Update Samsung S5 Specs Review

Update Samsung S5 Specs Review – It may not be made with premium build materials (like the HTC One M8), but I think the GS5 still looks pretty sharp.

It’s not easy to create an innovative smartphone anymore, but Samsung managed to do a pretty big update on the GS5

Update Samsung S5 Specs Review

Update Samsung S5 Specs Review

Like the Galaxy Note 3, the GS5 uses a micro USB 3.0 port for charging – and is protected by a flip-up cover

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: More Evolution Than Revolution Despite New Hardware Features

With the help of the ultra power saving mode, you can extend the battery life by a few percentage points with several hours of extra operating time

After you hold your finger on the sensor for a few seconds, the GS5 will tell you your heart rate

The GS5’s 5.1-inch display looks great and offers 4% more screen real estate than the GS4’s display

The GS5 has an easier recording mode this time around (although you can still download some if you want)

Samsung Galaxy S5: Australian Review

In the last two years, smartphones have hit a wall. Make no mistake, they are still improving. However, manufacturers have to put a lot of effort into making their phones stand out from the crowd. Can the latest flagship from the world’s biggest smartphone maker outdo the rest? Let Gizmag answer as we review the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Today’s smartphones have a common theme. Pick one up, play with it, and you’ll probably notice some great new features. A new sensor here, a slightly bigger screen there, flatter software design everywhere. Overall, though, the phone probably won’t be much different from last year’s model. This will probably give you just enough updates to miss out on if you upgrade to the latest version. This is the story of HTC One (M8), iPhone 5s and many other flagships. But is this also the story of the new Samsung Galaxy S5? We’ll see.

Samsung has made one hell of a phone here. The Galaxy S5 has a lot in common with the Galaxy S4, but the GS4 was already a very good phone. And if I were to make a wish list of how Samsung could have improved the GS4, the GS5’s new features would have ticked many of those boxes — and more. That’s pretty much all you can ask for today.

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Update Samsung S5 Specs Review

The first development comes from the construction of the Galaxy S5. The standard plastic found on the Galaxy S4 (and most pre-2014 Samsung mobile devices) was light and durable, but also felt quite cheap and flimsy. Now Samsung has turned a new page and replaced the usual plastic with a different kind of plastic. Wine. With dimples.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Bewertung: Mini Nicht Mächtig

Okay, dimpled leather can be pretty. And that may be the case. But I think it’s a step up for the Galaxy S series. And what the leather lacks in originality, it makes up for in comfort. Its slightly soft touch surface is pleasant in the hand. If you’re going to make a phone as big as the GS5 (it’s about 40% larger than the iPhone 5s), it helps to make it as comfortable as possible. Samsung hit the nail on the head there. I think the GS5 feels much better in the hand than its biggest rival on the Android side of the fence, the HTC One M8.

If I had to pick a killer feature for the Galaxy S5, I’d probably choose its water resistance. I wouldn’t call it waterproof, but with an IP67 rating, it can stay in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for 30 minutes and still work. To achieve this, Samsung put a cover on the phone’s charging port (a quick flick with your fingernail opens it when you need to charge).

Samsung isn’t the first phone maker to do this (Sony launched a waterproof flagship in early 2013, and Samsung’s own Galaxy S4 Active had the same IP67 rating). But it’s still a nice layer of protection in one of the most popular phones on the planet. Now you can use GS5 while showering or bathing, or even by the pool or in the hot tub, without any problems. Even those unfortunate toilet drops are no longer a concern.

The Galaxy S5’s home button doubles as a fingerprint reader. If you choose to set up fingerprint security, you’ll unlock your (otherwise) password-protected device by swiping down the home button. It’s a great mix of safety and convenience.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

The fingerprint reader works well. Since you have to slide your finger over the home button instead of just resting it there (like you do on the iPhone 5s), there’s a bit more of a learning curve. Now that I’ve figured it out, I can almost always save it on the first try. But when I first started using the GS5, sometimes I would tilt my finger too far in one direction, swipe too slowly, or slide off the center and it wouldn’t pick up.

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However, if you don’t register, the GS5 will display small messages prompting you to make the appropriate swipe. So even if you struggle at first, it’s easy to improve. Eventually, the right balayage will come naturally and you won’t even have to think about it.

There is also a little trick you can use to increase your chances. The GS5 allows you to register three fingers, so I programmed the same finger (the one I use most) twice. When I “taught” the GS5 to recognize it, I slid at a slightly different angle each time. At least in theory, this doubles the chance of a successful sweep.

Update Samsung S5 Specs Review

You can use the fingerprint reader to sign in to PayPal and authorize PayPal or Samsung Apps purchases. I tested both and had no problem verifying these connections with my fingerprint. It’s refreshing to be able to purchase apps or verify PayPal transfers without entering a password or PIN. I look forward to the day when every password can be replaced by my unique fingerprint like a snowflake.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm G900f)

I think Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor performs slightly better than the GS5’s scanner. On the iPhone 5s, you can rest your finger on the button for just a moment (usually less than a second) and—bam—it’s done. On the GS5, the swipe and careful learning process of just swiping in the right direction takes that convenience factor down a notch. It’s not a dramatic difference, though, and while it’s not quite Touch ID-level, I think the scanner is still a great option on the GS5.

A good benefit of the fingerprint reader is that the home button now looks more powerful. The home button on the GS4 felt a bit cheap and flimsy, but the button on the GS5 is stronger and snappier.

The fingerprint reader isn’t the only biometric sensor on the Galaxy S5. Samsung has also added a heart rate monitor that sits on the back of the device just below the camera. When you want to check your heart rate, simply launch the S Health app (there’s even a home screen widget that lets you jump directly to the app’s heart rate), hold your finger on the button for a few seconds, and read the data. .

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The heart rate monitor works as advertised. The reading can sometimes take up to 10-15 seconds, and you should try to stay still and quiet during the measurement. But you can count on accurate measurements. Great for exercise, for people monitoring their stress levels, or even as a hobby. However, if you buy one of Samsung’s new wearables – the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, or Gear Fit – the GS5’s heart rate monitor will be somewhat redundant, since they all have one.

Samsung Galaxy S5 4g+ To Arrive In Europe This Month

The GS5 has a fantastic display. It’s 4% larger than the Galaxy S4’s screen, with the same razor-sharp 1080p resolution. The extra real estate is subtle but noticeable. The GS5’s 5.1-inch display strikes a great balance between screen size and phone size. It’s bigger and would approach Galaxy Note territory.

Easily one of the best smartphone screens I’ve used. As I’ve often said lately, the excellent screens on the HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3 (among others) also provide spacious and beautiful 1080p screens.

Android has been moving towards virtual on-screen navigation buttons (home, back, and recent apps) for some time. But I prefer Samsung’s approach, with a physical home button and two capacitive buttons, each located below the screen.

Update Samsung S5 Specs Review

What’s more, even if Android’s immersive mode removes virtual buttons from other phones in the most important places (image galleries, videos, and sometimes e-books), their other apps end up sacrificing performance. space on the screen. However, thanks to Samsung’s off-screen buttons, you can still use 100% of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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