Update Samsung Galaxy A72 Cena Review

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The Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 are different in many ways, and so are the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. The A7x series featured faster charging, more powerful processors, higher-resolution cameras, bigger batteries and bigger screens. Now, with the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72, Samsung has reduced the number of differences: the Galaxy A72 has a larger screen and battery and a zoom camera on the back, but is otherwise identical to the Galaxy A52. Specifications are concerned.

Update Samsung Galaxy A72 Cena Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A72 Cena Review

These specs include stereo speakers, a Snapdragon 720G chipset, IP67 water and dust resistance, a 90Hz screen refresh rate, and a 64MP main camera with optical image stabilization. These features already make the Galaxy A52 feel like a premium phone, so does the Galaxy A72 offer enough extra benefits over the A52 to warrant a recommendation in these uncertain financial times?

Samsung Galaxy A72: Price, Specs And Best Deals

This Galaxy A72 review has the answer. But before we start, I should say that this review will only look at the features of the Galaxy A72 that differ from the Galaxy A52. More precisely, we will talk about the zoom camera and battery life, in terms of design, the A72 is slightly larger than the A52, and neither phone is more suitable for one-handed use. So, for details on the rest of the phone, check out our Galaxy A52 review and come back here later.

The 8MP 3x telephoto camera on the Galaxy A72 is the same sensor found on the Galaxy S20 FE, according to Samsung. It’s capable of 30x digital zoom, and in my experience image quality is similar to that offered by the S20 FE: in the right lighting, you’ll get good results up to 10x zoom, although photos may not be very sharp. accurate to 4x or past 4x. So. By proper lighting, I mean you need to shoot during the day and in well-lit interiors. Low-light situations are tough for a zoom camera on any phone, and this one is no different.

But then again, when there’s enough light, the A72 shines with up to 10x zoom. However, I noticed some noise even in zoomed-in photos taken in bright daylight. Samsung also ditched the Zoom Lock feature it introduced with the Galaxy S21 series and brought it to older flagships with the One UI 3.1 update. Zoom Lock locks the frame once you reach 20x zoom or higher, so you can take blurry shots of distant objects that might otherwise be a chore. Samsung may bring zoom lock to the A72 with a software update, but out of the box, it’s not available.

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Of course, despite the lack of Zoom Lock, the Galaxy A72 sets itself apart from the Galaxy A52 with its zoom camera. More importantly, it finally brings a zoom camera to Samsung’s ever-growing line of smartphones at a lower price, a win for consumers everywhere who want high-end zoom capabilities but aren’t willing to pay the price for a flagship phone. An affordable one like the Galaxy S20 FE.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Dual Sim

The Galaxy A72 also has a macro camera, so technically, it’s a phone that can capture very close and very far objects, something no other Galaxy phone can say. But as we mentioned, these 5MP macro cameras used by Samsung are pretty bad. The resolution is very low and it’s very hard to tell when the subject is in focus, so the macro camera doesn’t make this phone better in any meaningful way.

The 4,500mAh battery inside the Galaxy A52 is good for almost two days of light use from the charger and a full day of heavy use, and the Galaxy A72’s 5,000mAh battery offers similar durability. The only difference with the Galaxy A72 is that its screen is 0.2 inches larger, but still, this phone will never let you down when it comes to battery life. Mind you, it’s powered by a 90Hz refresh rate, which is pretty impressive since you don’t have to turn off one of the phone’s best features to get better battery life.

Charging the battery from 0 to 100 takes about 1 hour 25 minutes with the supplied 25W charger. That’s 10 minutes longer than the Galaxy A52, but the A72 charges faster at half an hour. A 10-minute charge is 17% and 30 minutes is 47% (the A52 goes up to 37% with a 30-minute charge).

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Update Samsung Galaxy A72 Cena Review

The Galaxy A72, like the Galaxy A52, is a mid-range phone that offers a premium experience. You get a great screen with smooth motion and animations, water and dust resistance, stereo speakers, a zoom camera with 30x zoom capability, the latest software with a 90Hz refresh rate guaranteed by three major OSes. Improvements and mainly better performance with the Snapdragon 720G processor.

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However, I think the Galaxy A72 could have done with a higher-end chip instead of the same one that powers the Galaxy A52. A 120Hz display would be nice at this price point. Remember, the Galaxy A52 5G comes with a Snapdragon 750G and a 120Hz display, so the Galaxy A72 sits two major categories below it, which feels a bit of a letdown.

That leaves the zoom camera as the main benefit you’ll get on the Galaxy A72, and you’ll have to decide how much that’s worth to you. If you don’t care too much about the zoom capability of the camera system and are okay with a slightly smaller screen, the Galaxy A52 is the device to get (or the A52 5G if 5G is important). If you care about them, the Galaxy A72 makes a lot of sense, even if it doesn’t quite fit the bill in some respects.

PS: Want to know something about the Galaxy A72 that wasn’t mentioned in the review? Ask me in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer.

The new firmware update for the Galaxy A72 is now available in select countries. Samsung will release a security patch for the 2021 mid-range phone in October 2022 in several regions including Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Croatia. Galaxy A72 users in these countries can identify the October 2022 update through the firmware […]

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Update Samsung Galaxy A72 Cena Review

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