Update Software Review

Update Software Review

Update Software Review – Samsung hits the mark once again with the latest release of its flagship Android 12/One UI 4 software update. In the past, we have sometimes had to wait a very long time, but in 2020 and 2021, Samsung has shown that it can develop and push software updates very quickly, with the official release of Android to his AOSP channel. migrated. Exactly one month later. It’s essentially a rewrite of some established concepts about Android to paint a better picture.

Just 41 days after Android was officially released as part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Samsung is releasing Android 12 with its One UI 4 Android skin to its flagship Galaxy S21 series. Successful. It’s safe to assume that Samsung worked with Google on the Android 12 update. The past year or so has been a fruitful collaboration between the two companies, delivering the new Wear OS and using it in the new Galaxy Watch 4 family of smartwatches. One UI 4 will also make the rounds on the upcoming Galaxy S22 flagship.

Update Software Review

Update Software Review

So what will happen with One UI 4.0 Has Samsung successfully integrated his Android 12 features into its own custom interface?Start a journey exploring Samsung’s software advancements and make it look like his previous One UI Let’s compare with an example.

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From the outset, at least at first glance, you won’t immediately see a significant difference between the new and old interfaces. While the visual differences between stock Android 11 and Android 12 are obvious, Samsung has integrated some novel visual elements in a very subtle way that fits nicely into One UI’s signature design language. If you’ve been using Samsung phones, you’re probably familiar with the all-new interface.

Frankly, most of the visual differences would have definitely put me off if I didn’t have another Samsung phone with the previous One UI. The difference is subtle and implemented so covertly that you need to know where to look for new additions to the interface – little to no physical evidence of you. That’s good! In fact, no one expected Samsung to abandon the style they had been building over the years and adopt Google’s new visual style, so how Android 12’s visual changes were implemented. was amazing from a Samsung fan’s point of view.

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Sure, there’s a new brightness slider and some stock icon updates, but overall, One UI 4 is pretty much the same as One UI 3.1…you’ll feel right at home.

Visual innovations aside, One UI 4 is, all things considered, the best interface Samsung has ever come up with… Gone are the days of flashy TouchWiz and a sterile, lifeless Samsung experience. , the UI has slowly evolved to be perhaps the best overall Android skin and has definitely improved Google’s underpinnings on stock Android. Naturally, one UI is user-friendly and at the same time adds plenty of customizability. This applies to previous iterations as well as now. Indeed, Samsung’s One UI, a more feature-rich and mature interface than standard Android, is getting easier and easier to use.

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First and foremost, Samsung’s One UI integrates nicely with the Android 12 theme. The “Wallpaper” menu has been upgraded to “Wallpapers and Styles”, inside which you can change the color palette and adjust the theme of your phone. Android 12’s color extraction feature also migrated to Samsung’s One UI, happily extracting the primary colors of your wallpaper to create a matching color palette to apply to your interface. Ultimately, the wallpaper you choose has a big impact on the color palette available, so don’t flaunt your interface even if it suggests flashy colors. Try another wallpaper.

Now color accents are not so prevalent and ubiquitous. For what it’s worth, you’ll see most of your custom colors in the notification area where the quick toggle and brightness slider resides. You can also, but I would argue that this only applies to Samsung’s stock apps and the resulting icons don’t look good at all. you can’t. It also makes sense since it’s themed and customized.

There is also a new Android Widget Chooser. It’s more intuitive than ever and presents the available widgets in a more consistent way. You can now easily check the widgets available on your home screen. Speaking of widgets, there have been some stock updates, but most are unchanged for better or worse. Probably because when Samsung was developing One UI 4, Google’s proprietary Monet theme engine wasn’t open source yet.

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Update Software Review

Finally, an interesting new feature has been introduced to Samsung’s One UI. Do you know how Apple’s iOS reacts when you reach the end of a list or a long menu? Thanks to the previously patented rubber band effect, the interface bounces in a jelly-like effect and feels natural. You can feel like you have reached a certain obstacle. Apple’s tight control over this interface element ended a year before him when the relevant patents expired, so there is no longer any legal impediment to implementing them in the Android world. So Samsung has achieved a satisfying overscroll effect with One UI 4. This effect can be seen in Google and Samsung stock apps like Messages, Contacts, etc., but it also works in most popular Android apps.

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Device Care is his one of the most modified menus. Previously, Samsung expressed device status as a percentage, but with One UI 4, this metric has been ignored and replaced by an emoji! I think it will change to a furrowed face, but I haven’t seen it change from the default smiley face (which I think is a good thing).

The camera app also has some small but important changes. An unexplained pictogram indicating the level of camera zoom was eventually replaced with a number. This gives a better indication of the zoom level. 1, 3, and 10 are more descriptive in an objective way than a group of trees, a single tree, or a single large tree.

Most of the privacy features introduced in Android 12 are also included in One UI 4. If an app is using your microphone or camera, you’ll see a green indicator in the upper right corner, where the battery percentage is usually located. Your approximate exact location is also displayed on the deck, so you can fine-tune your privacy settings to only share your true location with apps you truly trust.

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The new privacy dashboard is probably one of the best new features to come with One UI 4. See in detail what permissions have been granted to each app and for how long. You can easily revoke permissions directly from your privacy dashboard. But the best part is that everything is laid out so comprehensively that you don’t need extensive experience or knowledge to know what’s going on at any given point.

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Samsung also chose to make some somewhat controversial backward changes to Android 12, for which we are grateful. Newer versions of Android have very limited battery stats, showing only the last usage date. One UI 4 shows detailed battery stats since the last full charge, giving you deeper insight into your usage.

One of the key features coming to many of Samsung’s flagships with the One UI 4 update is RAM Plus, which allocates storage as 4GB of virtual memory, a particularly useful feature that basically improves your multitasking abilities. It’s a function. While this novelty is likely to be loved by the majority of power users, even regular his Galaxy users should benefit from this feature.

However, RAM Plus isn’t customizable, so you can’t choose how much storage to allocate as virtual memory, and given Samsung’s aggressive stance on background processes and apps, it’s questionable whether you’ll be able to make good use of the extra memory. Android will very likely kill the old process first.

Update Software Review

Overall, One UI 4 is very responsive and, in my experience, very stable and bug-free. But that’s my anecdote and yours may (or may) be very different. We are not experiencing any breaking bugs or issues impacting the One UI 4 release of Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 in South Korea.

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