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The Samsung Galaxy M51 is like the kid in your school who wasn’t necessarily the best, but despite his annoying attitude, he was grateful for almost everything.

Update Samsung M31 6gb Price Review

Update Samsung M31 6gb Price Review

It often happens that the proverbial “jack of all trades” can generally make you a master of none and rather a mediocre one. Especially easy to jack on the trigger. Given the number of OEMs available today, you’ll probably find it harder to get your hands on a phone that doesn’t make most of it at least tolerable. Get over this and you’ll find the best-in-class phones – they do almost everything well. Then there are a few others – phones that may not be super or stunning, but are good enough for what they are designed for. The Samsung Galaxy M51 is a bit similar.

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Contrary to what you might commonly assume, the amount of this competition is plentiful. At Rs 24,999 for the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variant we tested, the Samsung Galaxy M51 competes with the OnePlus Nord (Rs 27,999), Google Pixel 4a (Rs 31,999) and Apple iPhone SE 2020 (Rs 32,999) on phones that are more expensive, and the Vivo V20 (Rs 24,990) is the price match. If you’re interested in larger phones with flagship processors, you also have phones like the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro (Rs 26,999) and Kingdom X3 SuperZoom (Rs 23,999) on hand. With so many choices, does it make sense to invest in the Samsung Galaxy M51?

The Samsung Galaxy M51 follows LG’s signature design – an elegant rectangle in the top left corner for the rear cameras, a centrally aligned front-facing punch, and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the right power button. While this design remains functional, it looks like the language of the instrument has slipped from the older generation flagship. It doesn’t look old, but especially yawning, it either looks new or it doesn’t. In fact, the “electric blue” color of our review unit, I would go so far as to say, is also a bit dirty compared to its rivals, largely due to the “glass” of the back panel.

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The composite faux glass back panel feels more plastic than glass, while it also both scratches and attracts smudges a little more easily. Keeping your phone clean and shiny at all times is a small task, and unless you’re very careful to keep your phone in a tangled key case or love to clean it with a straight cloth, you’re pretty sure you’re going to receive a hefty dose of scrubbing. in the back, which is just not good.

Despite the weight of the 6.7-inch display, the battery inside 7,000mAh, the thickness of 9.5mm and the weight of 213 P., Samsung Galaxy M51 does not feel very heavy. In fact, the Galaxy M51 feels quite smooth in the hand thanks to the thin screen, which complements the rest of the phone’s body. It helps that I have large palms to hold it, and for me the sensor of the side of the finger pressed on the button is quite comfortable and easy to hold and use. You can also scroll over the power button (a feature you get when you unlock developer mode on your phone) for easy access to notifications and quick settings. In short, if you can scratch the back of the phone prone, it feels like a premium phone that was built to last.

Samsung Galaxy M31s Review: Great Battery And Smooth Ui Make It A Good Phone For All

The 6.7 inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED Plus display is a typical Samsung experience. Colors are punchy, sharp, vibrant and oversaturated on the Samsung Galaxy M51 and you don’t even feel like it’s unnatural. Thanks to the natural tendency of AMOLED panels to produce higher contrast ratios, the Galaxy M51 produces deep blacks and deep sharpness that help almost any content on any smartphone display to look its best. Unfortunately, unlike its competitors, it doesn’t offer a fast refresh rate here – it’s good old 60Hz latency.

But there is no such thing. You don’t really want this, and you won’t regret not having a faster refresh rate than 90Hz or 120Hz unless you’re running alongside the M51. All volumes look light and most games look and play quite smooth on them. Even high-rate content is rendered with no smartphone display and no color changes from sharp viewing angles. All this means that the Galaxy M51 display is a pleasure to use both in direct sunlight (thanks to a sufficient peak brightness level) and at night in completely dark rooms.

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The Galaxy M51 runs the Samsung OneUI interface, which you can read more about in our Samsung Galaxy M31 review. As the days go by, Samsung’s TouchWiz is somewhat mature, but here’s an odd quirk. Coincidentally, Samsung hasn’t given all its phones to support a haptic vibration mechanism inside, which is why you won’t find a setting to get vibration feedback for menu operations on the phone. There are many user reviews about this on the Samsung forums and apparently it is an issue with the OneUI firmware on some Galaxy M phones. I’m completely beside myself as to what the compatibility issue should be, but this should be something that a future software update from Samsung should fix.

Update Samsung M31 6gb Price Review

But the easy flow of using the tool will be confusing for you. Be advised before making a purchase.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review And Price In Bangladesh

The Samsung Galaxy M51 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G octa-core SoC, along with 8GB of RAM (also 6GB RAM variants) and 128GB of native storage. You can expand the memory externally by up to 512 GB. The century used is clearly medium range, but it is enough for most tasks thanks to the promotions from Qualcomm. Multitasking on the Galaxy M51 is quite easy, with no excessive lag or stuttering for normal things like email apps, social media services, camera, utility and the like. For example, you can switch between two email apps, three messaging apps, three social media apps, a music app, a notes app, a calendar, and navigation — all without blinking.

In terms of gaming, the Galaxy M51 renders demanding games such as our test series (Asphalt 9: Legends, Major Kart: Blades, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Real Cricket 20) quite well. They are sometimes stuttering, such as B. Interpolations in the animations and menus in the game, and the rendering engine is not very high. But the core of the game is rendered acceptable by the quality of the graphics and overall the game is more playable than here. It doesn’t feel like a compromise, and the overall gaming performance is a notch above what its recent and direct rival, the Vivo V20, offers.

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However, OnePlus Nord’s Snapdragon 765G performs better in terms of core gaming performance. So if you’re a gamer or an all-around power user, the Nord will be a better choice for you. If you’re an average user, there’s no reason not to reach for the Samsung Galaxy M51 for everyday use — especially since it handles all the simple tasks with outstanding ease.

Fourteen on the back plays the familiar tune, with a 64-megapixel primary configured, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide, a 5-megapixel macro and a 5-megapixel depth camera. The Galaxy M51 seems quite capable of capturing sharp images in most conditions, except for low light, as it tends to push the color saturation a little further to try and compensate for the light. However, in a brightly lit environment, the Samsung Galaxy M51 produces good sharpness, good color reproduction and is slightly oversaturated.

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Oversaturation is forgivable, as an overall good dynamic range means fairly good color and shadow development in most areas. However, there is a tendency towards warmer tones, which can make photos taken early in the morning seem a bit too intense. Additionally, the 32-megapixel front camera gives you adequate color tones and detailed texture selfies for social media.

Somehow the Samsung Galaxy M51 doesn’t have a 60fps video mode – which I personally find more and more handy when making short videos on the phone. The faster frame rate just makes it easier to smooth slow-mo when editing video for a 30fps clip, and while the Galaxy M51 can shoot 4K, the lack of a full HD 60fps mode is a little disappointing. But this shouldn’t be much of a deal-breaker unless you’re content with looking for a mid-range premium smartphone. That’s why I want it

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