Update Smartphone Top 10 2020 Review

Update Smartphone Top 10 2020 Review – As we wrap up the year, we look at the most popular reviews on our website and are now in the second quarter. These are the phones that everyone wanted to know about in the months of April to June.

While the first quarter of 2020 was dominated by flagship devices, the second quarter was the scene of a veritable budget battle of epic proportions. The original trio of Realme 6 phones technically debuted in March, but it wasn’t until they hit the scene in April that the hype really started. Both its vanilla Realme 6 and 6 Pro siblings bring solid budget performance – battery and otherwise, along with snappy 90Hz IPS panels to the table. Sure, the Realme 6 Pro grabbed a few more headlines, mainly because it had a dedicated 12MP telephoto camera – a feature that even its Realme 7 Pro successor didn’t get to enjoy.

Update Smartphone Top 10 2020 Review

Update Smartphone Top 10 2020 Review

But just because the Realme hits first doesn’t mean they hit the hardest. Going by our observational data, this gap clearly goes to the Xiaomi Redmi Note9 phone line which will soon follow. A line that is as impressive for its value proposition as it is confusing with an endless array of model variants and regional flavors and rebrands. The Redmi Note 9S, Note 9 Pro, and vanilla Note 9 all got solid readers and ranked the Q2 in the top 10, in that order. The three phones were largely similar and yet different enough to attract the large audience they served. A small chipset, camera, charger or other feature here and there proved to be enough to cover multiple use cases in certain markets.

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Best Samsung Phones In India In 2022

It certainly seems like a while since the iPhone 12 is the new ticket item, but the iPhone SE (2020) was and still is a huge highlight of the 2020 release. While the iPhone 12 mini has slightly outperformed the iPhone 12 mini in terms of compact Apple experience, the iPhone SE (2020) remains the budget king of Apple’s lineup and has become extremely popular on that merit alone. That and the fact that it has turned out to be a formidable little device that can live up to the expectations of most Apple users in 2020.

The budget-focused second quarter of 2020 still saw some major major news make it to the top 10 list. OnePlus 8 Pro remains the flagship of the company’s grille. Admittedly, the OnePlus 8T is breathing right down to its neck in most cases, making it a less obvious recommendation than before, but a device of great importance nonetheless.

Then there’s Sony with the Xperia 1 II and it’s consistently different and particular approach to flagship phone recipe. If you can target the readers then being different, or a Sony-different kind of thing at all, clearly works.

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