Update Samsung M31 In Jumia Review

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I’m surprised you can get a £245 smartphone with a vibrant AMOLED display and a battery that lasts two days. For anyone who is obsessed with the content on their phone; Don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy M31 to surprise you in any other area, just the absolute price.

Update Samsung M31 In Jumia Review

Update Samsung M31 In Jumia Review

Samsung’s A-series smartphones are a staple sight in most UK stores, and for good reason. It aims to appeal to the mid-range audience that has been eyed by Xiaomi and OnePlus. Although a major part of Samsung’s global production, the Galaxy M series is less recognizable.

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The Galaxy M smartphones, which are very popular in India, try to pack premium specs into an affordable form factor; At least, it’s on paper. The series recently received a major overhaul for 2020, and one of those phones, the Samsung Galaxy M31, has hit the UK market.

The Galaxy A series has done a pretty decent job with the mid-range space, but can Samsung pull off the same trick further down the price scale? It’s time to find out.

At 159.2 x 75.1 x 8.9mm and 191g, the Galaxy M31 is a large phone by modern standards. After recently getting used to the lightweight nature of the Pixel 3a XL, the M31 feels like a big beast in comparison. But with that extra weight it lets you know it’s still a solid product, even though it’s on the affordable side of the spectrum.

Inside that place, the Phone has a 6.4-inch screen with a teardrop notch at the bottom and a slight bezel on the chin at the bottom. For £245, I’m surprised at how much the front of the phone compromises. There’s even a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy M31 (8gb Ram, 128gb Storage)

However, flipping the phone is a little different. At first, the M31’s plastic base is a literal fingerprint magnet, and the smooth cover itself doesn’t grip well to the hand. Unless you’re completely confident in your fallible ability to never drop your phone. I recommend taking a bag just to be safe.

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Although, a little camera glitch here and there. Four camera sensors make sure the phone is in your pocket or lying down. With the screen facing up on a table, the camera sensor array is obvious.

As with the A series, Samsung’s marketing for the M segment is the screen; Focused on camera and battery life three. While we’ll get to the latter two shortly, Samsung has toned it down with the M31’s display, which is probably the phone’s best feature (besides the price).

Update Samsung M31 In Jumia Review

The aforementioned 6.4-inch screen uses a juicy AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2340 x 1080, ensuring that everything on the screen always pops, whether it’s the homepage background or the second round of The Last Dance on Netflix (courtesy).

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Yes, Even with this top FHD+ resolution, if you want to reduce the full screen experience, I can’t understand the fact that we have to deal with it to get into the action. that’s right It’s a bit small compared to Apple’s now seriously outdated shelves, but it’s still there.

Another minor problem is that unlike the new Moto G 5G Plus, it has a basic 60Hz display. But that’s a forgivable omission, as plenty of phones at this price jump to 90Hz.

The Pixel 3a XL gets used to a smooth and seamless version of Android 10. Samsung’s custom skin isn’t the worst, but it’s also patchy, even if it’s not the worst.

For example, Apart from Samsung’s own apps, the bloatware they usually use is minimal. I don’t know why I have to use the Galaxy Store when I have the Google App Store.

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Fortunately for the M31, Despite the affordable price, everything is quite good. It comes with a Samsung Exynos 9611 SoC processor and 6GB of RAM under the hood. Don’t expect exhilarating speed from the M31; However, this setting results in very decent performance.

For example, the dedicated fingerprint sensor is fast and reliable (probably more so than some of the in-display fingerprint sensors we’ve seen on expensive phones). The same goes for face unlock; It’s like having a big animation under the front camera to let you know what you’re doing.

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But a nagging problem that keeps cropping up is the inexplicable malfunction with some wearables. It seems to have evened out after a few software updates. The phone would stop connecting normally to my Whoop 3.0 Band and TicWatch C2 Plus smartwatch. If you’re not a smartwatch fan, you’ll probably never run into this problem, but it’s become a royal pain for fitness freaks like me who like to track health stats.

Update Samsung M31 In Jumia Review

If you enjoy playing mobile games on your lunch break, the M31 should have you covered for most titles – don’t expect Fortnite to be available anytime soon. As Launcher has consistently pointed out, the Galaxy M31 isn’t just one of the best performing phones for playing Fortnite, but it clearly doesn’t have the clout to get into the game and squirm. but surprisingly, the M31 had no problem running online games in Call of Duty: Mobile, and smaller titles like Alto’s Odyssey performed well.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review

My outdated laptop is to blame for the poor Wi-Fi connection, but under working from home conditions, everything is fine. I decided to use my phone as my primary listening device for extended calls. music Follow my indoor workout and enjoy YouTube fitness at lunch. Suffice it to say, I tried the battery on the Galaxy M31, but it fights back in impressive fashion.

With a massive 6000 mAh battery, the Galaxy M31 stays connected to Wi-Fi most of the time. Although there are many wearable devices that support Bluetooth and a pair of wireless headphones. The Galaxy M31 lasted about two days on a single charge. Linked in for good measure. That’s on top of the extreme utility features I mentioned earlier. Simply put, you’d have to be a serious procrastinator to even consider draining your battery completely in one day.

The Galaxy M31 proves that all-day battery life doesn’t cost the earth, and if you plan on using the M31 as your primary media device of choice. Coupled with the phone’s AMOLED display, this incredible battery life matches. – Made in heaven. You could drink this for hours.

The only downside is that it supposedly includes 15w fast charging, and I disagree. When plugged in, it takes just over two hours to fully charge from 8%. If charging your phone overnight is part of your routine, there won’t be a problem here, but there’s no doubt you need a quick top-up before you leave the house.

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Reasons To Buy & Not To Buy Samsung Galaxy M31

On paper The promise of a Samsung smartphone with four rear cameras for less than £250 is unfortunately all too realistic. 64-megapixel f/1.8 primary sensor on the back; 8-megapixel f/2.2 ultra-wide sensor; 5-megapixel f/2.2 depth sensor and everyone’s favorite; It has a 5-megapixel f/2.4 macro camera. .

My baby I don’t share the same disdain for the inclusion of macro cameras in smartphones that others criticize; And every now and then it’s fun to take an artistic shot of a bug or a flower. But let’s face it. The real meat and potatoes are pretty wide and big cameras.

Of the latter, I was actually surprised to see dynamic shots with the M31’s main sensor. for example, My incredibly detailed shot below has a natural bokeh effect and the colors are saturated and bright.

Update Samsung M31 In Jumia Review

It wasn’t until I zoomed in on the portrait that I noticed the camera’s inability to capture fine detail; It’s a problem that becomes more apparent when you switch to the M31’s ultra-wide lens.

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Zooming into the corners of every wide-angle shot taken with the M31 lacks distinct detail. I can understand the appeal of wanting a wide-angle sensor, but if it’s only going to perform below par, I’d like to see resources invested in improving the main sensor. In comparison, the Pixel 3a only has one rear sensor, but it benefits from being one of the best photography smartphones out there.

The video is also a bit of a mixed bag. What is surprising is that the Galaxy M31 can do it.

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