Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review – The latest Samsung Galaxy A50s makes it to our smartphone list. It was launched more than a month ago and this smartphone is really interesting. The new Samsung Galaxy A50s is marketed as a mid-range smartphone with Samsung’s capabilities and is a bit on the high side in terms of price – but that’s also due to Samsung’s ecosystem. Partly.

Let’s take a deep dive into the new Samsung Galaxy A50s and see what’s new and what’s good. Here is a video version of this review.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

We’re skipping the boxing part of this review since we received the device. If we look at the list of accessories for the Galaxy A30s, we expect these accessories to be available.

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The Galaxy A50s are actually quite similar to the A30s. It’s really thin and has quite a thin side. It’s really nice and feels good in the hand with its finesse.

Looking at the back of the phone, it also has the same type of tiled diamond cut design. Each “board” is different and it’s a truly unique look. The Galaxy A50s are also available in different colors – I particularly like the Prism Crush Green color, which reminds me of the Prism Green color on the Galaxy S10 series.

There are no surprises here. In short, the Galaxy A50s has 5GHz WiFi that connects to AC WiFi (which is important for Unifi Turbo users), along with NFC and Samsung Pay. Well, Samsung has heard our cries and has finally included Samsung Pay on the Galaxy A50s.

As for card slots, the Galaxy A50s has a total of three dedicated slots – two nano-SIM slots and a single microSD slot – all independent of each other.

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Samsung has also placed all the buttons on the right side of the phone, a stark contrast to the flagship Galaxy Note10 series. Perhaps Samsung will adapt the design of the next generation of phones.

The bottom of the Galaxy A50s houses the audio jack, USB-C, microphone, and speaker.

The fingerprint reader is located below the screen and uses an optical sensor. However, I’m generally not a fan of non-display fingerprint readers.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

The Galaxy A50s features a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with 1080p resolution and Infinity-V resolution. He has a larger chin compared to his forehead.

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The color and saturation of the Samsung Galaxy A50s is as usual. It’s bright and vibrant, and blacks are deep – just like any AMOLED display. Samsung keeps the best technology and configuration for its smartphones.

While some people complain about her asymmetrical frame, I honestly think she has a thicker chin. It can easily reach lower corners due to its reduced height.

So on the list of standard cameras, the Galaxy A50s lacks a phone camera. But what about the cameras on the Galaxy A50s?

As always, you can click here to visit our Shutterfly gallery and check out the images without any compression.

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I flew to Bangkok last week for an event and took some photos with the Galaxy A50s.

The basic camera is pretty good overall. There’s no oversaturation or aggressive HDR – but some scenes are a little too clear for my taste.

A heavy blue tint to all the pictures I took. This is the first time I have experienced such a color mismatch in a Samsung smartphone.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

The saturation and contrast seem to be pushed too high, which makes the images too dark. It certainly adds some drama to the picture.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: A Convincing Mid Ranger With Room For Improvement

Despite using the same software UI, there is a line that separates Samsung’s flagship and its mid-range. The Galaxy A50s looks and feels the same, but some features have changed.

For example, the Galaxy A50s actually has a “lite” version of the Edge panel here. The Edge panel is one of my favorite features on the company’s flagship smartphones, but the Galaxy A50s only has a few features. There is no Smart Select to select specific parts of the screen and save them as screenshots.

However, the Galaxy A50s comes with ‘Connect to Windows’, a feature that is available for the first time for the Galaxy Note10 series of smartphones. It’s not a feature I personally use, but it’s there.

The performance of the Exynos 9611 chip here is quite similar to the Snapdragon 660 found in the Redmi Note 7. The Exynos 9611 has a slightly better CPU but a worse GPU overall, as shown in the chart below.

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Then comes the gaming experience on this phone. This is because the benchmark shows that the GPU of the Exynos 9611 is slightly lower than the Snapdragon 660.

Here’s our experience with the Galaxy A50s. We tested the Honkai Impact 3 and for some reason it vibrates a lot on the Galaxy A50s. Asphalt 9 is so weird. It can go to the highest graphics settings but doesn’t falter, same for PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile works best on the lowest graphics settings.

The Galaxy A50s is equipped with a relatively large 4000 mAh battery, which should set a new benchmark when it comes to smartphone battery capacity. During our testing, the Galaxy A50s lasted around 13 hours, which translates to a full day of use. If you don’t play a lot of games, it can last you all day.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

The Samsung Galaxy A50s now also supports Samsung’s 15W fast charging standard. Since we have this charger lying around the charging station, we can test it out as well.

Samsung A50s Review: Stylish Midranger That Gets ‘almost’ Everything Right

Oddly enough, the 15W fast charger isn’t that much faster than the standard 10W charger we usually use. It’s definitely faster and there’s a noticeable difference, but not much.

As the Galaxy A50s is positioned as a mid-range smartphone, it is actually a very typical smartphone. In terms of hardware and the features it offers, the Samsung Galaxy A50s is nothing special.

However, the software on the Galaxy A50s is where it shines. The user experience is great because it now has Samsung Pay and the Edge tablet, albeit in the “lite” version.

Overall, at Rs 2,999, the Galaxy A50s has a higher price tag compared to other mid-range smartphones in the market, but it offers a better software experience and better ecosystem compared to other brands.

Galaxy A50 Review: Samsung’s Most Value For Money Mid Ranger Yet

Like our Facebook page here for more news and in-depth reviews! Also, join our Facebook group for insightful information and reminders! Subscribe to our YouTube channel! After the flagship Galaxy S10, Samsung introduced its new mid-range phones, the Galaxy A50 and A30. Now, the Korean manufacturer has decided to revamp the A range by introducing a new name and premium features. So the real question is, is the Galaxy A50 more at the high or low end of the mid-range?

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The Galaxy A50 was launched at the same time as the A30, but only one of the two was launched. On the other hand, the A40, which was officially launched in March, will soon be launched in Europe, as will the A80, which was launched in April. The A50 is available in the UK for £309 (about $400), so it’s more expensive than the A40, but a lot cheaper than the A80. Colors offered are blue, black and coral.

Two or three years ago, this type of design would have been on par with the upper class. The mirror model has changed the situation, after all we have a pretty good ratio between design and price here. Aesthetically, despite the glossy plastic casing, the smartphone looks quite classy. Although there is plastic instead of glass, the effect of the reflection is quite beautiful. However, debris behind the camera is quickly removed.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s Blue Colour Review

In the hand, the smartphone makes a pretty good impression, especially with its slightly curved lines. You can feel the touch background difference to some extent, but it is not noticeable, however, it is acceptable for a smartphone of this price. On the other hand, the small hole that sits above the top of the speaker is very discreet, both to the eye and to the touch. The second speaker is located on the bottom, next to the USB port. The only minor criticism I would make is that the bottom frame is much wider than the top frame, which is very odd.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

The build quality matches Samsung’s top-of-the-line production. The phone feels solid and has a premium look. There is nothing special about the layout of the keys, but it is interesting that the smartphone has a fingerprint reader under the screen, which we will return to later. On the back side we can see that the three are aligned vertically

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