Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review Review – Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy S9 are two other smartphones currently receiving One UI 2.5 update. There are also features like wireless DeX and some improvements to the Samsung keyboard.

With the Galaxy A51, Samsung has introduced a new smartphone that has been steadily joining the list of best-selling models in February. Now, users of the popular smartphone in Russia will receive an update to the current UI version 2.5. Samsung is known for gradually rolling out software updates to different regions. But it won’t be long before you can enjoy the newest version in this country.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review Review

Apart from the Galaxy A51, the Galaxy S9 series of smartphones will also receive the latest update after it was promised in August. The new version is already available in Germany and includes a new bootloader in addition to the classic security patches. However, the latter means that the previous version cannot be downloaded.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Reviews, Pros And Cons

A new feature is Wireless DeX, which lets you wirelessly connect your Galaxy S9 to a TV or external display to play Netflix or other apps. However, the display should support Miracast, which can be upgraded with an additional stick. It is not yet known if the Galaxy A51 will get Wireless DeX after the update.

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Fascinated by the youth of desktop computers and notebooks (sometimes to the chagrin of my parents), I started writing as a freelance journalist in 2016. I have been involved ever since and am currently studying business informatics at the University of Osnabrück. Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Waiting for a price drop It’s not a bad phone, just bad. (In the US anyway.)

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Samsung got me. On paper, the company’s Galaxy A51 seems to have everything you could want in a $400 smartphone. Big, beautiful screen. Cameras. 4000 mAh battery. Flag-inspired design and headphone jack. As a fan of some – say ambitious – ambitious mid-range smartphones, I’m ready for the A51 to take its place alongside lower-priced cases like the Pixel 3a XL and iPhone SE. He never did.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5g 128gb Prism Cube Black (sprint) Sm A516uzkaspr

That’s not to say the Galaxy A51 is a bad phone. Samsung has got a lot going for it here, and I found it very comfortable at times during over a week of testing. Unfortunately, all that the company did well didn’t make up for the rough, inconsistent performance: it’s a $400 device that sometimes feels like it’s $250. I don’t think that’s enough to make the A51 a bad smartphone, but it does do something bad.

48MP f/2.0 wide-angle camera, 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle camera (123° field of view), 5MP f/2.4 macro camera, 5MP f/2.2 depth sensor

The Galaxy A51 we tested was the Verizon Wireless model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. . It doesn’t seem too steep, but it’s important to note that the phone is unlocked, especially if you live outside the United States. If you’re serious about owning an A51, looking for a good deal is a must: it’s not $400.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review Review

If there’s one thing Samsung deserves credit for, it’s that the A51 doesn’t look like a $400 phone. With a stunning decorative frame; an awe-inspiring, soothing space; and nice little touches, this mid-range model could easily pass for a phone costing twice as much. I think it is

Samsung Galaxy A51 5g Technische Daten, Test, Review, Vergleich

It’s the best looking mid-range smartphone out there. Keep in mind that the A51 may not be a starter for people with small hands thanks to its screen – it’s thin, but still big enough.

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Of course, since this phone falls into the category of what flagships do, Samsung had to be careful to balance style and substance. Look at Samsung’s choice of materials: Covering a phone with glass speeds up its price, so the company used something called Glasstic for the A51’s body. As the name suggests, this phone has a plastic frame that feels like glass if you don’t look hard enough. The Galaxy A51 also lacks an IP rating for water and dust resistance, which is quite common for phones of this price. (Note: If you Google “A51 water resistance,” you may see a search result from Verizon claiming the A51

The rest of the phone’s design is pretty standard. There’s a USB-C port that supports 15W fast charging and a nanoSIM/microSD card slot that can be used to expand the standard 128GB storage on the right side of the phone. If you’re a music fan, you’ll appreciate Samsung including a proper headphone jack on the A51, as its single speaker is terrific.

Helping enhance the A51’s design is its wide, 6.5-inch, Full HD+ Super AMOLED display. It’s one of Samsung’s Infinity-O displays, and if you’re allergic to marketing BS, there’s a small hole in the panel to house the 32-megapixel front-facing camera. It’s extremely small and would be easy to miss if it weren’t for the shiny metal ring around it – it looks like a Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A51: Making Most Of The Right Choices

Must see. Fortunately, the rest of the screen is typical Samsung: deep blacks, rich colors and great angles for the price. The maximum brightness feels a bit dim, so outdoor use can be a little difficult at times, but it’s perfect for snuggling up at home and watching YouTube videos.

The screen is often the most expensive part of a smartphone, and I’m glad Samsung went with the display it showed here. Not only is it easy on the eyes; a great counter to devices like the iPhone SE that rely on older designs to keep costs down. Visually, the A51 is stunning, but as my parents always said, looks aren’t everything.

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The frustration here starts when you go to unlock the phone. There’s an optical fingerprint sensor under the screen, and it’s…not great. If it works, it takes a while to recognize the thumb. The sensor often did not work. Normally you’d see a bit of green around your finger to let you know the sensor is analyzing the print, but this wasn’t always visible. Repeated screen wipes didn’t fix the problem, nor did my fingerprints again. For your sanity, maybe just a PIN or unlock.

Update Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review Review

Once inside, a bigger problem quickly became apparent – ​​the A51 lags considerably at times. Switching between apps, such as navigating through app pages or even returning to the home screen, often felt difficult. You know what you are doing

Samsung Galaxy A51: Smartphone Angebot Mit Vertrag Im Check

To be clear, this isn’t always the case, and I was less disappointed when the phone was firing on all cylinders. If you’re someone who just wants to watch a video and send a few emails to family, you may not notice this temporary lag. But if you’re a fan of smooth, consistent performance, be prepared to be disappointed – clunky animations and app lag are never far away and get old very quickly.

It’s not clear why the A51 works, but part of the problem has to do with Samsung’s choice of chipset. Instead of using a Qualcomm Snapdragon like most Android phones in the US, it’s powered by the Exynos 9611. As far as I can tell, there isn’t much difference between this handset of silicon and the Exynos 9610 that Samsung launched in late 2018. – Some of the CPU cores are slightly faster and support more types of rear cameras, but that’s about it. This is Samsung

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