Update Samsung Galaxy A 50 5g Review

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Samsung’s policy of three major OS upgrades for many Galaxy devices was a game changer, and it’s a policy that other manufacturers are now starting to copy (but not doing very well). Three generations of Android OS and One UI updates are promised on all flagship Galaxy phones and tablets launched in 2019 and beyond. Select mid-range devices are also eligible, including newer ones like the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 and their predecessors.

Update Samsung Galaxy A 50 5g Review

Update Samsung Galaxy A 50 5g Review

But what about the Galaxy A50, the phone that rejuvenated Samsung’s mid-range lineup in 2019 and sold incredibly well worldwide? Following Google’s official announcement of the first public Android 12 beta for the Pixel and other non-Galaxy smartphones, many Galaxy A50 owners have been asking if their device qualifies for the latest version of Android (and therefore One UI 4.0), and the answer will not please them.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5g Review: Software, Performance

Eligible to get Android 12. Samsung’s guarantee of three generations of OS updates does not apply to any non-flagship 2019 phone. Android 11 and One UI 3.x will be the last major upgrade for the Galaxy A50. It’s a shame, yes, especially when you consider that the Galaxy A50 is more or less as powerful as the Galaxy A51, which will get both Android 12 and Android 13. and the same is true here.

So for the Galaxy A50, the future only holds security updates that will continue regularly for at least another year. Samsung could decide to treat Galaxy A50 owners with an update to version 3.5 of One UI, which is expected to debut with the new Galaxy flagships that will be launched in the second half of the year, but it is not written in stone yet.

See (continuously updated) list of Galaxy devices guaranteed to receive three generations of OS updates here.

Although the Galaxy A50 will be cut off from monthly security updates in April 2022, now is the time for this 2019 mid-range phone to restore its security level. Samsung is rolling out the October 2022 security patch for the Galaxy A50 and as of now the update is available in many regions. October 2022 […]

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Some of my colleagues and I were recently reminiscing about the history of smartphone operating systems. At some point the inevitable happened and Windows Phone became part of our conversation. It was then that I realized I have many fond memories of Microsoft’s now-defunct platform, except for one: lack of third-party app support. […]

A week after the US carrier-locked Galaxy A21 started receiving the Android 12 update, Samsung is now rolling out the new OS version to the US unlocked version. The unlocked Galaxy A21 finally makes the jump from Android 11 to 12, but the security update lags behind. Galaxy A21 (Unlocked) […]

Samsung has released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A11. This affordable smartphone was launched in early 2020 with Android 10 on board. And it looks like the Android 12 update could be its last major software update. The Android 12-based One UI Core 4.1 update for the Galaxy A11 comes with firmware version […]

Update Samsung Galaxy A 50 5g Review

The Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung’s affordable tablet launched last year, has started receiving its next major software update. The device launched with Android 11-based One UI 3 out of the box, and its LTE version is now receiving the Android 12 update in several European countries. The Android 12-based One UI […]

Samsung Galaxy A23 5g Nu Officieel In Nederland

Samsung has finally released the Android 12 update for the Galaxy A21. The update is currently rolling out in the US on carrier-locked models and brings the July 2022 security patch. The unlocked version of the Galaxy A21 has yet to receive the update, but we expect it to receive the major Android OS update […] Galaxy A53 5G borrows its screen from the A52’s 5G, which it borrows from the A52 5G, so it’s basically performed a second time. We’re hardly complaining as this is an excellent panel. At 6.5 inches diagonally and with a FullHD+ resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels (20:9), it has a sharp 405 ppi or so.

Overall, Samsung maintains an industry-leading position when it comes to its OLED panels. Although the particular one in the Galaxy A53 5G is not a top-of-the-line Dynamic AMOLED, but rather a slightly simpler Super AMOLED device, it is still excellent. Plus, the Korean giant has not stopped innovating and gradually upgrading one of its OLED lines. Although we were unable to track down the particular panel technology generation for the A53 5G, we confirmed its excellent performance in the test.

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It managed an excellent 427 nits of max brightness on the shutter and then hit an impressive 830 nits of max auto when exposed to bright sunlight. That’s more than the advertised 800 nits and a really good show that makes the A53 5G perfectly usable outdoors.

Minimum brightness at the white point we measured was 1.9 nits, so no problems with use in a dark room either.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

Since this is an OLED panel, you naturally get the benefits of perfect blacks and essentially infinite contrast ratio. Light uniformity is also perfect, which can sometimes be a problem on cheaper LCD panels.

The monitor is set to match the DCI-P3 (Vivid Mode) or sRGB (Natural Mode) color space. The accuracy is great for the Vivid profile – the colors are not too saturated, but the white and gray tones are a little blue. The natural mode is perfect against sRGB.

The Galaxy A53 5G does not officially announce HDR support. That is, its display is not formally certified for HDR, and the OS does not trigger a special HDR mode when presented with HDR content. But the video decoder is more than happy to decode some HDR content for you. And software reports A53 5G HDR10 and HLG support. The missing standards are Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Of course, to actually display the content on the screen, the phone will do some HDR to SDR audio mapping for you.

Update Samsung Galaxy A 50 5g Review

Of course, the A53 5G also has Google’s highest Widevine L1 DRM certification, which allows it to stream high-definition video from services like Netflix. Netflix was more than happy to offer FullHD streams to saturate the native 1080p+ screen resolution.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5g Review

The Galaxy A53 5G has a 120Hz Super AMOLED display, but lacks fancy auto-switching logic like what you’d see on Galaxy S devices. The A53 5G only has two Motion Smoothness options – Normal which is a fixed 60Hz mode and High which is a fixed 120Hz mode. Digging through the Android display APIs, there are clearly no hidden additional refresh rate modes either. It’s either 60Hz all the time or 120Hz all the time.

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, as it ultimately leads to less confusion about daily use and varying refresh rates. It’s also good to note that the screen refresh rate and the fps the system renders are two different things.

The refresh rate is a kind of “fps cap”, while the Android OS can still determine how many frames another thing will do in different scenarios, reducing the system load and saving power. To monitor that, Samsung has included a nifty tool in the developer menu called GPU Watch, which reveals an overlay of what Android SurfaceFlinger is using on the graphics buffer. In other words, this is a fps counter rather than a screen refresh rate.

In 120Hz mode, you can expect almost all apps and system UIs to render at 120-ish fps while there’s little movement on the screen. If you leave a static image alone for a while, the Surface Flinger will eventually drop to 1fps in terms of rendering, which is good for battery efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Review: Worth Every Penny

Also, when playing video, you’ll see render fps mostly match video fps, but with the screen still refreshing at 120Hz all the time, which isn’t the most efficient setup. If you consume a lot of video, you can probably switch manually to 60Hz.

There are very few special apps that can still force the Galaxy A53 5G to 60Hz even if it is set to 120Hz. Google Maps is a notable example because some of the map’s rendering is closely tied to a 60Hz refresh rate.

The app itself can request a 60Hz refresh rate if the developer deems it necessary. Technically, nothing prevents Samsung from implementing a system-wide refresh rate selector per app instead of automatic refresh rate switching, which would probably be even easier and more manageable to handle. It’s not yet a thing on One UI, although other manufacturers have already implemented the feature. But,

Update Samsung Galaxy A 50 5g Review

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