Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review – 1 USB 2.0, audio connection: 3.5 mm audio output, card reader: microSD up to 512 GB, 1 fingerprint reader, NFC, brightness sensor, sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, compass, USB-C

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi4/ac = Wi-Fi5), Bluetooth 5.0, 2G (850/​900/1800/1900), 3G (B1) / B2/B5/B8), 4G (B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B38/B40/B41), SIM, LTE, GPS

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review

Main camera: 25 MPix f/1.7, AF system comparison, LED flash, video @1080p/30fps (camera 1); 8.0MP, f/2.2, aperture (2 cameras); 5.0MP, f/2.2, depth of field (3 cameras)

Review Samsung Galaxy A50s: Upgrade Menjadi Lebih Baik

Speakers: mono speaker on the floor, keyboard: virtual keyboard, charger, USB cable, SIM device, headphones, 24 months warranty, SAR value: 0.27W/kg (head), 1.39W/kg (body); LTE Cat.6 (300 MBit/s download, 50 MBit/s upload); FM radio, fanless

The triple camera and bright AMOLED screen should convince buyers of the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A50. You can find out in the test whether Samsung has put together a convincing complete package at the right price.

Samsung can be cheap: a large OLED panel with sharpness, a beautiful camera and three good cameras, at least during the day. The Galaxy A50 is an attractive price and one of the flagships in the middle class. (Level 2.6 according to the test system is valid until the end of 2019).

With the Samsung Galaxy A50, the South Korean manufacturer continues its highly popular smartphones. The smartphone shows some points in the test, such as a beautiful OLED display and a large memory. In almost all other areas, the A50 is in the middle class and should satisfy most users.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Specs, Review, Release Date

In addition to the nice size and powerful battery, I was impressed by the A50’s camera. In fact, the mid-range does not offer as many features and functions as the standard or its larger brothers. You often read reviews saying that the smartphone camera is weak.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a solid mid-range smartphone that delivers enough performance and performance for the price. The display and powerful battery are usually convincing. Coupled with a stylish look, the A50 has earned a few points for itself. There are penalties for the slow fingerprint sensor, pre-installed bloatware and lack of water and dust protection.

My hero, because it shows that you don’t always need a premium phone to make the “average” user happy. Although I personally have a lot to do with high-end flagships because of my work, I will stick to my iPhone 6 for personal use until it gives up the ghost.

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Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review

Samsung explains the small alarm signal in this mid-range phone, which can be bought online for less than 300 euros, because the full front display and the integrated fingerprint scanner are the selling point. Special sale at this price range. In any case, the quality of the touch screen is good.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Technische Daten, Test, Review, Vergleich

Good times for hunters: real gems can be found in cheap smartphones. Now Samsung has put a strong competitor on its shelves with its new Galaxy A50 for 349 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A50 wins over everything with its beautiful design, large AMOLED display and lots of memory. In addition, there is a good camera, even in light, and a good battery. Even in the middle of the smartphone can be enough that the manufacturer Samsung did not ignore the quality of the phone.

Display fingerprint sensor, triple camera, large memory, generous battery – at a price of 349 euros, the Galaxy A50 offers many advantages that you will pay more than other manufacturers. Unfortunately, two main factors contribute to the general impression.

Samsung has done a great job with the new generation of the Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A50 offers everything you would expect from a good mid-range smartphone. The South Korean manufacturer also reserved some premium features with three cameras and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display.

Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Handy In Baden Württemberg

With the Galaxy A50, Samsung has managed to combine a modern phone with powerful performance using the latest Android operating system. But the execution and the arrangement made it clear in the test. There is only compromise when it comes to the choice of materials, because the Galaxy A50 has plastic instead of glass and metal.

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a good smartphone with some weaknesses. The beautiful 6.4-inch AMOLED display, which leaves no room for criticism in any way, deserves a special mention. The camera and battery of the smartphone can also give good results. In terms of performance, there is a clear difference with other leading brands.

Display fingerprint sensor, triple camera, large memory, generous battery – at a price of 349 euros, the Galaxy A50 offers many advantages that you will pay more than other manufacturers. In our opinion, Samsung can sell its business here. We are eager to see how the Galaxy A50 performs in full testing.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review

Samsung seems to be doing a good job with this new generation of the Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30 offer everything you would expect from a good mid-range smartphone and battery life should be an obvious plus. big battery. .

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Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone Review

When it comes to design, Samsung rejects the change. A small notice and a bright rainbow is a highlight. The back closes the smartphone and the display, making the frame narrower.

Between the different cameras, bloat-free software and good gaming performance, the phone will be enough for most potential users. The Samsung Galaxy A50 does it all while providing a great user experience.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a solid mid-range phone with a sleek design, a gorgeous OLED display, and solid battery life. If you’re a die-hard Samsung fan looking for a decent mid-range device, this is your best bet. If not, you should consider the Pixel 3a. It ticks all the same boxes as the A50, with an advanced fingerprint sensor, faster performance, better camera quality, and promising software updates, making it our Editors’ Choice.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers a nice design and good mid-range detail, but not enough to compete with the Google Pixel 3a.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Review: Shines Like A Prism

The Galaxy A50 is very good, and it’s refreshing to see Samsung taking the mid-range market seriously – especially in the US, where it continues to focus on its Galaxy S and Note products. the world needs more accessible devices. He wants a phone better than the A50.

There’s a lot to like about the Galaxy A50, which can be considered a fake version of Samsung’s flagship phone. It’s like the S10 but at a more reasonable price. We love the beautiful design that is not waterproof and not heavy. So you get amazing hardware and features for your money including a really nice screen, good camera and 128GB storage. However, it’s not all that easy, since fingerprint scanning is not reliable and performance can be slow at times. So there are better phones in this price range or a little more if you don’t have your heart set on Samsung.

Buy it While the Galaxy A50’s camera won’t blow you away with the Pixel 3a, the Galaxy A50 is still a great value with a class-leading display. We prefer that it is available from other retailers.

Update Samsung Galaxy A50 128gb Review Review

The A50 is a perfect representation of that. At $350, there’s a lot to recommend. It has a beautiful design, a solid screen and a strong camera. One rub is that it’s not yet on AT&T or T-Mobile (and Samsung hasn’t said if it will be), but it’s not just a budget phone that’s locked to certain carriers. It brings enough to the table that non-subscribers may consider switching.

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Samsung Updates Mid Range A50 And A30 With New Cameras, Flashier Designs

Considering that there are few differences between the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70, it is difficult to choose between them. However, we think the latter is the best option, but if you are shopping on a tight budget then the A50 will not disappoint.

With a large 6.4-inch AMOLED display, Exynos 9610 chipset and triple camera system, the Samsung Galaxy A50 has plenty to keep the budget enthusiast happy. However, under the power of our rear camera tests, the A50 couldn’t match the performance of some of the best mid-range devices, and certainly not the image quality of the latest flagship offerings. It’s best in bright sunlight, where exposure, intensity and color are good, and the bokeh color is very responsive. However, in cloudy or low-light conditions, it doesn’t work well with still images or videos, but we’ve seen how zooming will look with it.

The Galaxy A50 has the best Super AMOLED display and great features. In terms of performance too, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is more than capable of handling popular games like PUBG. This is one of the best mids Samsung has produced in years, and I have no qualms about recommending it to all but the most demanding users.

Looking at Samsung’s previous range of mid-range phones, I found that they ranged in price and performance quite a bit. That changed with the new Samsung Galaxy A50. Never seen before fingerprint sensor, triple rear camera with ultra-wide sensor, 4000mAh battery capacity, AMOLED screen, 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM, all for RM1199!

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: Getting Better — Gadgetmtech

In India’s ever-changing smartphone market, South Korean tech giant Samsung has learned its lesson, bounce back, and here they have amazing smartphones (Galaxy M series, Galaxy A series) that put things into perspective. Threats like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, HONOR and OPPO. Samsung fixed it

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