Update Samsung S10 Deals Review

Update Samsung S10 Deals Review – The Samsung Galaxy S10 was introduced in 2019. At the time, it was the flagship model of the South Korean manufacturer, alongside the larger Galaxy S10+. Today’s status: It has already been passed down from many generations. The question arises: Is it still worth buying the Samsung Galaxy S10?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is part of the South Korean manufacturer’s popular high-end line. This is the standard model. More demanding contemporaries can also use the more powerful Samsung Galaxy S10+. However, the differences are mostly limited to the display diagonal, memory, battery capacity and camera. The 5G variant will also hit stores in 2020. But as good as the S10 devices were when they launched, there are already several new generations of Galaxy devices. So the Galaxy S10 is just a thing of the past, but is the smartphone really showing its age? We took a closer look at the smartphone.

Update Samsung S10 Deals Review

Update Samsung S10 Deals Review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is still a powerful smartphone, but it can no longer keep up with modern high-end devices. The AMOLED display measures just 6.1 inches – but pairs it with an excellent QHD resolution of 1,440 x 3,040 pixels (551 ppi). The Samsung Galaxy S21, introduced at the beginning of 2021, on the other hand, only offers a resolution of 1,080 x 2,400 pixels and 424 ppi, which is also true of many successes. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Exynos 9820 chip works inside, but it can’t even begin to keep up with current flagship processors. Built-in 8GB of RAM is still a part of everyday life, but some mobile phones already offer double the RAM. In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is no longer able to convince.

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The situation is similar with batteries. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a battery capacity of only 3,400 mAh, which is not a particularly good value considering the large display and powerful processor. Today’s high-end smartphones typically offer well over 4,000 mAh, sometimes even over 5,000 mAh. You should also consider that the performance of lithium-ion batteries degrades over time before purchasing. And this applies not only to used equipment, but also to those that have spent several years in storage. Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been out of production for a long time, all available models are several years old. Therefore, there is also a so-called deep external risk. Not to mention that according to many user reports, Samsung phones are especially affected by burnt batteries. In such cases there is a risk of fire or even explosion.

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The Galaxy S10’s triple camera, on the other hand, can be found on the Pro side. It performed satisfactorily in the test and received the best rating: 5 out of 5 possible stars, and the WLAN standard IEEE 802.11 ax (Wi-Fi 6) is also present. What’s missing is 5G compatibility.

In terms of hardware, the bottom line is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 no longer convinces. But what about the software? Because major version updates on Android smartphones stop after about two years, and security patches are anything but routinely distributed to older models. that is right? It is not correct! Because Samsung changed its update policy at the end of 2020 to the delight of users: at least high-end smartphones and some mid-range models are since then provided with major version updates for at least three years. Therefore, the Galaxy S10 received an update to Android 12.

Security patches now: The Samsung Galaxy S10 is currently still receiving security patches (until October 2022). Not monthly, but quarterly. The end of the update period is approaching and with it the risks of insufficiently secured systems – data theft and potential financial loss. From this point of view, the Galaxy S10 is no longer recommended.

Galaxy S10 Gets Its Quarterly Dose Of Security Update With October 2022 Patch

With the Galaxy S10, Samsung is putting together a solid overall package and is asking for at least 900 euros for the launch.

Normally, a comparison of the price and performance of the Samsung Galaxy S10 should come up at this point, but it is no longer necessary. Although the mobile phone should still be suitable for the average consumer in terms of performance (as of October 2022) and the camera should continue to take good pictures, it no longer matters in terms of the two elimination criteria.

If, on the one hand, there is the possibility of buying a smartphone with a battery that is damaged by deep discharge, and on the other hand, it has the capacity to inflate without warning, then the purchase price no longer matters. A big role. Especially since security patches will also be in place soon, which poses a risk to any kind of data transfer over the World Wide Web – including sensitive data transfer and online banking. To summarize: No, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is no longer available for purchase. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20, like the company’s other flagships, is said to be getting at least three major software updates. (Image: Samsung)

Update Samsung S10 Deals Review

Samsung’s flagship smartphones are getting more expensive every year, but soon you should be able to use the device for a long time without restrictions: Samsung promises that all flagships from the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 will receive at least three major software updates.

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Galaxy S10 Series Is Getting The September Update

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Z Fold 2 today in the Galaxy Unpacked live stream. One of the most important announcements was only made as a side note, but Samsung has now confirmed this short statement to the Android Authority: all of the company’s flagship smartphones should receive at least three major OS updates.

And it’s not just the upcoming devices: Samsung has confirmed that its update policy will also be followed for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10 and, of course, the new Galaxy Note 20. Up until now, the company’s smartphones have typically only received two major Android updates, giving consumers provides a full year of Android feature and security updates.

Specifically, this means that the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, which originally shipped with Android 9 Pie, will receive an update to Android 12 in 2022, while the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 will not receive the new software until Android 13 in 2022. 2023. .

Samsung did not provide any specific information about the Galaxy Z Flip (from 982 euros on Amazon) and the Galaxy Fold (from 1,654 euros on Amazon), but it would make sense if this updated policy also applied to folding smartphones Implemented while cheap tools. Maybe just keep getting one or two big updates.

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The Galaxy S10 series started receiving the October 2022 security update. Samsung released its new security updates three weeks ago, starting with the Galaxy S22 series. Later, the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 FE also received the update.

Update Samsung S10 Deals Review

The latest software update for Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ comes with firmware version G97xFXXUGHVJ1. The update is currently available in Switzerland and we expect it to be available in other European countries in the next few days. The new software should be widely available worldwide by the end of this month. However, in the US, the update could arrive as early as next month.

Samsung Updates The Galaxy S10 Lite With One Ui 2.5

The October 2022 security patch fixes more than 47 security vulnerabilities, according to Samsung’s security documentation. The update may also bring general bug fixes and stability improvements.

If you are a Galaxy S10 user in Switzerland, you can now download and install the new software update on your phone

Although we’re two days into November, most Samsung devices still haven’t received the October 2022 security patch. But the company is still working

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