Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review – Let me preface this Samsung Galaxy A50 review with an overview of Samsung’s A series. If you’re not into all that mid-range or budget stuff, then let me cover you. Samsung recently dropped the J series. When I say quit, I mean they stopped adding more to the series. Enter dramatic exhalation. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that because I was away for a while. Sorry guys and girls.

As for why this is, I’m guessing that Samsung just wanted to work on a line that would appeal to consumers on a reasonable budget. For many people, finding a phone with features and specs that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is a good deal — if not a steal. Hence, this series is set to pack the closest specs without breaking the bank like a flagship phone.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review

The Samsung Galaxy A50s is a great phone from the start. When you open the box, you’ll notice striking similarities with its predecessor: the Samsung A50. Launched shortly before the Galaxy A50s, the Samsung A50 seemed to be a mid-range offering.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review; Samsung’s Mid Range Champion In Years!

The Samsung Galaxy A50s comes with a colorful holographic design and needs more representation. Many phones have attracted more impressive designs overall, but the Samsung Galaxy A50s did not disappoint. It gives the phone an interesting profile and makes me think of rainbow splattered sheep. Do not come to me. Glitter may be tacky for some, but you’re never too old to believe in vomit rainbows.

Joking aside, I strangely prefer the sleek and futuristic design of the A50, as they added a touch of linear cuts that almost look like diamond cuts. The bright display and fresh, digital pattern comes in Prism Crush Black, White, Violet or Green shades. It creates an impressive, bold and futuristic look. The phone has an immersive display. Like most phones on the market, it features a 6.4-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display near the Infinity U bezel-less screen. Although it is more beautiful than that.

If you were expecting the Galaxy A50s to be not that different from the A50, you’d be eating your words. We all know that the A50 is amazingly equipped with the best processor. This was a surprising move by Samsung earlier this year, as mid-range phones tend to have more processors, which may have disappointed some fans. They bumped the Exynos 9610 processor to the Exynos 9611. Samsung’s home processor at the time had enough refinement with smooth performance. So, Samsung Galaxy A50s outstanding performance was not surprising. In addition, the phone has 6 GB of RAM, which works efficiently.

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Galaxy A50s cameras are getting better! It has the same four cameras: three on the back and one on the front. The phone’s rear cameras include a 48-megapixel f/2.0 primary sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide shooter, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Price In India, Full Specifications (3rd Nov 2022) At Gadgets Now

The rear cameras are similar to the A50, but instead of a 25-megapixel primary camera, the Galaxy A50s has a 48-megapixel shooter. Samsung did not neglect to improve its front camera. Instead of a 25-megapixel front camera, the Galaxy A50s gets a 32-megapixel f/2.0 main sensor.

The main 48 megapixel camera takes clear, crisp and clear photos. I took both day and night shots for comparison, and the day shots are noticeably sharper. Night photos aren’t necessarily terrible, but the darker they are, the more likely the photos will turn out with more noise.

An additional feature of the camera is the ultra-steady mode, which gives you smooth live videos even when your grip is a little tight. Using an ultra-wide camera is always more fun outdoors. The quality is lower than the main shooter, but the wider area gives it a different feel.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review

I also played around with the camera’s live focus to see how the photos would turn out, and they didn’t disappoint. Sometimes, it only takes a click or two for the phone to focus on the right subject. But overall, the photos turned out great. I mean, who can go wrong with photos of homemade cookies?

Samsung Galaxy A50s Review: Perfect Midrange Phone?

As for selfies, it’s great. It has a high quality sensor with an available beauty mode. You can also never go wrong with AR Emoji, a feature of Samsung’s flagship phones.

I tested how long the phone lasts and it took a good beating. I usually use my phone for gaming, work and social media. The fact that he survived for about three hours a day

, and a full day of work and watching Youtube videos is great. If you have been using the phone extensively, the phone will reach about 10% at the end of the day. The Galaxy A50s lives up to its promise of everyday use.

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Samsung Galaxy A50s is promising. It has almost premium features that add to its charm. I think that if there is something to think about the phone, it is how Samsung caters to this middle budget group and tries to bridge the gap between features that can make phones more expensive. The phone is amazing when you consider that it is priced at PhP 16,990. If you want a phone with quality photos, a stunning design, a good processor and a battery that lasts, get this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price In India, Full Specifications (4th Nov 2022) At Gadgets Now

Editor’s Note: The phone was launched at PhP 18,990 but has since been reduced to PhP 16,990.

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Five years ago, Nintendo released the Switch. Handheld consoles introduced Nintendo fans to a new generation of games. However, despite promising a new start for Nintendo, the Switch never looked like a proper competitor to the powerful graphics of the PC or PlayStation.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review

, silent waves. Although it wasn’t an instant hit from day one, the title ultimately went down in gaming history as the most thrilling experience for sci-fi fans. That said, as a notable title released in 2017, it wasn’t what you’d expect on the Nintendo Switch. It shows how little we knew back then.

Samsung Galaxy A50 6gb Ram Price In India, Full Specifications (2nd Nov 2022) At Gadgets Now

. Surprisingly, each title performs exceptionally well on the handheld device. If you haven’t had your fill of big console titles, open the way for – you guessed it –

The title port is full of action right from the start. Instead of the base game, players will enjoy The End of YoRHA Edition, which includes all the additional downloadable content. It is very good for the price you pay.

He plays like that time. Port cannot intercept content. If you have played before, this is the same game. However, if this is your first time playing this title, you will enjoy the game as if you bought it in 2017.

Wherever you are, here’s a recap of the game’s plot: About ten thousand years in the future, the world is overrun by a race of humanoid robots. With the help of 9S (an android made from a boy), 2B is tasked with taking back the planet and fighting the robots.

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Samsung Galaxy A40 Review: A Compact No Frills Mid Range Smartphone

It mixes and mixes different mechanics into one beautiful post-apocalyptic package. From the open-world exploration stage, players can immerse themselves in 2D platformers and bullet hells in one chapter. No scene feels out of place or overstays its welcome.

As you might expect, the Switch port compromises some technical aspects to launch the game on console. However, this is a good compromise.

From the first chapter, you will notice the difference in screen quality compared to more robust consoles. However, it’s not just the hardware that can’t run the game. There are some downsides. For example, the text quality is much lower than in the original games. The stones are thicker and the leaves are less. At least if you play in handheld mode, you won’t see it as much.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s White Colour Review

To compensate for the drop in texture quality, the Switch port has more anti-expansion. Despite the less organic structures, the edges are smoother. This is a welcome addition to the Switch, which is often terrible for higher resolution games.

Galaxy A50 Review: Samsung’s Most Value For Money Mid Ranger Yet

It works much better than the original versions. Years ago, the title was not the most fun game among all the jokes, due to the frame rate lag that occurred throughout the game. Now, the Switch port is correct. Even though the port is locked at 30fps, the lack of any significant frame rate drops makes for a more enjoyable experience compared to a port that tries and fails to push it to 60fps.

This is an impressive feat. For a title over five years old, the Switch port still feels fresh and right at home with the rest of the console’s library of games.

Everything we mentioned in the First Impressions article was very true

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