Update Samsung A51 Video Specs Review

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After Samsung refreshed their flagship smartphones a few years ago with Android 12 and a new interface, the middle class is now following them. Also included is one of the most important smartphones of the company. This is the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Update Samsung A51 Video Specs Review

Update Samsung A51 Video Specs Review

The Galaxy A53 is already on the market with Android 12, the Galaxy A52 was updated a few weeks ago and now it’s the turn of the Galaxy A51 model from 2019. Although the smartphone has been in the market for more than two years, Samsung. has now started rolling out the update to Android 12 with “One UI 4.1” (source: SamMobile). A major software update brings the old mid-range smartphone up to the level of the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: A Minor Change To The Mid Range

As usual with Samsung, the rollout will start in certain areas. For the Samsung Galaxy A51, these include the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Russia. There, owners can already look forward to the update today. If no problems arise, the launch will be extended to other countries. It won’t be long before the Samsung Galaxy A51 will also ship with Android 12 in Germany. A 5G version of the Galaxy A51 should follow in April. It is quite possible that we will update all the versions at the same time.

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you can be sure that your devices will receive Android updates for years to come. While the competition promises only a few upgrades, which take a long time to roll out, even Samsung’s mid-range is covered for five years. No other manufacturer offers this. So if you want to be safe for many years to come, you should consider a Samsung smartphone. Currently there are no alternatives regarding the development. The Galaxy A51 is Samsung’s new mid-range phone that replaces the hugely popular A50 from 2019 and brings an updated modern design with smaller bezels and camera upgrades. .

Priced at around $350, the Galaxy A51 is affordable and will no doubt be among Samsung’s most popular phones in 2020, but is it as good as the Galaxy A50 and how does it compare to the extraordinary camera of the Google Pixel 3A?

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Another thing you should know right from the start is that this phone looks good but it is also made of plastic. We don’t have a problem, but know that plastic has the advantage of being almost impossible to break, but it still scratches easily.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: A Decent Mid Range Samsung Smartphone

Looking at the phone, you have the power and volume buttons on the right side, while at the bottom you will find the USB-C port for charging and the headphone jack. The highlight is the camera bump on the back, which is large and houses four different cameras, but more on that later. The front has a punch-hole front camera, a change from the teardrop notch on the A50, and it looks sleeker and more understated. Samsung is well aware of the punch hole and included a wallpaper with Minnie Mouse playfully pointing at it. Nice little touch!

What you see in the pictures is the black color option, and you have the option to choose between a white or blue model.

In terms of protection from the elements, there is no dedicated IP rating for water protection, so you should be careful not to submerge the phone in water.

Update Samsung A51 Video Specs Review

Buying a Samsung phone like the Galaxy A51 means you get a beautiful, industry-leading AMOLED display. The A51’s is 6.5-inches and has a 1080p resolution and a 20-by-9 aspect ratio. It’s perfectly sharp, the colors are rich, the viewing angles are great, and overall it’s a beauty to look at. It is also covered with Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

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The A51 also supports Always-On Display, so you can easily view the time and notifications without touching your phone. However, keep in mind that enabling this feature drains the battery quickly.

You also have the option to adjust the colors on the A51 screen. If you go to Settings > Display > Screen Mode, you can choose between “Natural” screen mode with balanced and muted colors and “Vivid” mode with full and sharp colors (which can be a little more). above other people).

The CIE 1931 xy gamut color chart represents the set (space) of colors that a display can reproduce, using the sRGB (highlighted triangle) color space as a reference. The graph also provides a visual representation of the screen’s color accuracy. The small squares at the ends of the triangle are references for different colors, and the small dots are the actual measurements. Ideally, each point should be placed on its square. The ‘x: CIE31’ and ‘y: CIE31’ values ​​in the table below the graph indicate the position of each measurement on the graph. ‘Y’ indicates the brightness (in nits) of each measured color, while ‘Target Y’ is the desired brightness level for that color. Finally, ‘ΔE 2000′ is the Delta E value of the measured color. Delta E values ​​less than 2 are optimal. These measurements were made using Portrait Displays’ CalMAN measurement software.

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The color accuracy graph gives an idea of ​​how close the measured colors of the screen are to their reference values. The first row contains the measured (actual) colors, while the second row contains the reference (target) colors. The closer the actual colors are to the target, the better. These measurements were made using Portrait Displays’ CalMAN measurement software.

Galaxy A51 And A71 Get Galaxy S20 Camera Features Like The Full Pro Mode

The Grayscale accuracy graph shows whether the display has the correct white balance (the balance between red, green, and blue) at different gray levels (dark to light). The closer the actual colors are to the target, the better. These measurements were made using Portrait Displays’ CalMAN measurement software.

It gets the job done most of the time, but you can definitely say it’s not super fast, as there’s often a noticeable delay between the time you press it and the time the phone unlocks, and even the unlock animation feels a little noisy.

But look under the hood and you will probably find the weakest part of the Galaxy A51: the phone is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9611 processor combined with 4GB of RAM (there is also a version with 6GB of RAM). The A51 chip is mid-range compared to the six-series Snapdragon, and the experience isn’t as smooth and fast as you’d get on a phone like the Google Pixel 3a, for example. There is a bit of stutter whenever the phone is dealing with a challenging task, and while it’s not a deal breaker, it’s noticeable.

Update Samsung A51 Video Specs Review

If the T-Rex HD part of GFXBench is demanding, then the Manhattan test is exhausting. A GPU-intensive test that simulates a graphics-intensive gaming environment that aims to push the GPU to the max and simulate a graphics-intensive gaming environment on the screen. The results obtained are measured in frames per second, the more frames the better.

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: Not Good Enough

The good thing, though, is that you get 128GB of full storage, and it has microSD card support if you want to expand that storage.

On the software front, the A51 comes with the latest Android 10, and on top of that is Samsung’s One UI interface, which is also in its latest form.

The biggest new feature you’ll notice is the new touch navigation. You can switch to touch navigation by going to Settings, Display, and Navigation Bar. With this new navigation, swipe up from the bottom to go to your home screen, swipe up from the bottom and hold for a while to bring up your recent apps. then swipe from either side of the phone to go back one step.

Otherwise, this is pretty much the same specs you get on Samsung’s more expensive phones like the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung One Ui 5 Is Finally Here, And We Go Hands On In A New Video!

One of the biggest updates to the Galaxy A51 for the 2019 model, the A50, comes in the camera department. There is a high-resolution main camera, this time with a 48-megapixel sensor, an ultra-high-resolution camera, and a new main camera lens. The main camera can now also shoot 4K video, while the front camera has also been upgraded to include a better 32-megapixel sensor. Here’s a quick overview of the camera settings on the A51:

You can see that there is a slight difference in colors when using the main and wide-angle cameras, and you get more detail when using the main camera:

It also has a Live Focus mode on board, which is useful if you want to blur the background and take a portrait.

Update Samsung A51 Video Specs Review

Since you don’t have a telephoto lens and the camera doesn’t work

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