery life 9.0/10 software 8.5/10 camera 8.0/10 Pro nice screen great battery life great camera (good lighting) full software cons slow finger scan not waterproof Samsung reviews the Galaxy A50:

Update Sumgam A50 Review

Update Sumgam A50 Review

After spending a lot of time with the Galaxy A50, we’ve come to some conclusions in our extensive review. The AMOLED display is surprisingly gorgeous, and the battery life is surprisingly long. The hardware is faster than Samsung’s mid-range phones from 2018 — but certainly not as fast as the top-of-the-line models. As long as there is enough light, the triple camera can take beautiful photos. The wide-angle lens is a worthy addition. Unfortunately, we found that the fingerprint sensor is well positioned, but nowhere near as fast as the sensor on the previous Galaxy A model. We also regret the loss of IP68 certification.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

Still, the A50 is the best mid-range phone Samsung has ever made because the whole package is well-balanced and great value for money. Remember, the A50 is a big phone. Looking for something more compact? Then check out the Galaxy A40. You can read the full Galaxy A50 review here.

In recent years, sailboards have shrunk and, as a result, sails have grown larger. Samsung has included a 6.4-inch screen in the Galaxy A50. This AMOLED panel has 2340 x 1080 pixels and has a notch where the front camera is placed. In the end, it still has to fit, even with the A50’s tiny bezels.

A fingerprint sensor is built into this screen. After a lot of wandering, the sensor finally ended up in the most logical place. The scanner will debut on the A-series in 2017, while it’s still on the home button. The key was lost last year, so the sensor on the Galaxy A6 and A8 is on the back. On the Galaxy A7, it was on the side, on the power button, and now on the Galaxy A50, it’s on the front.

Samsung’s new mid-range processor, the Exynos 9610, runs in the 4GB Galaxy A50 and should provide plenty of performance. The A50 comes standard with 128GB of storage capacity in the Netherlands. It is expandable, moreover, the Galaxy A50 can hold 2 SIM cards.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 And Galaxy A30 Review

The device has an old-fashioned but very convenient headphone connection. You can fast charge it via the USB-C port on the bottom of the A50. Both the volume buttons and the power button can be found on the right side.

The Galaxy A50 runs on Android 9. The Samsung One UI interface is also present. It gives you lots of useful gadgets, like a built-in night mode, and a design that lets you do almost everything with one hand. As for future updates, not all the details are known yet.

Apparently, the Galaxy A50, an A-series phone, will get two major Android upgrades. Specifically, this means that the A50 will come to Android “Q” in 2020 and Android “R” in 2021. It’s unclear how often Samsung will provide A50 security updates. Of course, we’d like the device to be included in Samsung’s monthly calendar, but information on that is lacking at the moment.

Update Sumgam A50 Review

The Galaxy A50 slightly outlines the camera area on the 2017 A7. There’s a module on the back with a 25-megapixel main sensor, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. The triple camera setup is assisted on the front by a 25-megapixel selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Price In India, Full Specifications & Features

Apart from the screen, fingerprint sensor and triple camera, there is one more important feature of the Galaxy A50 that needs to be mentioned. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh, so it is much larger than previous similar devices. We’ll have to wait until we can review the device, but we have high expectations for battery life.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy A50 in the Netherlands in mid-March. You’ll soon be able to get it in black, white, blue, and orange. The suggested retail price is 349 Euros. There are affiliates and sponsoring partners. If you purchase an item through one of these links, we may earn a commission. study again.

Earlier this year, Samsung took a big step in its battle against Chinese competition in the Indian market with its Galaxy M series of phones. For the price it has to offer, the Galaxy M20 is one of the mainstays in Samsung’s budget lineup, and the company has now shifted its focus to its mid-range lineup with the Galaxy A50.

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Like the Galaxy M20, the Galaxy A50’s asking price (Rs 19,990, or $292) is pretty good, below Samsung’s Galaxy A7 (2018), which launched a few months ago, with lower specs but slightly more expensive than the Galaxy A50s. This is the first The first Galaxy phone with an in-display optical fingerprint sensor, it also packs other impressive features such as the new Exynos 9610 chipset, a large Super AMOLED display with small bezels, and triple rear cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: Finally, A Reasonable Samsung Mid Ranger

Are all the specifications coming together to create a great user experience? Buckle up and read on to find out!

From the front, the Galaxy A50 looks a lot like the Galaxy M20. Since the A50 uses an Infinity-U screen instead of an Infinity-V screen, the notch at the top center of the screen is a bit rounder than the M20, but the difference is negligible. The back has what’s called Samsung Glass, which is a plastic that looks like glass. The plastic doesn’t make the A50 feel cheap, nor is it overly heavy.

With gradient colors on the back, our black review unit had a rainbow-like pattern that looked absolutely stunning. There’s also a triple rear camera setup on the back, with three sensors stacked vertically, just like the Galaxy A7 (2018) or A9 (2018). One-handed operation is easy thanks to the small bezels around the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, but like all devices with such a large screen, you have to move the A50 in your hand to reach the corners of the screen with one hand.

Update Sumgam A50 Review

The Galaxy A50’s Super AMOLED screen is impressive. It has all the usual features you’d expect: bright (but not overly vibrant) colors, high brightness, deep blacks, and wide viewing angles. The notch isn’t too distracting, and you’ll quickly lose sight of it while watching a video or playing a game. In fact, the size of the chin below the screen turns you off more than the rest of the bezel. This helps make the on-screen navigation buttons less cumbersome to use, but Samsung certainly has room to shrink the chin in future devices.

Samsung Galaxy A50. The First In Display Fingerprint Device From Samsung Magiclifetips

When I first set up the in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy A50, I found it was no slower than the ultrasonic sensor on the Galaxy S10+. After a few days my opinion changed. The A50’s fingerprint sensor turns on when you tap it, but even though it registered my finger by tapping the sensor in all directions and saved multiple copies of the same finger, I got too many bugs. Worse, sometimes it would tell me to hold my finger on the sensor a little longer, only to tell me there were no matches after I did.

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Finger dryness seems to be an issue with this optical and ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader, and as someone with regularly dry hands, I couldn’t get the A50’s fingerprint reader to work for me on a single try. And I don’t think people should keep their fingers wet just to get the fancy new fingerprint sensor to work. Physical fingerprint sensors have gotten so good at this point that this in-display sensor seems like a step backwards.

The Galaxy A50 comes with facial recognition, which, combined with Android Pie’s wake-up feature, is my preferred method of biometric authentication. Facial recognition won’t work with any app, as it’s not an official biometric feature on Android, so using a fingerprint reader in an app that offers fingerprint recognition as a means of authentication can be difficult. If your fingers aren’t as dry as mine, maybe you’ll have fewer issues, but my personal experience makes me wish Samsung went back to capacitive fingerprint sensors and put them on the side of the device.

The Galaxy A50 features a triple rear camera setup consisting of a 25MP main lens, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens (123-degree field of view), and a 5MP depth sensor. It’s a similar setup to the Galaxy A7 (2018), except the main camera is a 25MP sensor instead of a 24MP sensor, so image quality doesn’t change as a result. The main camera takes good shots in plenty of natural light, but is shaky in low-light scenes. Detail gets blurred in low light conditions, and if there’s too much artificial light around,

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: Sammy Does Mid Range Right

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