Update Samsung Tv 72 Inch Review

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Update Samsung Tv 72 Inch Review

Update Samsung Tv 72 Inch Review

David has been reviewing TVs, streaming services, streaming devices and home entertainment since 2002. He is an ISF certified, NIST trained calibrator and has developed his own TV test procedure. Previously, David wrote reviews and features for Sound & Vision magazine and eTown.com. He is known to two people on Twitter as “the Cormac McCarthy of consumer electronics”.

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TV buyers often wonder how big they should be. , Our advice is to be as big as possible. If you have the space for it, a 75-inch TV is really impressive. You might be surprised to find that the cheapest big screen TVs cost less than $700, which is an affordable price for such a large smart TV. Several of the best 75-inch TVs for the money make our list of the best TVs for 2022, including high-end OLED TVs. Technically, they measure 77 inches, but they are still retained.

The list below shows the best TVs I’ve reviewed in the test lab, and I’ll compare them against each other to see which one is worth buying. I reviewed the 65-inch sizes in the range listed below, but the 75-inch and 77-inch versions are essentially the same outside of screen size. I’ll periodically update our best 75-inch TV options, and if you haven’t already checked out the latest version, I’ll include an Outlook section to give you an idea of ​​what you’re missing (or missing). ).

No TV I’ve ever tried offers this much picture quality for so little money. The TCL 6 Series has a great picture thanks to its mini LED technology and well-implemented local dimming, which helps it run afoul of any other TV at this price point. It is also a good choice for gamers with THX mode, which combines low input lag and high contrast. As if that weren’t enough, the Roku TV operating system is our favorite choice.

This TV came out in 2020 but is still a current model and still my choice. TCL also sells an 8k version of the 6 series, but I don’t think it’s worth the extra money, and I don’t have the extra money either, and that’s a version I’ve yet to review (although the TCL matches it, it has the same picture quality as the Roku version).

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Outlook: This TV replacement is the TCL R655 series. We haven’t reviewed it yet, but according to TCL, it should be brighter than this model with more local dimming zones, as well as a 144Hz gaming input and an improved stand design. The price between these two series is similar.

The C2 delivers premium image quality at a premium price, but not too crazy. It outperforms every non-OLED TV on this list, including the Samsung QN90B TV below, with excellent black levels, excellent contrast and out-of-angle viewing. It also has great gaming features, making it the perfect companion for Xbox Series X or S, PlayStation 5, or both. The C2 comes in a variety of sizes, but the larger models are expensive.

Improvements over last year’s C1 include a carbon build that’s up to 47% lighter — the 65-inch version we reviewed weighs just 37 pounds with the stand, compared to 72 pounds for the 65-inch C1. like some additional tweaks in game mode and a new “always ready” feature.

Update Samsung Tv 72 Inch Review

Roku is the go-to platform for streaming TV services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, and it’s even better on TV. This TCL 4 series can’t beat the above models in terms of picture quality — its 4K resolution and HDR performance don’t help the picture much — but it’s fine for most people, especially at this price.

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We haven’t reviewed the latest version of this TV, the TCL S455 series, but the specs are similar and we expect it to be largely the same as the previous model we reviewed.

Note that TCL also makes a Google TV and Android TV version of the Series 4. We haven’t reviewed those, but we expect picture quality to be similar to the Roku version.

The Vizio MQX is one of the most expensive TVs with full local dimming, allowing you to produce TV shows, movies and games with enough contrast and pop to do HDR justice. The MQX has fewer dimming zones than more expensive TVs like the TCL 6-Series — 42 in the 75-inch size — but that’s enough for bright highlights, deep black levels, sharp contrast, and excellent overall picture quality with precision. Color.

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Unlike last year’s m7, the MQX is compatible with 4k/120hz signals from gaming consoles such as the xbox series x and PlayStation 5, and performed well in our tests. The Vizio M-series supports both major HDR formats, HDR10 and Dolby Vision. If you can’t shell out the cash for the TCL Series 6, but want a better picture than the Series 4, the Vizio MQX is the perfect medium for satisfaction.

Buy Samsung 75 Inch Qn85b Neo Qled 4k Smart Tv

Looking for a high-end TV with excellent picture quality, but you don’t want OLED? Samsung QN90B is your best choice. This TV uses QLED TV technology, complete with small LEDs for a brighter picture than any OLED TV. OLED’s incredible contrast still won our side-by-side tests, but the QN90B’s QLED display is even closer.

An older version of this TV, the QN90A, sells for hundreds less. It’s also a great performer, but slightly weaker than the QN90B. It also lacks some of the features of the 2022 model, including the new Game Hub with cloud gaming.

Samsung is the brand that sells the most TVs of all, and one of its most popular is the Q60 series. Its sleek QLED screen design stands out compared to the other TVs on this list – although the ultra-thin OLED models are stylish – and offers better features, picture quality and more dimensions than the likes of the TCL 4-Series and Sony X80K . All the TVs listed in this article are great values, but if you want a Samsung TV and can’t afford the QN90A, this is a great choice.

Update Samsung Tv 72 Inch Review

Note that the 2021 version, the Q60A, is still on sale and may be cheaper than the Q60B. The new version performed well in our tests, but if you want the best deal, stick with the Q60A while it’s still available.

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Our TV reviews follow the rigorous, unbiased rating process behind nearly two decades of TV reviews. Our main TV test lab has specialized light and color measurement equipment, including a Konica Minolta CS-2000 spectroradiometer, Murideo Sig-G 4K HDR signal generator and AVPro Connect 8×8 4K HDR distribution matrix. We offer Portrait Display CalMan Ultimate software to evaluate and calibrate any TV you watch. Each TV review compares three or more similar TVs side-by-side in different lighting conditions for a variety of content, including movies, TV shows and games, in a variety of test categories, from color to video processing to gaming to HDR. Our reviews cover design, features, smart TV performance, HDMI input and gaming compatibility, and more. belongs to.

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It depends on the size of the room, the seating distance and your personal taste. A 75-inch TV is usually great for a large living room or home, but it’s too big for smaller living rooms or multiple bedrooms. You don’t need a big TV to get a better experience if you sit closer to the screen. For maximum theatrical effect, according to THX and SMPTE, you should be between 7.5 and 10 feet from the 75-inch screen, although many viewers will be more comfortable sitting a little further back. Every 75-inch TV has 4K resolution, and if you have 20/20 vision, you can sit about 4.5 feet from the screen and still not make out individual pixels.

Most 75-inch TVs are between 65-67 inches wide. Since the bezels around new TV screens are usually very narrow, the width of a 75-inch TV won’t change much. At the bottom are models with very thin bezels — for example, the 75-inch Samsung QN90A is 65.7 inches wide, while the 75-inch TCL 4-Series with slightly thicker bezels is 66.1 inches wide. Unless you plan to wall mount the TV, you generally want the piece of furniture that supports the TV to be at least as wide as the TV itself, preferably a few inches wider. Check the manufacturer’s website for the exact dimensions of a specific 75-inch or 77-inch TV.

A 75-inch TV weighs between 75 and 100 pounds with the stand, but this varies greatly depending on the type of TV. For example, the 75-inch TCL Series 4 TV weighs 75 pounds with the stand, while the 75-inch Samsung QN90A weighs 98.8 pounds with the stand. Often, removing the stand, which consists of a pair of small legs under the board, will allow you to do this

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