Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

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Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

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Samsung Galaxy A12 Review, Advantages, Disadvantages & Features

Mike Surrentino is a senior editor for mobile, covering phones, apps and news alerts – he’s obsessed with how we can get the most out of them. Mike also keeps an eye on film and sports, and outside of work he does cycling and pizza.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and other Galaxy S phones attract buyers with their premium design and features, but bigger screens and bigger cameras don’t come cheap. Fortunately, Samsung has introduced these similar features and design to its Galaxy series of phones priced at less than $130. Between the supply chain restrictions and economic problems brought about by the pandemic, cheap phones have become very important: even the cheapest phones must allow you to keep up with the message, join video calls, take clear pictures and play games.

The cheapest Samsung phones I’ve tested in months can handle basic but essential tasks. The Galaxy A02S ($130, £139, around AU$245), A03S ($160) and A12 ($180) can easily load web pages, stream music, play YouTube videos, and make video calls, despite having lower powered processors like Samsung’s mid-range and high-end processes. – End phones. The phones 6.5-inch 720p screens are bright and large enough for running apps and general multitasking. However, there are some limitations depending on the device, especially when it comes to camera performance and quality.

Size aside, all three phones have some common virtues. This includes battery life, software support, and rare features like headphone jacks and expandable memory.

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The 5,000 mAh battery on each phone easily lasted for two days of use, despite the screen being on for more than four hours a day. This was true even when I spent half the day streaming YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, taking video courses and playing games.

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All three phones will receive years of software and security updates, which is especially important to anyone looking to keep their phone for more than a year or two. LG has committed to four years of security updates for these Galaxy A phones, which is a significant improvement over cheaper phones that only received support a year or so ago.

Each phone also has a headphone jack that lets you easily plug in wired headphones. It’s rare to find it on newer phones, since the iPhone 7 ditched them in 2016.

Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

However, these phones are still under $200, and compromises should be achieved at such a low price. The biggest of all is that all three phones have only 32GB of built-in storage. This is basically nothing. By comparison, Apple’s new $429 iPhone SE doubles that with 64GB of storage, while Samsung’s mid-range A53 has four times that at 128GB. When I started experimenting with phones, I took my last Android phone as a backup for most of the space. I only had enough free space left for about 30 photos until I deleted a few files.

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However, all three phones also have a microSD slot for memory expansion. So if you plan to use these phones to transfer photos, videos, or install more apps than the built-in storage can handle, you’ll want to budget an extra $20-$30 for a microSD card.

Other features that these phones don’t have are more understandable in this price range. Neither phone supports any version of 5G. They also lack wireless charging. And while each phone has three or four rear cameras, the quality of images ranges from pretty good to scary muddy and blurry. The cameras were better for shooting outdoor things like buildings and street donuts, but when they were eating burritos and cocktails in a dark restaurant.

The big difference is how these phones balance multiple tasks. You can of course buy the cheapest of these phones, the Galaxy A02S for $130, but you’ll probably want to make a few key mistakes by spending more on the $160 Galaxy A03S. If you decide that a slightly better camera is what you want, get the extra $20 A12 with a quad lens.

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When outdoors, the Galaxy A02S can capture a decent amount of detail in its images, in this case the snow in the backyard. Mike Surrentino

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review: Looks Good, Performs Well

At $130, the Samsung Galaxy A02S is the cheapest of the three phones. As you might expect, it also has very few accessories. There is no fingerprint sensor to swipe a pattern or PIN to unlock the phone.

But the biggest problem with this phone is that it struggles to handle basic multitasking, probably because it only has 2GB of memory. Playing podcasts and browsing the web works just fine, as long as you don’t try to do them at the same time. Music or web browser crashes after a few minutes of trying to multitask.

The phone has three cameras on the back, including a 13-megapixel wide-angle main camera, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth camera. A 5-megapixel camera is placed on the front.

Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

Despite the three lenses, the Galaxy A02S images lack crispness and clear color. Not that they are useless. But the Galaxy A02S consistently captured the details compared to the two phones.

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I tried using the Galaxy A02S to take a photo in a darkened restaurant, but the results in the photo are very scary. Mike Surrentino

Front-facing camera footage was the same across the A02S, A03S and A12, with decent detail for the group’s stories. However, they weren’t impressive enough to make me feel good about selfies unless the photos were taken outside in the sun.

Samsung is actively repairing this phone. I received some updates as of November 2021. Updates may fix some of these issues, but there are no guarantees.

Unless you absolutely need the cheapest Samsung Galaxy phone possible, paying more will likely get you a phone that suits you better.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Review; Hit And Miss

Samsung is replacing the Galaxy A03S with the A02S, but with a $30 price hike to $160. That $30 is well spent in my opinion, adding a fingerprint sensor and increasing the memory to 3GB of RAM. Both upgrades make the A03S significantly easier to use. The phone is also available in black and blue.

The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy A03S is integrated with the power button located on the right side of the device. This sensor alone is a significant improvement, as it makes it much easier to unlock the phone quickly and securely. You can also use the fingerprint sensor to perform certain actions, such as closing the notification screen.

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Also 3GB of memory seems to solve my main complaint about the A02S. Multitasking is much better and I could even play between Us during a video call. There is some noticeable lag when entering and exiting apps, but most tasks were otherwise fine.

Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

Interior photo of cocktail restaurant taken with Galaxy A02S, Galaxy A03S and Galaxy A12. Mike Surrentino

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The A03S cameras are still among the weakest points. The hardware is the same as the A02S’, consisting of a 13-megapixel main camera, a 2-megapixel depth camera and a 2-megapixel macro camera. It was found that photographs were brighter, and some indoor shots were brighter. I’d post a proof photo in the group chat, but I probably wouldn’t have the type to post it. On the front, it’s the same 5-megapixel camera as the A02S.

This phone was just launched in January, with a great option to get the maximum four years of security update support that Samsung promises for its Galaxy phones.

Samsung’s $180 Galaxy A12 is $20 more expensive than the A03S. Its improvements over the A03S include an improved main camera and an ultra-wide fourth camera that should allow for sharper images.

The A12 has a 16-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera and a 2-megapixel depth camera. I was able to take significantly better pictures than with the A02S and A03S. The 8-megapixel front-facing camera is an improvement.

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I noticed more accuracy in my shots. You can see the shape of the bricks, for example, on the wall of the church in my pictures below.

The same location is available on the Galaxy A02S, Galaxy A03S and Galaxy A12. Mike Surrentino

Here I asked a friend to take some pictures when I was sitting in a restaurant. The A12 camera captured the darkest spot correctly;

Update Samsung Galaxy A12 Rate Review

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