Update Sim Home Broadband Review

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

Update Sim Home Broadband Review – We broke down the 5G router, showed you how to set it up, tested the upload and download speeds, and explained if it’s worth the price.

Three 5G Hub is a broadband router that connects to the Internet using a 5G signal instead of a phone line.

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

Like a regular broadband router, the Three 5G Hub creates a Wi-Fi network that computers, phones, game consoles, and other devices can connect to. However, instead of plugging into a wall socket, the 5G Hub connects to the Internet wirelessly using a 5G signal.

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This means there is no need to invite an engineer to visit your home or wait for the connection to activate. As soon as the 5G Hub shows up, you can connect right away – it’s so easy to set up – you can practically plug and play.

In some cases, a 5G hub can allow you to achieve faster upload and download speeds than a traditional broadband connection. The theoretical maximum download speed for this router on a 3 5G network is 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps), and in our real-world tests we were able to achieve speeds over 700 Mbps.

Plus, with a 5G hub costing just between £18 and £24 a month, depending on which contract you choose, it can give you access to ultra-fast broadband at a much lower cost than providers like Virgin Media or BT.

Although this router is branded with all three, the device is actually a Zyxel NR5103E mobile broadband router.

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Three sell the 5G hub on a monthly or 24-month contract — the second option has a much lower monthly cost. Each plan comes with unlimited data, which means you don’t have to worry about any usage or download limits like you would with a regular home broadband connection.

Before purchasing, you will need to enter your zip code on Three’s website to check if you can get a good 5G signal at your address. You can also use their network coverage map to check if you will get high download speed with this 5G broadband router.

Once you order a 5G Hub online, it usually arrives in the mail within 1-2 business days – we arrived the next day. You have 30 days to return your device after you receive it if you decide 5G broadband isn’t for you.

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Update Sim Home Broadband Review

Below you can find Zyxel NR5103E Router with Three Brands 5G Hub. It’s quite heavy and there isn’t much room inside the box to hold the router, so be careful not to drop it when you take it out.

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On the back of the router, you’ll find four external antenna ports, two ethernet ports, a USB port, an on/off button, and a power port. It also contains your Wi-Fi login information.

The power cord and Ethernet cable are in a cardboard bag on the back of the box. You can use an Ethernet cable to connect computers and game consoles to a 5G hub for a more stable broadband connection.

Status icons are located on the top of the router, but you can only see them if the router is connected to a network – we’ve shown what they look like in the next section.

Setting up the Three 5G Hub router is a very simple process. Basically, all you need to do is insert the SIM card, plug in the router, and turn it on.

G Ac86u|modem Routers|asus Global

You want to remove the second largest SIM card, also known as the micro SIM. Be careful not to accidentally puncture the smaller nano SIM card.

Then take the 5G Hub, turn it upside down and slide the rubber door that covers the SIM card slot. Insert the micro SIM card with the “three” logo facing down until you hear a click and the SIM card stays in place. Replace the door rubber.

It must be said that with the previous 5G hub of the 3, the ZTE MC801A, it was a lot easier because the SIM card was already in the router when it arrived in the mail.

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

Plug the power cord into a power outlet and plug the other end into the power port on the back of the 5G hub.

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It will now take about three minutes for the router to boot up. You’ll find the status lights on top of the router – when they’re all on and green (as in the third picture), you’re ready to connect to the network.

It’s no problem if the signal bar is blue, but if it’s red, you may not be getting good broadband speeds. We’ll talk about this in more detail below.

Contrary to what Three Quick Guide says, the Wi-Fi password is not located at the base of the router.

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The base just contains a QR code that scans your password along with other information. But we don’t recommend using this because the QR code is too small to use.

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Instead, find the password on the side of the router, near the antenna ports. Our Wi-Fi was called “Three_424D”.

At this point, you can download the Three 5G Broadband mobile app if you want. This allows you to control most of the settings you’d find in the router’s admin panel, such as creating a guest Wi-Fi network.

With a mobile broadband router such as the 5G Hub, it is important to test the device in various locations around the house to determine where it receives the best signal.

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

A good place to start is with the router on the windowsill upstairs. However, you may get better speeds on a windowsill on the other side of your house.

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Your first clue is the signal plate on top of the router. If it’s green, your 5G Hub is most likely in a good location, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the fastest possible upload and download speeds.

In our case, we achieved download speeds of around 400Mbps in the first place. Then, when we moved the router to an upstairs window ledge, we achieved a download speed of 720Mbps.

We found that our download speed also depends on the position of the router, specifically how it is rotated. Sometimes it was possible to move the router around and sacrifice a bit of download speed in exchange for a faster download speed.

This test was carried out in the best mode for the router, in terms of increasing download speed, which was the top window.

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We found that by rotating the router we were able to achieve faster download speeds as shown in speed test #3.

This test was done when we first installed the router, which was in the basement by the window overlooking the garden. It was the other side of the house for the first Test.

This test was done with the router in the same location as the first test, but rotated slightly, which seemed to increase download speeds.

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

We found that the 5G hub was significantly slower when tested with an Ethernet connection, though it had much faster download speeds and slightly lower ping.

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Home 5g Broadband Plan Hong Kong

This is because we had to place the Hub near our computer instead of leaving it next to a window to run these tests.

The speeds you’ll get with a 5G hub can vary widely from home to home. This depends on how strong the 3 5G network is in your location.

The best way to get an idea of ​​how fast you’ll get is to use the three networks’ coverage map. Enter your zip code and find good indoor and outdoor 5G coverage where you live.

If the map shows you have a good 5G signal indoors and outdoors, you can expect speeds of at least 100-200Mbps, and up to 500-700Mbps, as we found in our speed tests.

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If you don’t get speeds to your liking, you can always put the 5G hub back into three, provided the router isn’t damaged.

If you’re not getting a good enough 5G signal according to your map, you can try Three’s 4G Router, or 4G Hub, instead. It also offers good speeds with unlimited mobile broadband data for a very reasonable monthly cost.

It’s also worth noting that the new Zyxel 5G Hub that Three is currently selling is much faster than the older ZTE 5G Hub. With the old machine, we were only able to get about 300mbps download speed on the same address.

Update Sim Home Broadband Review

We tested the 5G Hub while playing Rocket League, an online game where low latency is very important. In our tests, we connected our PC directly to the 5G Hub using the included Ethernet cable.

Three Home Broadband Router Review

In a game, we usually have a ping of around 50ms when connecting to the nearest game servers. Although a bit on the high side, our experience was very smooth. We didn’t notice any lags or lags while playing Rocket League.

Check out this YouTube review of this router to get a better idea of ​​the 5G Hub gaming experience.

Overall, we can say that Home Broadband 3 5G offers very good value

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