Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review – The Galaxy A50 has been popular for the better part of this year, and keeping the bracelet, Samsung has launched the updated Galaxy A50 with improved hardware, a 48MP front-facing camera, a foldable design , and the improvement program. (Samsung Galaxy A50s read in Hindi)

The idea here is to waste weeks, to improve the performance and increase the Galaxy A50 with new technologies that are now important for the phone to be competitive.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

All the added complexity should keep Samsung’s phone for many more times to come and help it compete with the growing competition from Chinese manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Kopen

Now that we’ve finished testing, let’s discuss what worked and what didn’t in our Galaxy A50s Review.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s is the same size as the original Galaxy A50. It’s 3 grams heavier, and that’s likely the addition of a 48MP camera to replace the 25MP primary shooter on the Galaxy A50.

In the past, the Galaxy A50 design impressed us, and today we appreciate it even more. In fact, this year the phones, in general, have increased, and the Galaxy A50 with its beautiful appearance and ergonomic curves is very pleasant to handle.

Since we are always happy with the questions from customers who ask for a “signature” option that is easy to handle by themselves or their parents, the design will attract customers to choose calling from a direct account or from personal recommendations.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

The material used for the back is plastic, but Samsung separates the ‘s’ with a special design that keeps things cool without swelling. Add to that an amazing AMOLED screen and you’ve got a winner!

Like the Galaxy Note10, the power button doubles as a Bixby button. However, you can reset it as a standard side key (Settings >> General >> Side Key) or install dual notification to directly launch any app you want.

The Galaxy A50s has a fingerprint scanner and a USB Type-C port on the bottom that can take 15W fast charging. Meanwhile, Samsung has included a protective case in the box.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

The fingerprint scanner on the A50s was unresponsive at first, but it worked fine after we reset it. It’s not the fastest model in its class, but after weeks of use, it’s still the best way to unlock our A50. In addition, the Galaxy A50s have Face Unlock, which works well.

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Samsung Galaxy A50s Price, Specs, Release Date And Leaks

Another strong suit is the (excellent) Full HD + AMOLED display. The demos list Samsung’s new color ranges – Vivid and Natural – and Maori is better for us. Samsung doesn’t mention Gorilla Glass for other types of resistance, but the screen has an oleophobic coating to prevent corrosion.

The big difference is that the computer uses a dark AMOLED screen and features like Always On and Dark Mode.

The display has a notch for the front camera and the lower chin is a hair thicker than what you get on competing phones from Realme and Xiaomi. In other words, it’s not like what you find on smartphones like Realme X or Redmi K20.

We love video streaming on our Galaxy A50s and have no problem using it outside under the sun.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review With Pros And Cons

The Galaxy A50 is powered by the Exynos 9610 octa-core chipset and the A50s has a slightly improved Exynos 9611. The clock speed and architecture of the CPU remain the same but Samsung claims that the improvement of graphics (Mali G72 GPU may be higher) . Samsung has doubled the storage to 128GB for the 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM variants (112GB is free for users).

Samsung has added a Game Booster to improve the performance of PUBG. In our test, PUBG Mobile ran with frame drops in HD and high, but the performance was smooth when we switched to Balanced and high settings.

The Galaxy A50s may not be an option for serious gamers but will be good for medium and heavy users who don’t want to run heavy games at high settings.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

The software on the Galaxy A50s gets some improvements. Samsung is not stopping the exclusive One UI for the A-series

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: The Ideal Midranger, Almost

Also, the A50s have the whole set including Samsung Pay (not the mini, but the full version) and the side window.

One UI is one of our favorite Android skins, and it’s a huge advantage for Samsung compared to phones from Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO and Vivo that keep pushing iOS-like interfaces.

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Few things are installed on the phone, but users have the option to download it. For those wondering, the Galaxy A50s is Widevine DRM L1 certified and supports HD streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

One of the biggest improvements to the Galaxy A50s is its camera. To help compete in the sea of ​​48MP smartphones, Samsung added one to the phone. Confirmed data suggests that Samsung is using the Sony IMX582 sensor (the same one used in Redmi K20 and Vivo Z1x).

Watch: Samsung Galaxy A50s Unboxing & Hands On » Yugatech

The first camera is equipped with an Ultra-Wide angle camera with a 123-degree FoV. The third tool is a depth tool and aims to improve image quality. As with many other small phones, these accessories have more to offer.

The camera app is modeled after the one used by Samsung in its high-end phones with features such as best recommendations, Scene Optimizer, Super Slow-mo video, and Document Scanner, in addition to previous ones like Super Night Mode.

In good light, the Galaxy A50 can read good quality images with good handling and lots of detail. These photos look better on a phone than when shot on a big screen.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

The selfie camera works well outdoors with light-filled scenes. It’s not so much about trickery and low light.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Gets Single Take, Night Hyperlapse With Latest Update: Report

The Galaxy A50s has a 4000mAh battery, which is quite powerful by modern standards and needs. The battery accepts fast charging. Samsung includes a 15W fast charging adapter in the box and you can also use a USB PD charger for fast charging.

The speaker on the phone is loud and produces good sound quality. It sounds amazing through the headphones.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s will be unveiled as a standalone phone and will add improvements to the popular Galaxy A50. The phone is stylish, easy to use, and has great Samsung features. In addition, we saw an improvement in the software used on the phone.

That said, when it comes to performance, it is not available on online options like Realme XT and Redmi K20. And the camera, although not the seller, did not provide a screen.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

In addition, unlike the competition we mentioned, the Galaxy A50s are not an exclusive offer online, they are available in direct retail stores. And for online shoppers, this aspect should be better.

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This year, Samsung really needs to get more sales for each new phone or smartphone in a short period of time before going ahead and launching a new phone or smartphone. a few months down. Among the first devices created by the plan are the Galaxy A50s, confirmed at the end of August, six months after the Galaxy A50.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50s 6gb 128gb Review

Samsung’s approach is simple: Take features from high-end mobile phones launched this year and put them on low-end devices. The A50s, for example, gets the 48MP rear camera and 32MP front camera from the Galaxy A70 but pretty much everything remains the same as before. The Exynos 9611 chip inside the A50s is a higher-end Exynos 9610, and you get a new design and new software out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy A50s 128gb 6gb Ram Price In Kenya/ Quick Fix

The Galaxy A50s is one of the first upgrades Samsung has launched for its 2019 Galaxy A smartphones.

Thankfully, the Galaxy A50 is a solid phone, so the A50s is an easy measure for Samsung. How to stand in the survey? That’s one thing that our full review will tell you, but we have a few quick details about the device to share after spending the day with a review unit released by Samsung India.

The first thing I noticed was the updated rear design. The Galaxy A50 has a glossy skin that explodes into a stunning rainbow effect when the sun hits it, and Samsung added prism-like lines to set the A50s apart. Everything is very beautiful, and I personally prefer this reduction effect instead

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