Update Samsung Galaxy S21 Note Price Review

Update Samsung Galaxy S21 Note Price Review – It’s been several months since the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus was released and, as expected, the price has dropped significantly. It started with a proud selling price of 1.049 euros, which was very high compared to what was offered. At this point “only” 850 euros should be put on the table.

Very good technical information for this price. Under the hood is the Exynos 2100, a significant step forward over the previous Exynos 990, with a 6 and 7-inch OLED display supporting 120 Hertz and a larger-than-average battery. 4.800mAh. All of this sounds very good, but competitors don’t sleep and offer little on paper, especially in cameras, displays, and fast charging. In this detailed review, we want to clarify how the S21 Plus compares to its competitors, and whether it’s worth the low price. If appropriate, use this information to also compare the S21Ultra plus.

Update Samsung Galaxy S21 Note Price Review

Update Samsung Galaxy S21 Note Price Review

Dimensions of 161, 5mm long and 75 and 6mm wide are suggested differently, but the S21 Plus looks bigger and bigger in the hand than its competitors like the OnePlus 9 Pro. The reason for this, on the one hand, is the fact that it weighs 200g and Samsung has provided a display that rotates on both sides to make the smartphone appear larger than it really is. The ultra difference isn’t that big. Those who like big and heavy phones will get their money’s worth here. For a better experience, we recommend buying a regular S21, OnePlus 9 or 9th Pro. The latter are very comfortable due to the display’s rounded corners and light weight, but are very small in size.

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The frame is made of high-gloss metal, and the fingerprints are magically attracted to it, while giving it a very luxurious feel. While black, silver, and gold are the same colors as the device, Samsung gave the red and purple colors an eye-catching bronze color. So the S21 Plus gets less attention. Personally, I prefer the combination of purple backing and copper frame, as the manufacturer offers a wide range and I like it optically.

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Next, let’s look at the back side. This has a matte glass that feels very nice and high quality. Fingerprints are not visible. As mentioned earlier, our customers have black, silver, gold, red and purple colors. I have tried this finish and it always looks slightly different depending on the amount of light. It’s not really a strong violet, but a calming violet that shows up a bit in bright light.

In addition to color, you can immediately see the new camera feature in the left corner. With the S21 series, Samsung has introduced a new look that has not been seen in other smartphones. The three-sensor camera mount moves smoothly backwards from the frame of the device. To match the frame, the purple and red copper colors and other colors of the device were matched. The camera lens protrudes noticeably from the housing, making the S21 Plus a bit wobbly when used on a table.

The front is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victors, the strongest glass used in smartphones. Of course, I’m not 100% sure if that’s a percentage, but fortunately the display glass survived the fall without a trace. Opening the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus welcomes us with a large OLED display hindered by a small hole in the center that houses the front camera. The edges around the band are now smaller than before. The edge of the screen is essentially the thinnest edge on a current smartphone. Anyone who can currently have an iPhone or Huawei P40 Pro+ continues. Many should also be delighted that Samsung doesn’t have a full-width display on this year’s Plus model. This has the advantage of not having annoying displays on the side of the screen, but it makes the phone look bigger. With slightly rounded corners, the OnePlus 9 Pro is thinner in the hand.

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In particular, the edges of the screen are thinner than almost all other phones. (painting:)

There is no need to criticize when it comes to work. Nothing wiggles here, nothing wiggles and the device as a whole makes a great impression. All keys are on the right side, well positioned to press, and there are no bombs in the case. However, you can position the keys a little further away. It is very difficult to reach the key without changing the grip.

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Finally, I would like to say that I really like the design of the Galaxy S21 Plus because of its ultra-thin design, luxurious frame, camera design, and purple color. I’ve also given smartphones to a few people over the past few days and almost everyone is happy.

Update Samsung Galaxy S21 Note Price Review

The screen supports 6.7 inches of diagonal, a sharp resolution of 2.400 x 1.080 pixels, and a floating refresh rate of 120Hz, so the image is updated up to 120 times in 1 second. Both navigation and video work fine. The resolution has been lowered compared to the previous game, and here too, Ultra is ahead. If you compare them directly, you can see the difference in sharpness, but in everyday life, FHD+ display is sufficient. But I expect an MSRP of 1.049 euros more.

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I can only say good things about the team. From excellent true color reproduction to excellent black values ​​comparable to OLEDs, amazing white values, and amazing brightness. No smartphone is as bright as the S21 Plus. As a result, nothing happens even on sunny days, but the problem is reading.

Unfortunately, the stability of the viewing angle was a bit disappointing, but it’s not necessarily bad, but I would have expected less compared to competitors. The S21 Ultra had a similar effect to Prostated.

Android 11-based home user interface One UI is used as an app. One UI is a highly customizable interface that has nothing to do with native Android. But I really like the idea of ​​One UI because it’s the idea of ​​being able to comfortably use a smartphone with one hand despite the large display. There are also other features such as eye protection system, smart steering wheel, always-on Best View, double-click on and off. Samsung has also promised to give the device three years of software updates and four years of security updates.

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Here in Europe under the hood is the Exynos 2100 with 8GB of RAM. You can also choose between 128 or 256 GB of internal memory, which unfortunately cannot be expanded via a MicroSD card.

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Over the past two or three years, their own ExynosProcessors have been heavily criticized, especially in terms of performance. On paper, Qualcomm’s Proprocessor performance was also a bit bad, but it’s marginal because its daily performance is very good. The app starts and closes very fast, no stutters or lags, and the performance is very fast. The only thing that can be improved is image processing. Sometimes this takes a very long time.

Another criticism of ExynosProcessors last year was thermogenesis. Editor Kenneth Notes 20 Ultra also pointed this out. First, I would like to give you a clear overview of the daily use of the Galaxy S21 Plus. I don’t see anything wrong here, but it currently spins when playing games, taking pictures, or running benchmarks. It’s not hot enough to detect only when the smartphone is in view. I also noticed that phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 like OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 or Realme gt get a little hot.

Samsung has a 4.800 mAh battery that can quickly charge up to 25 watts, and the required power needs to be purchased separately, which I think is pretty stupid for the cheap price.

Update Samsung Galaxy S21 Note Price Review

Battery life is good, but I would have expected a 4.800mAh battery. 120 Hertz I

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