Update Smartphone Now Review

Update Smartphone Now Review

Update Smartphone Now Review – Google hasn’t updated its Android version distribution dashboard for some time, forcing users to open Android Studio to find the latest classification of the most popular Android versions.

Actually did just that and discovered the latest breach. Android 10 is the most popular version, with 26.5% of all devices that visited the Play Store in seven days.

Update Smartphone Now Review

Update Smartphone Now Review

Meanwhile, Android 11 lags behind with 24.2% of devices. Surprisingly, Android 12 did not appear at all. The latest version of Android was only released on October 4, but

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It is also assumed that the data is at least three weeks old. However, you can check out the preview on the website below.

Android 9.0 Pie came in third with 18.2% of all reported devices, followed by Oreo (13.7%) and Nougat (6.3%). Close behind were Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop, accounting for 0.6%, 1.4%, and 3.9% of devices, respectively.

In any case, the adoption of Android 12 is a good start for several brands. Google dropped the rolling update for Pixel users, while Samsung rolled out the update to Galaxy S21 owners. But the Android ecosystem desperately needs other manufacturers like OnePlus, Motorola and Xiaomi to step up if they hope to be early adopters this time around. OnePlus is finally addressing what is the weak point of its phones: their update schedules. The company announced on Friday that the OnePlus 8 series (T, R, regular and Pro) and all new flagships will receive three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates. We’re still waiting on details from OnePlus, but from the looks of it, this commitment is in line with Samsung’s update plan, putting OnePlus on par for the best Android support timeframe. Google, the maker of Android, is now in third place.

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OnePlus is in the midst of a major shift and the future of the company is not entirely clear. For years, OnePlus has offered flagship-style smartphones at surprisingly low prices, going as low as the $670 OnePlus 7 Pro in 2019. Since then, founder Carl Pei left the company in October 2020, initiating a significant shift in strategy. . The 2021 OnePlus 9 Pro was priced at $969, the same price as a comparable Samsung phone. In January 2021, OnePlus said it would merge “some research and development capabilities” with Chinese parent company Oppo, and in June 2021, the two companies announced a full merger.

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OnePlus says the new, longer support time is the result of combining the company’s development of the OnePlus Android skin, Oxygen OS, with Oppo’s Android skin, Color OS. The two skins are generally aimed at different markets, but it seems that the interface will not merge. “It’s a change you won’t notice because it’s happening behind the scenes,” OnePlus says.

OnePlus’ announcement did not specify whether security updates would occur every four years. Currently, the company delivers security updates every two to three months, which is not good compared to Samsung and Google. We’ve reached out to OnePlus for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

OnePlus and Samsung’s longer support times may have been prompted by Qualcomm’s announcement in December that it would extend support for its flagship SoCs to three years of major updates and four years of security updates. Android updates tend to be much smoother when the SoC vendor supports the update, and now that Qualcomm has extended the timeline, we’re seeing OEMs take advantage of the support and pass it on to customers.

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Update Smartphone Now Review

Google has yet to extend its support timeline, and the company is currently third behind Samsung and OnePlus in terms of three-year operating system and security updates. It’s unfortunate for a company that’s supposed to be a leader in the Android ecosystem, but when the Pixel 6 comes with Google’s “Whitechapel” SoC, Google isn’t putting any limits on how long it will support the phone. The pressure is designed to provide longer support. The company may even bring Apple in line with iOS 15, which has been updated for six years.

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Ron Amadeo Ron is a reviews editor at Ars Technica, specializing in Android OS and Google products. He is always on the lookout for new gadgets and loves to take things apart to see how they work. Currently, one of the popular An smartphones is getting An 12 update now. Dutch Samsung Galaxy A72 users can get started. with new functions.

Samsung is rapidly upgrading its devices to An 12. Now it’s the turn of the cheaper Galaxy A series smartphones. The Galaxy A72 has the feature and will be updated to the latest version from now on. The update brings all the An 12 plus One UI 4 skin improvements.

Do you have a Samsung A72? Updating your phone is very easy. Go to Settings, select “Software Update” at the bottom, and tap “Download and Install.” The device will then search for the latest software and then you can start the installation. You can wait until you get an automatic notification when a new update is ready for you.

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Provides 12 new views. Samsung phones now have a color palette option that lets you give menus, settings, and app icons a different look. The phone will look at the wallpaper you have set. For example, if you use a blue background, you will see blue everywhere in the interface.

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Apart from the A72, many Galaxy A phones are getting the An 12 update. The most important and popular devices are the Galaxy A52 and A52s, which will be updated soon (hopefully). Since then, Samsung has updated the requisite high-end phones. For example, think of the Samsung S21, S20, S10 and the company’s foldable devices.

The Samsung Galaxy A72 was launched in March last year and is a very popular mid-ranger. The device is similar to the A52 in many ways, but with a bigger screen, an extra camera and slightly longer battery life. The device has the same processor, the same design and runs the same software.

Want to learn more? In our Samsung Galaxy A72 review, we tell you all about the phone. Also, if you’re looking for information on these devices, check out our Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52s reviews. Samsung is rumored to be working on the successor to the A72, the Galaxy A73.

Update Smartphone Now Review

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