Update Samsung Oled Tv 65 Review

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Samsung’s S95B TV shows that the latest OLED panels with quantum dot technology can have vivid colors.

Update Samsung Oled Tv 65 Review

Update Samsung Oled Tv 65 Review

$1,897.99, $997.99 on Amazon

Samsung S95b Oled Tv Review

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Samsung Electronics has been pushing quantum dot backlight LCD TVs for years, ignoring organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology. But now the company has combined the two to create a stunning S95B TV. This new item offers the highest level of brightness seen in OLED models, complemented by excellent color performance. However, the use of quantum dots in OLED panels makes it more difficult to determine what the black level is. At $2,999.99 for the 65-inch model we tested, it offers almost the same color as the Editors’ Choice award-winning LG C2 Evo OLED TV ($2,499.99 for the 65-inch model). It provides the deep black levels you would expect from an OLED.

The OLED TV and Samsung’s flagship model, the S95B, is surprising and attractive. A thin black border (only 0.4 inches thick) surrounds the active screen, with a thin gray metal strip around the edge. A narrow strip of slightly black metal material marks the bottom edge, and a small notch in the bottom right corner houses the TV’s remote microphone and infrared sensor, respectively. The S95B can be placed on a 14″ wide rectangular metal base or mounted on a wall.

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Samsung S95b Im Test: Qd Oled Ist Die Fernseher Zukunft

The panels are incredibly thin (about 1/4 inch) in many places. The thickest part is the gray plastic cover that houses all the electronics and physical connections. Two HDMI ports (one eARC) and two USB ports are on the right, with two additional HDMI ports, Ethernet port, optical audio output, 3.5mm EX-LINK port and antenna/cable connections below.

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The package includes a simple rectangular dark gray Samsung Eco Remote with energy-efficient features. It has an internal rechargeable battery that can be powered by a USB-C port or sunlight (the solar panel is at the bottom). The front has a large circular navigation bar at the top. It has power, volume, multi-mode and settings buttons and a microphone at the top. menu key; volume and channel rocker; Beneath the pad are dedicated service buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix and Samsung TV Plus.

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Update Samsung Oled Tv 65 Review

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Samsung’s Tizen-based smart TV platform remains the biggest obstacle to a smooth user experience. The biggest problem is the menu design. For example, it is difficult to access various settings if you move away from the very simple settings that appear when you press the menu button. Even switching between inputs feels slow and choppy. It’s just an awkward experience compared to other major smart TV platforms.

That said, it’s full of features, opens apps for major streaming services, and supports Apple AirPlay 2 (except Chromecast). The S95B’s remote microphone also allows for hands-free voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung’s Bixby.

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Update Samsung Oled Tv 65 Review

The Samsung S95B is a 4K OLED TV with a 120Hz refresh rate. Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) in HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). Despite Dolby Atmos support for audio, Samsung continues to avoid Dolby Vision compatibility. The S95B has an ATSC 3.0 tuner for high-definition and 4K TV broadcasts.

The 2 Best Oled Tvs Of 2022

Test your TV using the Klein K-80 colorizer (opens in a new window), Murideo SIX-G signal generator (opens in a new window) and Calman software from Portrait Displays (opens in a new window).

In fact, OLED TVs should have an “infinite” contrast ratio. That’s because the technology can turn each pixel on and off, lighten or darken to produce exceptional black levels. But the S95B is not. Because quantum dots are used to enhance the color, in most cases the black level of the panel will not look completely black. Some parts of the screen don’t actually emit light in an isolated environment, but the quantum dot layer also reacts to ambient light, such as reflected off other parts of the screen or glass parts of the panel. The dark areas of the screen still look very dark, but not quite what you would expect from an OLED panel. However, the black level value cannot be measured here because it is technically pitch-black in the absence of light.

The chart above shows the color gradation of the S95B, the SDR signal compared to the Rec.709 broadcast standard, and the HDR signal compared to the DCI-P3 digital cinema standard. Either way, it’s as good as we’ve seen before. All SDR colors are the same as HDR primary colors. The cyan, magenta and yellow shifts very slightly but are still very accurate. Color performance is very similar to the LG C2, with green slightly ahead of the ideal saturation level and slightly off secondary colors.

Looks great on the S95B. The colors of greenery, watercolor, etc. look natural, varied and vibrant. Fine details like silk and bark are easily visible in light and dark scenes, while shadows look dark enough with clear texture. Also, compared to high-end LED TVs, the OLED panel (maximum brightness) is very bright.

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Lg Oled65c8pua: 65 Inch Class 4k Hdr Smart Oled Tv W/ Ai Thinq®

It looks natural (not purple or undertone). Later, in a burning laboratory scene, the flames show various shades of yellow and orange. The TV shows the highlights of the fire and preserves all textures. Shadow detail is clearly visible even in the dark areas of the frame.

It looks dark, but still shows a lot of texture and outlines. High-contrast images show detail even on very bright white objects. The skin tone is also beautifully saturated, balanced and natural.

In terms of specs, the S95B will appeal to gamers. The 120Hz TV supports variable refresh rates with AMD FreeSync Premium and features automatic low latency mode (ALLM). Game Mode also has a handy gaming dashboard that shows the current refresh rate and which VRR features are being used. However, the LG C2 does not have an Nvidia G-Sync compatibility mode (the LG model also supports FreeSync Premium).

Update Samsung Oled Tv 65 Review

First, due to test conditions at Samsung’s facility, it was not possible to perform standard input latency measurements with the HDFury Diva HDMI Matrix (opens in a new window). Instead, I used the Leo Bodnar 1080p Video Signal Input Delay Tester (opens in a new window) to measure the delay. In game mode, I hit 9.4 milliseconds, which is well below the 10-meter threshold that TVs use to declare themselves on their list of best games.

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After that test session, subject to conditions, we were able to use standard backend test equipment. This time, however, direct access to the S95B was not possible. I couldn’t test it at first, so I watched the tests done by Samsung technicians remotely. Fully cloned the test method using HDFury Diva.

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